The shadows hid her as she slowly walked to the gates, her sandals barely making a sound as they slowly moved forward, dragging her from the place she loved more than anything. Tears silently fell from her eyes as she walked past all her favourite places, the training ground where she had spent most of her life, struggling to obtain her current strength, but even her strength couldn't help her now. It couldn't stop the pain that grew in her heart with each step. Neither could it help her protect her child that was growing inside of her.

If they knew if it, then not even her strength could protect it. Especially not from him. Her face was set despite the tears that fell from her face, she would not let them take away her child and turn it into another one of him. Which was why she had to leave. So that they couldn't find out, so they couldn't take him away.

Her arms started shaking as the tears fell faster from her eyes as she saw the people that she was leaving behind smiling at her in her mind. Ino smiling and brandishing a flower, Naruto slurping up a bowl of ramen with a sly smile on his face, Tsunade complaining for more sake as she worked at her desk, Sasuke staring into space as Naruto bugged him.

But most off all, His face appeared in her mind, causing the pain to increase as she gasped for breath remembering his words over and over in her head "you are nothing to me", "you are nothing to me", "you are nothing to me", the words cut deeper each time they repeated, causing her tears to fall faster as she hurried to the gate, afraid someone might hear the sound coming from her chest as she tried to hold back a sob. As the gate loomed above her she paused

"I don't want to go," she whispered to herself, voice full of fear and pain.

"If you don't then they'll take it away, and make it like him. Man I just wanna beat him up", her inner voice yelled out, giving her mind a new voice to cling to, "just forget about him, if he doesn't care for us then that's his problem, he is just pathetic, and your being pathetic now so get your but moving before someone sees you idiot!"

"I know, I jus"

"JUST WHAT?" yelled inner shaking her mentally "he is the one who will suffer not us now just don't bother about him, and if we see him again THEN…" she gave a full on evil laugh.

Sakura faintly smiled at her inners words; they gave her comfort and courage "At least I wont be alone" she mused.

"Ha your never alone, and soon it'll be just you me and the little guy/girl, whatever". She laughed mentally stretching out.

"Yeah", sakura smiled, absentmindedly rubbing her stomach where she could faintly feel her child's chakra pulsing. "Lets go" she whispered, giving her home one last wistful glance as she turned and walked through the gate, away from her old life, and him, she would never forget him, but nor could she hate him "even though you don't deserve it, I still love you Uchiha Itachi" she whispered as a final tear fell from her face, as she walked forward into the night, vanishing in a cloud of sakura petals, that blew over the village that she loved leaving behind only a whisper of her presence.