Chapter 2 A new threat and conflicts within countries

It's been a year since Luke returned to his family, friends, and Tear. Half a year since his return he gained his own manor within Baticul as Guy, Luke's best friend, had a manor in Sheriden, Tear is the new commandant of the oracle knights, Jade remained in the Malkuth military, Natalia traveled around the world as Kimlasca-Lanvaldear's goodwill ambassador, and Anise Tatlin became the world's first female Fon Master in the Order of Lorelei with Florian, the only remaining replica of the late Fon Master Ion, stuck by her and helped her every day. Luke had to stay in Baticul to fulfill his duty as viscount of Kimlasca and those duties included: reading over laws to be passed, helping the citizens of his country, and aiding Duke Fabre and King Ingolbert VI, however he desired to travel the world with his friends but when Luke came back he and Tear were dating for the times the king decided to let his nephew out of Baticul.

"Master Luke wake up you're needed at the castle for an important task" a maid said outside the bedroom of Kimlasca's viscount.

"Yeah yeah I hear you" spoke a sleepy redhead.

"Well I better get dressed and see what uncle needs" thought the man.

As Luke was getting dressed he looked at his dresser and caught sight of a couple pictures one of him and his friends after his return and the other when he and Tear began dating. Once he finished remembering and getting dressed in the clothes he wore upon his return he headed for the audience hall within the castle.

Once Luke came into the audience hall he was surprised with an unexpected sight after all there were emissaries of Daath, and Malkuth.

"Guy, Anise what are you two doing here?" Luke asked surprised to see his old friends again.

"Hey Luke it's good to see you again but unfortunately Anise is here on business from Daath and…"

"And you're here on business for the Malkuth House of Lords am I right Gailardia?" Luke interrupted and asked.

"Well yeah you're right Luke" Guy replied impressed.

"I'm sorry to interrupt this reunion but there is a situation" spoke King Ingolbert.

"What is it uncle?" Luke asked.

"Well Daath, Malkuth, and Kimlasca have been having internal conflicts between the people who have long since given up on the score of Yulia and those who still live by it" King Ingolbert said with concern.

"And that's why Guy is here in Emperor Peony's stead, and Anise is here since she's the new Fon Master of the Order Of Lorelei" Luke replied.

"Exactly Luke and we've heard reports that someone has found a new type of score that was hidden away since the dawn age yet the fonstones are red as if they were a fire" the king responded.

"So the viscounts of Kimlasca and Malkuth are going to investigate with the Fon Master for the royal families." Luke replied

"My Luke you're picking things up quicker than you use to" Anise finally spoke.

"Yeah Luke you've gotten so good at figuring things out it's almost scary" Guy said with some sarcasm.

"Give it up Guy you're no Jade" Luke said as he laughed.

"Now Luke the three of you are to rest for today and begin the investigation tomorrow" Duke Fabre said.

"I understand father Guy and Anise are both more than welcome to stay at my manor for tonight that way the three of us can discuss what were going to do tomorrow and to catch up on what everyone's been up to" Luke said with a big smile.

"We have had reports that scorers are being mobilized in the vicinity of Belkend" King Ingolbert added.

"Ok so we head to Luke's manor to rest and plan then tomorrow we travel to Belkend" Guy said.

"Seems like a good idea I would like to see Luke's manor since we haven't seen him since his return" Anise said giggling.

After the three entered the drawing room of Luke's they planned for their trip to Belkend tomorrow.

"So it's agreed since it would save us a ferry trip and since we don't have the Albiore, well travel to Belkend through Inista Marsh" Luke said

"Yep" Guy and Anise said in unison.

And so ends Chapter 2 be sure to wait for chapter 3