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I was so preoccupied with thinking through my next steps for getting us out of the country, that I didn't notice anything was wrong until we were almost back to Rodney's house. No heartbeats. No car. Something squeezed my chest and I didn't know if it was anger, fear or both, but I knew, she was gone.

I was out of the car and into the house before Rodney stopped in the driveway. The silence inside only made me more aware of everything that was missing. No smell of blood. No sign of struggle. No Kitten. She was gone.

I heard Rodney come up behind me when I noticed the note and watch on the table. Another squeeze, razor-sharp. Gone.

I deserved a good flogging for not seeing this last night. The desperate embraces, the tears, the "thanking"… it all made sense now. Blimey, why didn't I see it? Blinded by my own happiness, I could not think of anything but having her back in my arms, safe. I closed my eyes and heard her voice, I will love you every day until I die, now knowing she had really meant "goodbye." Another squeeze, harder yet.

I sat down at the table, picked up the watch, and turned it over in my hands. She didn't need me anymore. That was the message … she would not be paging me to come to her, ever again. A slicing pain accompanied the squeeze this time, cutting me from her life.

Bloody hell. I knew what the note would say. She left to protect me. Didn't she know by now I could protect myself? I felt anger rising within me. She loved me, but didn't believe in me, didn't believe in us. She didn't believe we could make it. She did not give me enough time to convince her. She used my own words against us. She didn't think we could win the battle, and so she chose not to fight. She folded her hand, instead of playing it.

I should have paid closer attention to the bloody blokes in that car with her. What sort of rot did they feed her? Her mum had to be part of it, too. They would have used all their cleverness to ensnare her. What buttons did they push to get her to run? They threatened her, they did, and she ran right into their trap under the pretext of protecting those she loved. As long as I knew her, that was her way, to taunt danger and have it chase her, luring it away from those she wanted to protect. She wouldn't have had a chance against their skills. I had thought she was past running from me. What a bloody fool I was to think that. I will love you every day until I die. If only she had loved me enough to believe in me. Squeezing pain turned to anger.

Rodney watched from the doorway, keeping his distance from the furious power vibrating and leaking off of me.

"They only have four hours head start, Bones. You can catch up to her."

I looked up at Rodney and a grim smile snarled my lips.

"Bloody right, I'll catch her."

As we searched the house for clues, I remembered my words to her—If you run from me, I'll chase you. And I'll find you...

I was good at chasing her, and this time, I would make her believe.

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