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"Thank you, Booth."

"Mmhmm." Booth responded as he let the glass-paneled door fall shut behind them. A young agent and a store clerk led the partners to the back of the store, into the bowels of the supermarket, and towards the freezer. With the heavy metal door swung wide open, Brennan and Booth inhaled the scent of mildew, ice, and dead body. "Whew. He reeks. What happened this time, Bones?" He watched as his partner climbed into the meat freezer and examined the remains.

"Male, late forties to early sixties." She leaned over the body, taking in the massive lacerations on his frontal lobe. "It appears he was bludgeoned to death by something, due to the gapes in his cranium and face."

"Ouch. By what?"

"I don't know, Booth, that's why I said something," She stood up, examining the interior of the freezer, before stepping back out, "There are unidentifiable specimens lodged into the lesions and what's left of his nasal passage. I'll give those to Hodgins; see if he can figure out what they are." Booth shrilly whistled to the newbies.

"All right, kids, let's wrap it up and send it to the Lab." As the officers and agents skittered around, collecting samples and covering the body, Booth put a hand to his stomach. "Let's go get something to eat, Bones. I'm starving."

"There are plenty of healthy choices here. You know, you really should think about lessening the quantity of processed foods you consume."

"We just found a dead guy in the freezer."

"I'm not suggesting you eat him, Booth." He sighed.

"Yeah, I got that. But still… why would I trust a place that has bodies stored in the back?"

"Funeral homes have bodies stored in the back. And there was only one body here." He sighed again, headed towards the main section of the store.

"Never mind. Forget I said anything."

"So you'll eat here?" Booth turned, looking back towards his partner, because he could have sworn he'd heard what sounded like… joy in her voice. As usual, though, her face was stoic.


"They have an excellent selection of garden vegetables, though. I believe the owner grows them on the roof. I buy nearly all of my groceries here."

"That's because you're rolling in dough," He quipped, paused, and then spun on his heel to face her, "Wait, you shop here?"

"Yes. That's what I said."

"Bones, what if somebody dumped the body here because they know you shop here?"

"Stop jumping to conclusions, Booth," She snapped off her gloves in frustration, "That's completely irrational and you have no evidence."

"You have no evidence against it." He took a step closer, his face inches from hers, and to his disappointment, she simply turned around and started walking back towards the truck. This time, though, when he held the door open for her, he received nothing but silence.


Cam's eyes were locked onto the body in utter confusion as Booth came bounding up the platform's steps.

"Where's Bones?"

"In her office," Cam replied, the dazed expression still clouding her face. There was a significant pause, where Booth glanced up from the body, to Cam, and then back to the body.


"What?" She glanced up, finally, to her friend, "What happened?"

"You have that face."

"What face?"

"The this-makes-no-sense face."

"Well, that's because-"

"I analyzed the bits that were lodged into his face," Hodgins declared, typing away on the computer before a chart of ingredients appeared before the team, "They were composed of frosted oats and marbits, commonly known as marshmallow bits."

"He was murdered by cereal?"

"Magically delicious cereal."

AN: I know that this chapter wasn't that exciting, but it gets better, trust me. Booth appears a little OOC at first, but I don't believe he's that way through the rest.

You know the drill.