Kong sighed and at looked at Ann. Her face was frozen in a state of sheer fear. Kong turned to look at what she was looking at. He had arrived. Kong turned to face Ann. She looked at him, and he nodded. Ann gave him one last look before she turned around and disappeared.

"I see you've found a new play mate."

Kong turned to face the voice, which was filled with hate and malice.

"The boy shows much potential."Kong replied as he faced Godzilla.

"Potential for what? Saving mankind?"


Godzilla snorted. "They are beyond saving. I am a testament to that."

"So you believe." Kong replied.

"There can be good in them still."

Godzilla looked at Kong

"You can't possibly imagine what they took from me"

"They took me from my home."

"And they destroyed mine!"Godzilla roared.

"They gave me a new family" Kong replied.

"They killed my family and turned me into a MONSTER! And you know what? You want to know why that vermin Ann loves you? Because you're cute!"

Kong took a step back. "What?"

"You heard me! You're just adorable! You're just a poor lost and scared ape who just wants a home. Who wouldn't feel sympathy for you? Who couldn't love you? While I, I am a monument to all their sins. They look at me and all they see is their sins. So they hate me, and chase me, and try to kill me like the monster I am!" Godzilla paused and gave a small smirk.

"Who could love me? Who could love anything that represented their sins? Also, I'm pretty dang ugly!" Godzilla said.

Kong once again felt a pang of sympathy for the monster. But he himself has seen how this monster had done. "You murdered innocent millions."

"No one is innocent." Godzilla replied.

"And you're not exactly innocent either. What about all those poor and defenseless people you murdered every day of your life on Skull Island? How about all those who died when you went on your rampage in New York City? It doesn't make difference how many you killed, the fact is we both shed blood. We're both equals. You're just as bad as me." Godzilla grinned as he said this. His dead white pupil less shining with malice.

"They will fall, and so will you."

Godzilla turned to look down at the monster in the ruins of New York City. "And so will him."

"I can't allow that."

Godzilla looked at Kong, and smiled. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Godzilla smiled and left Kong standing there.