Rating: K

Category: Harry Potter and Twilight

Pairings: Fem/Harry/Carlisle, Rosalie/Emmett, Edward/Esme, Hermione/ Ron, and Jasper/Alice.

Warnings: Completely AU

Summary: Fem/Harry always wanted a family and when given a chance to find family he dives right in. The thing is he's seventeen. The last of his family is in America and shouldn't even be alive. Harry is determined to not give up his family even if it means dying.

Credits: To J.K. Rowling for writing the Harry Potter Books and to Stephanie Meyer for writing for the Twilight books.

"Rosalie, pacing isn't going to get him here faster," Edward commented dryly as the hour came to a close.

"What if he isn't coming for me but because of Jasper or Alice," Rosalie muttered. "What if he doesn't like me? What if he runs away from me? What if he-?" It was then the bell rang. Rosalie was immediately at the door. She took a deep unnecessary breath and opened the door.

The Last Moments

Chapter 2

The Meeting

Harry nervously sat in the jeep as they speed toward the Cullen house. Alice turned around in her seat to look at Harry as she talked. Jasper watched her in the mirror as he was driving.

"So Harry what's your favorite color," Alice asked him. Harry eyed Alice as he was sure she had a motive to finding that out.

"Dark green," Harry answered. "What's yours?"

"Pink," Alice answered. "What's your favorite book?"

"To Kill a Mockingbird," Harry answered. He was glad the flight attendant let him borrow her copy on the plane. "What's yours?"

"Watching Alice," Alice said with a giggle. Harry grinned at the irony. "What's your favorite sport?"

"Kickball but Baseball is a close second," Harry answered. "What's yours?"

"Baseball," Alice answered. "If you could wish for anything, what would it be?"

"For my parents to be alive," Harry answered honestly. "What about you?"

"To remember," Alice said in a bit of a daze. "What's your favorite animal?"

"Owl," Harry answered. "What about you?"

"A kitty," Alice answered as Jasper pulled into the driveway. "We're here!" She jumped out of the car and then helped Harry out of his seat. Alice followed Harry and Jasper up to the house. Harry walked forward to the door and rang the doorbell. Behind him Alice was bouncing in excitement while Jasper seemed amused by it all. It was then the door opened to reveal a woman about 18 years old. She gave a him a nervous smile. She looked beautiful.

"Hello, I am Rosalie Hale," Rosalie greeted him.

"I'm Harry Potter," Harry responded. "Can I come in?" Rosalie nodded and opened the door further to let the three in. Soon they were in living room where two other people sat there. One was reading a book while the other was playing a video game. Rosalie immediately stalked over to the bulky one playing the video game and paused the game.

"Emmett come and meet your nephew," Rosalie told him, her voice commanding him to do so. Emmett grinned up at his wife as he went over to his nephew. Harry eyed him as he approached him.

"Hello, I am Emmett Cullen," Emmett said to Harry offering his hand. Harry took the big burly hand and shook it. Harry immediately noticed that his hand along with Alice and Jasper were really cold despite the fact that it was the summer. Harry, however, made no comment.

"Nice to meet you," Harry informed him. Emmett grinned. "I don't have to call you uncle do I?"

"Not if you don't want to," Emmett said with a grin. Harry nodded, relieved. Rosalie tentatively came over to the couch where Harry was now sitting and shrunk down to his level to see him eye to eye.

"Harry what would you like to know," Rosalie asked him. Harry looked at Rosalie.

"Are you going to leave me too," Harry asked her – his face serious.

Carlisle flipped through his newest chart. When Harry said that he hadn't been to the doctor except for once in his life; he hadn't been kidding. Carlisle felt oddly protective of the seventeen year old. He decided it was because he was Rosalie great-great nephew or something like that.

However, he knew there was something more to it but at the moment he couldn't figure out what it was. With a shake of his head Carlisle looked at the chart to determine the best course of action to get Harry to being a healthy seventeen year old. With a sigh Carlisle prepared to head home.

Albus Dumbledore had only been surprised two other times in his life. The first time was when his sister died. The second time had been when he found out that Sirius had betrayed the Potters. The third time was now. He had just been informed by that Harry's family had died in a car accident and Harry was nowhere to be found. Apparently he had taken all of his stuff with him and then left a note before he took off.

After he got a decent distance away from the home he called the police and directed them to the home. From what the headmaster gathered from the note he found out that someone had left him with the Dursley's and had never bothered to check on him. It seems that Harry wasn't too happy with him as he had left Harry with them. When he looked around the house he realized that leaving Harry with the Dursley's was the worst idea he had ever had. With a sigh he popped a lemon drop in his mouth and went to work. Harry would probably not want to come to Hogwarts.


I write this as I watch you levitate your godfather. Several months ago when I found out I was pregnant I feared the worst. It seems I have many things to apologize to you for. Your father and I decided you would be safest as a boy so I convinced one of my old friends to brew a gender-changing potion so that you would be safe as a boy. The potion should wear off when you are seventeen years old as it is a long lasting potion. I hope you can forgive me for doing this but I wanted to keep you safe even if I wasn't alive.

When the clock hits midnight on the week after your 17th birthday you will begin the transformation. There will be pain and if at all possible have someone you trust with you during the transformation. If you cannot find someone then I suggest having a healer nearby just in case. Harry I wish I could be there with you but I have a feeling something is going to happen. I want you to know that Peter Pettigrew is our Secret Keeper not Sirius Black.

Lily Potter

Your mom

P.S. – I love you my child, don't forget that.

Harry stared at his mother's journal. Briefly Harry looked at his watch. Tomorrow was the week after his birthday. That meant that tonight was when he was going to change into who he really was. Fleetingly Harry realized that he would have to prepare himself. He pulled out his cell phone and texted Alice 'Be prepared for a shopping trip tomorrow'.

Once again Harry looked at his watch. He knew that the Cullen's wouldn't be up so he prepared to go through the transformation himself. Harry ignored the tears that slid down his face as he prepared for bed. He had an hour before he was supposed to transform and he would be all by himself.

At the Cullen house Rosalie and Alice were preparing Harry's room when Alice's phone went off. She flipped the phone open and noticed a text from Harry. Alice frowned wondering why Harry would need to go shopping again. Maybe he was putting some new stuff in his home. Alice had just put the phone down when she stiffened.


Harry was lying on his bed silently screaming as his body shook and twisted. His face showed that he was in extreme pain as he tried to avoid crying out. Without warning an ear piercing scream came from his throat before he blacked out on his bed.


Almost instantly Alice grabbed Rosalie in shock.

"We need to get to Harry now," Alice told her. Rosalie was up in an instant.

"What's wrong with him," Rosalie asked as Alice called Carlisle on their way to Harry's home.

"I don't know," Alice admitted as they raced through the house to Harry's room. Like in Alice's vision he was screaming. Helplessly the two tried calming him down as they waited for Carlisle to arrive. It wasn't minutes later that Harry's body stopped convulsing; soon after Carlisle arrived. It was only when he turned on the light that they got a good look; Carlisle stiffened when he got closer to Harry.

Harry was no longer a boy Alice realized. It was then the text finally made sense. Alice and Rosalie went downstairs while Carlisle gave Harry a checkup. It was a few minutes later that Carlisle joined the two in Harry's living room.

"Carlisle what is going on," Alice immediately asked the instant he was in the room. "Why did you react so strangely?" Rosalie it seemed wanted to know also.

"Harry's my mate," Carlisle finally answered the two. Rosalie looked ready to sock Carlisle when he continued on. "There is something else. Harry is no longer a boy." Alice stopped Rosalie before she could get to Carlisle.

"He's telling the truth Rose," Alice informed her softly. She picked up a journal that Alice knew Harry's mother owned when she was alive. She pointed to the last entry. Rosalie sunk into her chair as she read the entry.

"Why didn't he come to me," Rosalie softly asked.

"He probably thought we were asleep," Alice informed her. She looked to Carlisle. "We are going to have to inform him that we are Vampires." Rosalie stiffened at that.

"Why do we have to tell him," Rosalie stiffly asked. Alice looked to Rosalie sadly.

"We are the last of his family," Alice responded. "He has a right to know."

"Do you know how he will react," Carlisle asked. Alice shook her head.

"Everything keeps changing," Alice told them. "I can't even get a little bit of a vision." Carlisle pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Do you think we should tell her about me being her mate," Carlisle asked the two girls.

"No, we need to let her adjust to use being Vampires before throwing that on her," Rosalie informed Carlisle. Carlisle nodded in acceptance. "How long do you think it will take her to wake up?"

"I don't know," Carlisle said. "I've never seen anything like this before."

"We should probably take turns watching over her so that she doesn't wake up along," Rosalie mused.

"When is my turn," Emmett boomed as he and the rest of the family entered into the house. Within seconds Emmett was holding Rosalie close to him, Jasper was holding Alice close to him and Esme along with Edward were sitting on the couch with Carlisle.

"Rosalie and Emmett will be first watch," Alice announced. "Then Jasper and I. Then Edward. Then Carlisle and Esme." Everyone nodded their agreement and Rosalie and Emmett went up to Harry's room.

"Do you know what she is supposed to be called," Carlisle asked after some silence. Alice peered at the journal as she flipped around.

"Jamie Lillian Potter," Alice answered when she found the answer. Carlisle nodded and then the room was silent again.

Alice watched as her only niece slept on. Jasper gave her a hand a squeeze along with a small smile. Alice gave him a brief smile before she turned back to watch Jamie. It was then Alice noticed that Jamie's breathing had gotten faster and it seemed she waking up. Not a moment later was Jamie opening her eyes. Alice and Jasper held their breath as Jamie opened her mouth to speak.

"Where am I," Jamie began. "Who are you? Who I am? What is going on? Did you get the number of the bus who ran me over?" Alice and Jasper blinked at the rapid questioning. Alice was the first to recover.

"You're Jamie Lillian Potter," Alice informed her. "You are in your own house. I am Alice Cullen and this is Jasper Hale, your adopted uncle. You were apparently given a potion to make you a boy but it wore off. You just finished your transformation back. There was no bus that ran you over you so there is no number to get." Jamie nodded.

"Could you get me some water, Ali," Jamie questioned. It took a moment for Alice to realize that they had been tricked.

"You're so hilarious," Alice said with a scowl. Jamie snickered behind her hand and Jasper could feel the amusement pouring off of her. Alice opened her mouth to call Carlisle when the door swung open.

"How are you feeling Jamie," Carlisle question as he checked Jamie's health. Jamie gave him a dazzling smile and Alice could see him forcing himself to not change her that instant.

"Fabulous," Jamie said as she sat up. It was then she realized something. "Um… Alice did you by chance bring anything I can wear until we go shopping?" Alice nodded and shooed Jasper and Carlisle out of the room as she helped Jamie get dressed. Once she was dressed they headed downstairs. The whole family sat waiting for them. It was after they had sat down when Rosalie began to talk.

"Jamie, we want you to know that you are part of our family and there is nothing that can change that," Rosalie told Jamie. Jamie nodded, wondering what was going on. "Jamie there is something we need to tell you."

"What is it," Jamie wondered.

"We're vampires," Rosalie finally answered her question.