So yeah, after playing L4D2, I suddenly got the urge to write this so…yeaaaaah, let's see where this goes. Oh, also this is in Blood Harvest…maybe…sorta…in a sense…

Within a deep forest, a young girl with brown hair, wearing a worn out pink jacket and a blood stained white T-shirt, stumbled from tree to tree, a look of sorrow on her face. She had watched her friends from the University die, she had watched her team, her friends…her family killed. All that she had was a single pistol and a spare clip to go by. Zombies, or the infected, had taken everything from her, and now she had nothing left, nothing to lose. Any and all zombies she saw she would kill, or die trying to kill. The young girl harbored a hatred for the infected, a hatred that she knew would lead to her death. She didn't care anymore, she was tired, and she couldn't take anymore. Once in the clearing, she laid eyes on a large group of at least two dozen zombies standing or lying around. She hated how they could seem to be at peace at this moment, how they had no cares, no thoughts, they just acted on instinct and without reason. Now it was her turn.

She quickly raised the pistol and blasted a hole in the nearest zombie's head. The loud gunshot prompted the rest of the zombies to veer their heads around and charge. Without moving an inch, the girl moved her arm around, shooting the storming zombies. Each one fell as each bullet pierced through their body, blood spraying out from their wounds. After the first dozen zombies were down, her pistol clicked empty. She pressed the button on the side, releasing the empty cartridge to the dirt below her. A zombie got dangerously close, but soon had his skull smashed by the girl's ferocious swing. The zombie fell in a heap, blood oozing from the wound in its head. The girl quickly slammed a fresh clip into her pistol then continued shooting. Only four zombies were left and she had over half of her clip left. Suddenly, something snaked around her body and pulled her back off her feet. She whipped her head around, seeing a tall zombie with smoke fuming from its body and its tongue constricted around her body. The four remaining zombies continued toward her. With a loud shriek of defiance, the girl grabbed the tongue around her body and threw her body weight forward. The lanky zombie was thrown from the roof then came smashing into the ground head first. The impact crushed its skull and a cloud of smoke shot out from its body. Her pistol was out of reach whenever she was pulled back and the zombies where too close. It wouldn't stop her.

Once again the girl swung her fist forward, landing a solid blow to the first zombie's jaw, dislocating it and knocking the infected person to the ground. The second zombie came towards her, arms flailing madly. The girl bent over, thrusting her shoulder into its stomach then flipping the zombie over her back. The infected landed awkwardly on its neck, snapping it. The girl then clasped her hands together then swung upward. Her combined fists slammed into the bottom of a female zombie's chin. The impact lifted the zombie off its feet and caused it to fall painfully on its back. The last zombie managed to tackle the girl to the ground. The infected person lied on top of her, then attempted to claw her. She held her arms together to protect her face. Suddenly, gunshots rang out, blasting holes through the zombie's chest. The zombie fell over lifelessly to the side, allowing the girl to sit up. The girl then noticed two zombies, namely the first and the female zombie, got up and stared at the girl with pale eyes. More gunshots rang out and the chests of those two zombies were blown out as well. A look of shock came across the young girl's face, completely confused on what happened. To answer her question, four people came out of the bushes, all but one holding a gun.

The human in the front was a young man, around twenty or nineteen, he had short, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, a bloodied black T-shirt, and blue jeans on. A young girl, around twelve or thirteen stood behind him. She had long black hair, blue eyes, a green shirt, and jean shorts. The next one was a man, around his mid to late twenties, light brown, long hair, green eyes, and a goatee. He wore a brown leather jacket that seemed a little short at the sleeves, and under that he wore grey shirt, and blue jeans. The last man seemed to be in his early to mid thirties, blonde hair slicked back, but a few strands hung loosely down on his forehead. He wore a light green, button shirt and blue pants, almost looking like a doctor. The brown haired man walked to the side and picked up the young girl's pistol then tossed it back at her feet. The girl bent down and picked the weapon off the ground.

"Are you okay," the young man finally asked.

"I'm fine," the girl snapped.

"That was some brutal shit," the brown haired man stated. "That was some freaking great hand-to-hand fighting." The girl in pink only stared at the man, then to the ground.

"Where are you heading," the young man asked again.


"Okay…? I'm Jamie, this is Maria, that's Alan, and that's Doc." The girl looked at the young girl, Maria, then Alan, the brown haired man, and Doc, the guy who looked like a doctor. "Do you mind telling us your name?"

"Zoey," the girl sighed out.

"Alright, Zoey, now how about you tell us A: how you got this far on your own, and B: what you were planning to accomplish by fighting zombies with nothing but a pistol," Alan demanded. Zoey remained silent, averting her eyes from Alan and his question. "Well, spill it already!"

"Alan, shut up," Jamie barked. "Listen, if you don't want to tell us what you were doing or how you got here that's fine, but we can't let you go on by yourself. How about you come with us since you don't have anywhere else to go?" Zoey looked up at Jamie, her eyes devoid of emotion. However, Jamie had a kind smile on his face, hoping that she'd accept. "I promise you'll be able to kill more zombies," he added.

"Whatever," Zoey replied sadly, ignoring the joke completely.

"That's just as good as a yes," Jamie said quickly. "Doc, how far are we from the nearest town?"

"Just about another mile though that forest," the eldest survivor answered, pointing to his right.

"Alright, that's where we're heading then people. Alan, you take point, Doc, you get the rear. Zoey, you're wherever, so long as you're sticking with the group." Zoey nodded as Alan and Doc got into their designated positions. Jamie moved between them, holding a pistol in one hand and having a firm hand on the back of the young girl. "Alan, you got an extra clip right?"

"Yep," the point man replied before pulling a pistol clip from his pocket. Without turning back, Alan tossed the clip back. Zoey caught the clip and placed it in her holster attached to her thigh. "Man, I could go for a slice right now."

"Well you need to get through to the town and maybe they'll have pizza there," Jamie stated. "Better pray that the safe house we go to has a working oven."

"That'd be a first," Doc added with a smile from the rear.

"I just wanna hurry and fuck some zombies up. Watching Zoey fuck those zombies up has gotten me in the ass kicking mood!"

"Alan! One curse word per sentence," Alan snapped, placing a hand over Maria's ear, while pressing the side of her head into his hip.

"Oh please, if she hasn't heard every cuss word in the English language by now she will within the next week."

"Let's see, you've said the A word, the B word, the other B word, the C word, the other C word, the D word-,"

"Are ya done," Jamie asked wearily. "Stay focused." Zoey looked to her side, holding her pistol down in front of her.

So far the banter this team just had reminded her of her old team, bringing up fresh, painful memories. She had no clue why she decided to go with these four. Maybe it was a sign for her to continue surviving. Her thoughts were cut short whenever a loud screech echoed through the forest followed shortly by an automatic blasting away. A zombie wearing a hoodie landed in a heap, blood flowing steadily out of the holes in its body. The barrel of Doc's gun smoked, confirming his kill.

"That puts me in the lead Alan," Doc said mockingly.

"Fuck you," Alan spat.

"Keep moving," Jamie ordered. "That's probably gonna attract attention." Alan quickly moved forward at an accelerated jog. The rest of the team followed closely behind, guns now ahead of them.

"That doesn't put you in the lead Doc," Alan exclaimed suddenly.

"Yes it does. That kill put me in the lead by one."

"No, Tanks count as two remember!"

"Yeah, but Jamie took care of half of that Tank for you, and he's not playing so you only get one point not the full two."

"Oh that's bullshit," Alan shouted angrily.

"Shut the fuck up," Jamie yelled. "You can argue and do math when we're safe!" The remainder of the walk was in silence. After a few long minutes, the group finally came out of the forest and to the front of an apparent empty city. "Doc, you and I will move up and make sure things are okay. Alan you and Zoey stay here."

"You got it," Alan replied. Zoey looked to her new temporary partner who instinctively took a step towards Maria. The female brunette gave a confused look, unsure about why Alan would do that, but shrugged it off and turned her attention to a moving crouched Doc and Jamie. The two moved slowly, their guns aimed up in case of any surprises. Their sights swept from side to side and finally Alan gave the signal to move up. "Come on Maria, let's go." The young girl nodded and held onto Alan's leg with one hand. The two moved up quickly and Zoey followed after them.

"Alan, check that building," Jamie ordered, moving two fingers to the door off to the right.

"Oh please be something for me to shoot," Alan whispered as he moved forward slowly. He opened the door slightly and slowly. Alan slipped his hand through the opening and turned on his flashlight. A few seconds passed, but suddenly the door was sent flying back off its hinges, and with it Alan. The door landed in front of the other four survivors and Alan landed away from the building. The survivors turned their guns to the opening just as a Tank destroyed the doorway by rampaging through.

"Fire," Jamie shouted, letting rounds fly out of his pistol. Zoey and Doc shot wildly as well as the Tank charged. "Cover me!"

"Done," Doc replied in a loud shout. Jamie grabbed Maria and swung her over his back then sprinted in the opposite direction of the Tank. "Zoey, draw the Tank's attention to us!"

"That's the smartest plan I've heard all day," Zoey yelled over the gunshots. The funny part was: she wasn't half lying. The bullets from Zoey and Doc eventually got the behemoth zombie's attention and it came charging towards the two survivors.

Jamie ran to a garbage dumpster that sat against a brick wall. "Hide here okay? Don't move." Jamie pulled out a second pistol then held the handle out to Maria. The girl stared at it with reluctance. "I know you don't like them, but it's just a safety precaution okay?" The little girl then took the gun and moved behind the dumpster, hiding safely. "I'll come back okay? Don't move." Jamie then quickly ran back to help his fellow survivors.

Zoey and Doc were behind separate cars, loading bullets into the charging Tank. The massive zombie stopped then slammed its hands into the ground, lifting a chunk of the street above its head then hurled it at Doc's car. The blonde man dove back as the chunk of street smashed into the car, sending it flying over Doc's head. The Tank then charged Doc, grunting savagely with each step. Suddenly, bullets flew into the Tank's back, causing it to stop and turn around to Jamie who held his pistol up expertly. The Tank charged, roaring with rage towards Jamie. Out of nowhere, Alan stepped next to Jamie, a machete in hand. Jamie pulled out a combat knife and held it out with his pistol hand on top of his other hand.

"Ready," Alan asked.

"Always," Jamie replied.

Alan sprinted forward with his head down as Jamie started firing rounds from his pistol. The Tank took all the bullets and continued forward. Alan was now less than ten feet away when the Tank raised both of its massive arms high into the air, and then brought them crashing down. Alan dove forward, avoiding the shattering impact of the Tank's fists which destroyed a section of the street. The survivor slashed his machete across the Tank's midsection, leaving a huge, gapping gash along its stomach. Jamie charged forward next, throwing his now empty pistol to the ground. He jumped up and stabbed the Tank in the face, twisting and churned his blade within the zombie's skull. Alan slashed the Tank's body again in the opposite direction, leaving another gash above the other one. Unfortunately, Alan's machete was now wedged into the body of the massive zombie. The massive zombie thrashed around in rage and pain, trying to throw Jamie and Alan off. Alan pulled out a shining magnum, aimed it at the Tank's heart, then pulled back the trigger. The bullet pierced the Tank's chest and surprisingly went all the way through. The once fearsome Tank now went limp then fell onto its side. Jamie and Alan walked up to the corpse and pulled out their respective blades.

"That's always so much fun," Alan stated before holstering his magnum. With a smirk on his face, Doc moved up to his team while Zoey stared on with shock.

"I'm going to get Maria," Jamie told his two partners before running down the street.

"Where's the new chick," Alan asked Doc. The blonde turned with a confused look, but saw Zoey slowly walking up to the two of them. "Man, you look like you've seen a ghost."


"What? You've never seen two guys take on a Tank up close and personal with a knife and a bigger knife?" Zoey shook her head in response. "Well, you're gonna get a ton of that and even more crazy shit by hanging with us."

"Yeah, Alan's just a crazy guy, and Jamie is crazy, but he's smart about it," Doc added.

Jamie sprinted as quickly as his legs would carry him before he finally approached the dumpster he left Maria by. He slid on his knees in front of the opening, hearing the clicking of a gun as the young girl aimed the pistol forward. Jamie panted from so much running, but smiled slightly.

"It's okay, it's just me Maria." The girl slowly lowered the gun, a look of shame coming across her face. "The Tank is dead and we're moving on." Jamie held his hand to help Maria. The little girl pointed behind Jamie to a sign. The young man turned, seeing a street sign that had safe house graffiti painted over it. Jamie turned back to Maria, his hand still extended to her. "We'll go there next, I promise." Maria placed the gun delicately into Jamie's hand then crawled out on her own. Once she was out, Maria clutched Jamie's leg then followed him as they made their way back down the street where they met the rest of the survivors halfway. "There's a safe house down this road." Alan, Doc, and Zoey looked down the road.

"You mean the street filled with infected," Alan asked. Jamie whipped his head over suddenly, seeing a ton of oblivious zombies walking around in the street.

"That'd be the one," Jamie answered slowly. "Doc, you got a pipe bomb right?"

"Of course," Doc replied, pulling the silver stick. "Take cover." Doc hurled the bomb as far down the street as he could. A red flashing light went off and began beeping, stealing the attention of the zombies in the street. The bomb exploded, taking over two-thirds of the zombies out in a cloud of red mist.

"Go," Jamie shouted as he ran first with Maria following directly behind him.

Zoey followed next, then Alan and Doc. The remaining zombies noticed the fleeing survivors then gave chase. Alan released a blast from his shotgun, taking out the chest of the nearest zombie. Doc unleashed a stream of bullets from his rifle. The led bullets tore through the zombies, killing some, while grazing others. Zoey aimed and shot at zombies while sprinting for dear life. Jamie shot any zombies in his way, focused on everything in front of him. Finally, he saw the red metal door to safety. Jamie ran faster, holding Maria's hand and they finally got into the safe house. Jamie let go of Maria who ran to the furthest end of the safe house while Jamie stood at the entrance shooting any zombies that tried to enter. Zoey came tumbling in, tripping over a corpse into the safe room. Doc was next who ran back into the room. Alan was next, walking back slowly while blasting as many zombies as possible with his shotgun before finally entering the room. With everyone inside, Jamie closed the door, leaving the zombies outside in a rage.

Everyone panted heavily, except Alan who had a devious smile on his face. "Let's do that again!"

"No," everyone aside from Maria shouted.

"Okay, we're staying here for the night. So everyone check for ammo or weak points where the infected can come in from."

"What about food," Doc asked.

"I found a fridge!" the lover of killing shouted from the next room. Jamie moved his head, a smirk of amusement on his face while Doc looked back unconvinced.

"Does it work," Doc shouted back.

"No, but we have a fridge," Alan answered. Doc smirked while Jamie frowned.

"Is it plugged in," Jamie asked. A moment of silence filled the room.

"Nope, one second. Now it's plugged in. IT WORKS!"

"I win," Jamie said to Doc with a smile on his face.

"So that means I've got to go with Alan to get food." Jamie nodded. "Alan, get ammo and let's move out." The brown haired man poked his head around a corner, a look of curiosity on his face. "We're going to get food."

"Sweet! Zombies here I come! Wait, were are the guns?" Maria walked around the corner and pointed to an unseen room. The survivors rounded the corner, seeing a whole weapons cache of guns and ammunition. "Oh thank GOD for rednecks!" Jamie and Zoey whipped their heads to Alan.

"Are you seriously quoting Zombieland," Jamie asked.

"So what if I am? It's a good movie," Alan shot back.

"Just go get the food." Alan walked up and took the top of the nearest crate off, revealing a large number of military weapons.

"OH YES BABY!" Alan pulled out a small weapon about as long as his arm. "Grenade launcher!"

"I'm going to die aren't I," Doc asked fearfully.

"Meh, it's been nice knowing ya Doc," Jamie joked. "Start fishing out weapons to take with you so you can at least fight back against Alan."

"Please, he's going to destroy half the city with a fucking grenade launcher." Jamie smiled then walked to explore the rest of the safe house.

There was a bathroom, dirty and filthy, a room with sleeping bags and a tattered old mattress, and the room that led to from where they came from and the final room where Alan and Doc were getting weapons. Gunshots were heard within the safe house, but no bullets flew inside. Jamie looked over to see Zoey shooting through the slot in the door, killing the zombies that still tried to break the door down.

"Having fun," Jamie asked before walking towards his new partner. Zoey didn't turn her head, only reloaded then continued shooting out of the hole. Jamie leaned against the wall opposite from Zoey. "Are you okay?"

"Fine," Zoey replied quickly.

The next shot caused a large about of blood and brain matter that could be heard splattering. Jamie sighed and turned to the pistol barrel, watching the bullets fly out. After a moment, the gun clicked empty. Zoey looked at the gun with revulsion then threw it to the ground. Jamie pulled out his pistol then handed it to Zoey, trying to be friendly. The girl turned to the young man with a distant look then turned her head away. Jamie sighed then put his pistol back.

"We're ready to rock and roll," Alan's voice shouted. Jamie and Zoey turned their heads, seeing Alan holding an automatic shotgun, grenade launcher on his back, med kit strapped to his hip, and wearing a belt designed for holding ammo cartridges, stolen from the weapons cache. Doc only had two pistols strapped to his sides, a submachine gun on the back of his waist, and his rifle slung over his back with a med kit on his hip as well. "Move aside because as soon as that door opens shit is gonna-," Zoey pulled the handle up then pushed the door open, revealing a pile of dead zombies. Alan's face showed disappointment at his fun being robbed from him.

"Hurry and get a move on," Jamie ordered. Without another smart remark, Alan and Doc ran outside and Jamie slammed the door behind them.