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Chapter 6

3 Months after the accident

"Yay! So you're finally gonna come back and join us at our humble abode again, huh Leeteuk-hyung?" Eunhyuk cried out excitedly as he lightly tapped Leeteuk's back.

He had been worried and going half mad with it all for the whole period when Leeteuk had been in a coma. Actually all of the Super Junior members had been driving themselves out of their minds with worry for Leeteuk's safety during his stay at the hospital. Many of the members had stayed over beside him for endless hours. They even slept there beside his lifeless and still body. The more affectionate and open members like Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae and Kibum had cried like crazy during the whole time whenever they visited him. Hell, they even cried whenever they were not visiting him! Other more macho and cool members like Kangin, Kyuhyun and Heechul didn't cry much but they let their sadness for their leader be known through other subtler ways. Mostly, they just became way more quiet than usual; not arguing with other members as much as before even if it was in jest, not eating as much, not sleeping as much and they were mostly very cool, calm and quiet.

It was somewhat strange to see the boisterous and loud Kangin suddenly became into a quiet lump of silence and to see the once lively, crazy and hilarious Heechul lose his crazy sense of humor for a while. Leeteuk would have been the one doing all the worrying if he hadn't been the one involved in said accident.

Leeteuk smiled at his dongsaengs. They were a good bunch of boys. Super Junior wasn't just a band, they were a family and they stick to each other through thick and thin and their love was really genuine. Leeteuk felt his heart swell at the thought that he'd been so blessed to have such loving friends and brothers like these.

"Yeah, I guess I'm coming back…" he said as he looked around at their happy faces. When he'd finally wake from his coma, he learned the truth of what had happened to him. The doctors had said that it was almost a miracle how he recovered from the accident. He'd suffered from broken and cracked ribs and both his legs had been broken as well. There had been internal injuries as well making the blood loss in him extremely high and bordering on fatal.
The doctors had told Sang-Mi and the rest of the Super Junior that the best thing for them to do was to just pray. They had done their best and it was all up to Leeteuk himself and God for him to recover. Super junior knew enough that when doctors tell you to pray, well, it basically meant very critical. Everyone had been in tears the whole time Leeteuk was in the surgery room. He'd arrived at the hospital a little past midnight in the ambulance and the rest of Suju had followed behind closely, arriving at the hospital within minutes of Leeteuk's arrival. Sang-Mi was with them but by then she had turned from a sobbing wreck into a silent zombie. She looked so pale and ashen that Kibum had found it disturbing.

For hours they waited, some of them even falling asleep on the couch in the waiting room of the hospital. Sang-Mi was the only one who was truly wide awake as she didn't even seem to have bat an eyelid during the whole time Leeteuk was in the surgery room. She could only hear her heartbeaiting fast in cold gripping fear that left her hands all freezing like icicles. She held in her palms the box that contained the ring he was about to give her before the whole disaster happened.

Please don't let him die…

Please don't let him die…

Oh, God, please…

Sang-Mi felt her sanity spin as she considered a life without her beloved Joongsoo-sshi…It would be a life filled with dread and sorrow. She wouldn't be the same ever again…Oh, she couldn't bear to think about it! It was just too much.

Leeteuk had been in the surgery room for a whole seven hours and Sang-Mi waited through all those hours without food or sleep and the time seemed to be even longer than a year to her. The whole situation made it obviously clear to Kibum that he could never replace her love for Leeteuk. She was meant to be with their leader. Her heart only belonged to him and she wouldn't give that love up easily. Her strength and perseverance in the whole situation finally made Kibum see that. Slowly, he suddenly realized that this time around, he could actually feel some happiness for their leader for finding himself such a wonderful woman. It was rather shocking for him to be able to feel glad for Leeteuk because ehe had Sang-Mi. before this, whenever he witnessed one of Sang-Mi's positive qualities, he always said to himself, 'I should have her not Leeteuk!'. But right then, he could be glad for his hyung. And he was even if the feeling was a small tiny little pinch of a feeling. Maybe all of this happened for a reason. Maybe this was a sign for him to stop pursuing Sang-Mi and find himself someone else. This was the answer to all his pain and sorrow.

The doctors told them all that Leeteuk was in an unstable condition and that he would be placed in the ICU for some time before he finally regained consciousness.

They visited him whenever they could. Kibum coming by especially frequent, bringing his hyung cards and flowers and such. The rest of the Suju members would drop by to see their unconscious hyung every time they had any free time. Sang-Mi was the one who stayed by Leeteuk most though. She even slept there over nights at the hospital. For the whole period of three months during which Leeteuk was recovering, Sang-Mi had slept over at the hospital for days sometimes even weeks. She'd even got herself sick in the process due to her not sleeping at night and not eating enough. Sang-Mi managed to get extremely high fever and her body could barely stand. Kyuhun had once walked in to find a sick Sang-Mi slumped over Leeteuk's bed looking like as if she was sea sick. She'd looked up in a daze at Kyuhyun and had fallen over to the floor, throwing up everything in her body. Kyuhyun had to be in charge of her then and he told her sternly that if she needed to take care of Leeteuk that badly then she needed to be healthy herself. Sick people just didn't help other sick people.

When Leeteuk finally came around and started to wake up, Sang-Mi had been the person there to watch his eyes flutter open.

"Sang-Mi-ah…"he had whispered hoarsely and all Sang-Mi could do was smile at him as she trembled with the overwhelming emotions she was feeling. She was in tears as she talked to Leeteuk for the first time in three months. It took him another month to recover completely.

Now he was finally able to walk and talk just like the rest but he still got tired easily and he couldn't wear himself out much. The doctor had finally announced that he was healthy enough to go home. Sang-Mi had been ecstatic when she heard the news.

The members laughed and goofed around with each other while clearing up Leeteuk's private hospital ward. Eunhyuk and Dong Hae were snickering at each other as they fought over who needed to get the flowers and such. kyuhyun carefully picked up an armful of the flowers on the table and Shindong packed all of Leeteuk's things into a duffle bag. Heechul on the other hand was busy taking all the cards and balloons that were piling up into a small mountain given to Leeteuk by all his fans and other k-pop stars. There was a large box of expensive looking imported chocolates with a get-well card attached to it given to him by the 2PM members.
Heechul read the card.

Leeteuk hyung, I hope you get well soon! You really gave me a fright, hyung but I bet the other Suju boys were even more scared than I was! Well, I hope you get better and live a long happy life…

PS: BTW, you shouldn't go just yet, hyung. After all, you have the pretty noona waiting for you…Both of you, good luck to you guys! Hope you all have a bright future!


Heechul smirked when he read the message of the maknae of their group. The boy did seem to be a bit ditzy to Heechul. Ditzy but nice. Heechul decided, after reading the rest of the 2PM boys' message that they were a nice young bunch. He hadn't liked them all that much when they appeared together on an episode of Star King together (he was very much annoyed when Taecyeon won against their thumb wrestling rounds and again during the noodle eating contest). But he smiled even wider as he read the rest of the 2PM boys' messages.

"Eeteukie hyung, leave those for Siwon or someone else! They're much too heavy for you!" Heechul barked at his leader. Leeteuk was about to pick up a humungous bouquet of flowers but in his delicate condition and what with the flowers hindering his eyesight (they were far too huge), Heechul just couldn't risk having their leader get injured again. It was better if he just let the rest of them clear the whole room up.

"Sang-Mi text messaged me and said that she would be here in a minute. Unfortunately, there aren't many buses today so she had to wait for some time…" Dong Hae piped up. He was bouncing about with joy before stopping in front of Leeteuk and grabbing the flowers from him.

Hearing Sang-Mi's name immediately put a smile on Leeteuk's face. Heechul and the others watched him with amusement as he lapsed into the moonstruck look of a teenager in love.

"Look at him. The minute he hears Sang-Mi's name he's all smiles and his mind is probably off in La La Land already by now…" Heechul muttered causing the rest to chuckle lightly.

"Hey, I can't help it if I'm in love!" Leeteuk cried out as he playfully whacked Heechul with his pillow. The action was a bit rough on his part and he shuddered at the pain in the side of his abdomen.

"Ack! Ooh, that stung!" he said under his breath, hands already on his side.

"See, what did I tell you, Eeteukie hyung? You shouldn't strain yourself! You could easily get injured again!" Heechul scolded as he made his way through the door.

"Listen to Heechul hyung! He and I know what we're talking about because we were involved in an accident ourselves!" Kyuhyun said as a matter-of-factly.

The rest jumped on him and started to tickle the tall maknae for a minute or so.

"Heh, listen to you?! You sure act smug for a maknae!" Eunhyuk yelled as he knuckled Kyuhyun's head.

"Kyunnie! You think you're so clever, huh?" Sungmin cried as he tickled Kyuhyun's ribs.

Leeteuk watched his dongsaengs goof around for a while with the same silly smile plastered on his face. He was so glad that he was still alive, so grateful to be breathing right now. He was with his dongsaengs and he was actually there laughing and goofing around with them. He had a future. A bright future filled with romance and happiness and Sang-Mi. most of all that was what he was grateful for; Sang-Mi. He was so ecstatic to be alive at the thought that Sang-Mi was still his and that she was going to stay his.

Being alive had never before felt so good.

At that very minute, Sang-Mi walked in a box of cake in her hands and balloons in another.

"Oh, Suju boys are here too!" she said excitedly, "Great! Now we can celebrate Leeteuk's release from the hospital together!"

Shindong eyed the box with desire and he was already jumping for joy when the rest of the members restrained him.

"Shindong, you can't eat just yet!" Eunhyuk yelled, "I mean we should at least put all these things in the van first!"

The dancer cocked his head to one side in Leeteuk's and Sang-Mi's direction in an effort of trying to tell Shindong that the couple was to be left alone.

"Are you okay, Eunhyukie?" Shindong asked, the non-verbal message completely passing him by, "You're head's twitching like crazy!"

"Argh! Just go to the van already!" Heechul cried in frustration as he pushed all of his dongsaengs out of the door, smiling apologetically at Sang-Mi all the way.

Sang-Mi and Leeteuk watched in amusement as the pretty boy walked out of the door and closed it behind him carefully.

Suddenly, without the flowers, balloons, cards and gifts, the room looked really bare. Sang-Mi glanced at Leeteuk and blushed a bit when he looked up at her. Gods, why did he have to be such a beautiful man? He was so good looking that she sometimes found her tongue twisting in knots whenever she looked his way which was totally ludicrous because she was his girlfriend for more than a hundred days already.

"Joongsoo-sshi…Hi," she said softly, placing the box in front of him slowly.

"Hi you back," Leeteuk said as he smiled up at her.

"You didn't have to bring me all these gifts, you know. I already have like a truckload full of them!"

"Oh, these aren't from me! They're from your fans that I met in the hallway! They recognized me as your cousin and asked me if I could pass them onto you," Sang-Mi said, grinning at him, "But the cake, well, that one I bought it by myself with my own money!"

"That's nice…" Leeteuk muttered as his eyes gazed deep into hers.

"Joongsoo-sshi…? What's wrong?" she asked self-consciously. They hadn't kissed or really touched all that much since he'd regain consciousness. Now she really felt shy towards him.

"C'mere, baby," he whispered softly but his tone was that of a command and Sang-Mi dared not disobey him. She went to him obediently.

From where he was sitting, Leeteuk slowly raised his hand and traced her face with it.

"I see you…" he said as he remembered that night of the accident. She'd been there weeping for him.

Slowly and gently, he pulled his beloved down to his face and placed his chapped lips on her plump soft ones, kissing her slowly at first and then growing bolder as seconds passed. It was a passionate kiss and it almost felt like as if he'd poured a bit of his soul into her body in that kiss.

"Let's get out of here!" Leeteuk said laughing out loud, hand grabbing a hold of his girlfriend's hand.

"I called the boys and told them, I'm going out with you for a short while so they won't worry about me," Leeteuk said as he hung up the phone. He was sitting right beside Sang-Mi in one of the company's ugly broken up van.

"Why'd you do that?" she said in disbelief, "We should get you back straight to the dorm so you can rest, Joongsoo-sshi! We can't go out dating yet!"

Leeteuk smirked at her and winked.

"It's alright. I wouldn't consider this a date exactly but I need to do this and it'll only take a short while, I promise!"

"Ugh! Fine! But if your stomach bursts and your guts are flying out then I'm not gonna be responsible!"

Without realizing, they had finally driven to Yeoido Park where they'd first had their picnic together. It was there where the rest of the Suju boys had sang to her, there that they'd celebrated their 100th day together and there that she'd laughed so hard her stomach was near bursting. Sang-Mi gasped and looked at Leeteuk in surprise.

"We can stop here," he said to the driver.

He took Sang-Mi out of the vehicle carefully as if he was treating a precious china doll.

"Let's walk a bit, shall we?" he gestured towards their spot.

Sang-Mi could only nod as she felt herself choke up on her words once more. Her heart was beating rapidly.

When they finally reached their favorite spot, both Sang-Mi and Leeteuk could only think that it was all as if in a fairy tale. Like their whole life was meant for them to reach this moment- this part where they could be together.

"I better do what I couldn't finish doing at the ball that night!" he said then as he looked at her lovely face.

Shock, surprise and then love etched into her features as what he said finally registered into her brain.

"Sang-Mi-ah," he started as he slowly, painstakingly knelt to the ground with a lot of effort, "Ow, ow ,ow, ow!"

"Joongsoo-sshi! What the hell are y-?" she tried to say but Leeteuk cut her off.

"Sang-Mi-ah, you know every man has his dream girl right? Well, my dream girl would probably have a bodacious rack, nice personality and is perfect at everything…But you…You're better than that. You're better than my dream girl. You're real."

Pulling out the box containing the ring, he lifted it up to her. He struggled to stay on one knee but he had dreamed of doing this for so long, he just couldn't back out now. This was the first step to his future with Sang-Mi.

"You are funny, charming, sweet, kind, lovable and the best woman for me. Sure, you have your flaws, what human being doesn't? But even with those flaws and such, you're still perfect. You're my perfect woman and I want us to grow old together and have kids together…"

"Sang-Mi-ah, would you do the honor of becoming my wife?"

She smiled at him with tears in her eyes. Jumping up slightly she rushed and hugged Leeteuk in a fierce embrace.


"Ow, ow, ow, ow!~" Leeteuk groaned as his sides felt the pangs of pain.

"Oops, sorry!" she said as she kissed his face. She was kissing his entire face, nose, eyes, lips mouth; everywhere.

Kibum who had been in love with Sang-Mi, his leader's girlfriend, was finally beginning to forget Sang-Mi and move on. He was already interested in someone else by the time Sang-Mi and Leeteuk's wedding day arrived. It happened to be a very pretty girl in the periwinkle bridesmaid dress who stood next to Sang-Mi as the maid of honor. She even sort of resembled Sang-Mi, only a younger and cuter face and Kibum found that he was even more attracted to her face than he had been with Sang-Mi's. It was only after the reception, when Sang-Mi was introducing all of her friends and family that he found out that the girl was her younger sister. Kibum almost immediately began his courtship on the young innocent Solbee. And Solbee fell for him, fast!

Sungmin too had moved on from his very short attraction towards his hyung's lady. Now he was with the waitress at the café, the one he'd been crushing on for some time. Their relationship was pretty much secret but so was Kibum's but that didn't stop neither of them. Love was blooming in the air and due to Leeteuk's and Sang-Mi's marriage (which shocked the entire nation and made millions of ELFs scream in protest) almost each and every one of the Suju boys now wanted a girlfriend.

Leeteuk had laughed when he heard all of them moaning and whining about wanting a girlfriend at his wedding. He held Sang-Mi closer and cuddled his new bride.

"Agh! Quit it, Joongsoo hyung!" Heechul growled, "Stop tormenting us with your obvious public display of affection!"

Leeteuk laughed but he only cuddled Sang-Mi even more.

"Congratulations, hyung! Your wedding's beautiful and your bride's even prettier!" Eunhyuk said as he shyly pecked Sang-Mi's cheek.

"Thank you, Hyukjae-ah," Leeteuk said.

"Man, wish I'd get married soon!" Shindong whined.

"Me too!" Siwon said.

"Me three!" piped up Donghae.

"Gosh, why'd we ever agree on becoming idols and signing a contract to remain single for years on end?" Kyuhyun muttered as he looked at all the girls who were eyeing them, "I'm beginning to wonder why. I'm getting lonelier and lonelier."

"Tell me about it!"

As they laughed and joked about, Leeteuk took his wife's hand and brought it to his lips.

"Saranghae, wife," he said softly, gentle eyes gazing lovingly back at her.

"Saranghae, husband…." She answered him back.

Their lips met and this time their kiss symbolized the beginning of their life as man and wife. Hearts beating as one, lips united together and each in the others' arms. They were the most beautiful in love couple anyone had ever seen.