AN: Last chapter full of B&B. What more could you want?

"Thank you, Booth."

"Mmhmm," The federal agent responded with ease as he passed the ketchup over the table. Not too surprising was the fact that the two were seated at their usual spot at their usual place: the Royal Diner. Although frantic glances were shared, they said nothing more and allowed the cacophonous sounds of the local diner to fill in the silence. After a few minutes, though, it became too much.

"You really think I'm an over-reactive alpha male?"


"Earlier this week, when I had 'watchdogs' trailing you, you called me an over-reactive alpha male."

"Oh. Right."



"Exactly what are you agreeing to, Bones?"

"Yes, I do believe you publicly assert yourself to such a stereotype," She munched on a fry as he stared blankly at her, waiting for her to continue on one of her rants, "Your normal stance is hands at hips, but your legs are not bent and you are not leaning to either side, as if you are some type of… superhero. You also place your hand on my lower back as if you are escorting me places. You precisely control conversations when interrogating a witness and you give no self-disclosure." She eyed the look on his face curiously. "You want me to stop?"

"Yeah, I think I got the message."

"It's not meant to be an insult, Booth. In many ancient societies, the alpha male was always considered the leader of the pack, just as they are today. In fact, nearly every society has been like that, besides the Amazonian tribes from long ago." Booth squirmed in his seat, leaning forward towards his partner.

"So do I really do all of that stuff?"

"Certainly. Do you want more examples? I could make you a list, if you wish, Booth." Her grin caught him off guard and he found himself chuckling just watching her smile, although he wasn't sure why.

"You're quite a jokester, there, Bones."

"As I told you, I'm becoming quite amusing."

"But seriously… do you?"

"Think that you're a typical 'man'?" He said nothing but she took his silence as a confirmation. "Booth, I have come to accept that you are overly protective of me and I admit that it is… nice having someone wanting to know how you are and keeping you safe," Just as Booth was about to leap for joy, she rambled on, "Although I don't see why, considering I am perfectly able to take care of myself." Figures, he admitted to himself, but his heart couldn't be shot down by one of her self-protection arguments.

"Okay, okay. I hear you loud and clear."

"Which means you'll stop pestering me and hovering over me every time a situation becomes dangerous?"

"What? No way, Bones," Her eyes widened comically at his blunt response, "And I don't hover, thank you very much."

"Then will you at least let me drive?"


"A gun, then?"

"Why are you so persistent on the gun topic? The answer is no to both," He paused for a moment to chug down some of his vanilla milkshake and to mull over what she had been badgering him about, "And why would you think that a gun measures less to driving a car?"

"Statistically, more people perish in car accidents than by bullets, Booth."

"Bones, let it go." She growled under her breath and slumped back into her seat as her partner continued chuckling at her disposition. While he was grabbing his wallet to pay for the meal, however, she flicked a fry in his direction, hitting him right between the eyes. "You never give up, do you?"

"Not a chance."

AN: I was debating on whether or not they should have conversed about the case, but I thought that the flirting was going too well. Ha, ha. Thank you for reading!