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The Big Day

{6 months after the defeat of Van, 3 months after was Guy and Natalia's wedding, and the next three months was Asch and Noir's wedding.}

It was a beautiful day on Auldrant, however, many people were in the Cathedral of Daath. The reason why is because of another grand wedding being officiated by Fon Master Anise Tatlin.

This is the wedding of Luke fon Fabre and Mystearica Aura Fende, and at the moment Luke was in the chapel completely nervous.

"Luke you really need to calm down." Guy said as one of his three best men.

"Easy for you to say Guy you and Natalia are already married, and so are Asch and Noir." Luke said still shaking.

"Yet you were our main best man, and you told us that if we stayed calm and focus on what will happen after the wedding." Asch told his former replica.

"That after the wedding Tear will be Mystearica Fon Fabre, my wife, and the future mother of my children." Luke began. "Not really my best pep talk." He added.

"That and the thoughts from your pep talk were what helped us through the nervousness of our weddings." Guy said.

With that Luke's third best Sync decided to speak.

"Luke you have save the world twice, freed Lorelei from the core of Auldrant, and even convinced me to find a better life free of my darkness, but the thing that terrifies you most is your own wedding?" Sync asked with a chuckle.

"Remember Sync you're only one of my best men because Arietta and Anise both asked me. Do you know how hard it is to say no to both of them when they give the puppy dog eyes?" Luke asked.

"I can barely handle when Arietta does it alone, and I'm a best man because Jade was needed for an important job." Sync replied.

As the three spoke Arietta, Natalia, and Noir each walked up to the altar, first to kiss their men, and second was to take their places with Natalia as the Maid of Honor and Arietta and Noir as the bridesmaids. After they took their places music began to play, and when everyone looked to the door they saw Colonel Jade Curtiss walking the bride to the altar. Once Tear was standing by her husband to be Jade immediately took his seat after giving them both a warm smile.

"Dearly beloved." Anise began. "We are gathered here today to tie Luke fon Fabre and Mystearica Aura Fende in holy matrimony. If there is any among us who does not wish for these two to be wed…speak now and forever rest in peace." Anise said with a devilish smile usually seen on Jade when he'd scare Luke or mess with Guy.

"The groom has something he would wish to say before us all." Anise said before everyone turned to Luke.

"Tear." Luke began. "The first time we met you tried to kill Van, when I believed him to be good, at first in Tartaroo Valley I didn't like you too much for that, however, when I first woke up and saw you under the moonlight of the Valley… I thought you were the most beautiful woman I had ever met. As we traveled together with our friends I began to fall for you until I would do anything to protect you and see you happy. In fact I want to say that the first time when we beat Van, and I released Lorelei I had one regret. I couldn't tell you something completely important." Luke said to Tear in front of hundreds of witnesses.

"What did you want to tell me Luke?" Tear asked curious about a regret Luke's had since that day many years ago.

"Mystearica Aura Fende…" Luke began showing he was serious. "I love you with all my heart, and wish to be with you until my final breath." Luke said bringing a tear to Tear's eye.

"Well then I don't think I'll need to ask if Luke takes Tear as his wife after this, so Mystearica Aura Fende, do you take Luke fon Fabre as your lawfully wedded husband?" Anise asked.

"Yes, till death and even after." Tear said.

"Then I pronounce you husband and wife…" Was as far as Anise got before Tear launched herself at Luke and into an extremely passionate kiss.

Upon the kiss everyone broke into cheers and applause, and as she kissed her husband Tear threw the bouquet only for it to be caught by Giselle Oslo, Tear's mentor and sister figure. Once Giselle caught the bouquet she looked at jade with a blush and a smirk, as he began to blush as well.

This was truly a great day for Luke and Tear fon Fabre.

The End

And there this is actually the second wedding I did in a story. Hopefully I'll get some feedback about this one, so I can know where to improve. For now enjoy, and I'll see you all on my next update.

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