Title: Mitsukaru High

Author/Artist: snooperj & Bloodysamurai

Series/Pairing(s): TeniMyu; Mainly Takigawa Eiji x Kimeru & Shirota Yuu x Aiba Hiroki

Notes: An alternative universe type of fanfiction, my partner and I take you to how the two couples began during their days in Senior High, with Takigawa and Kimeru in their 2nd year, and Shirota and Aiba in their 1st. This fanfiction will run from that setting until Shirota and Aiba's graduation from Senior High two years later. Most of the information here are either altered, made-up or real altogether.

Hints of other pairings shall also be introduced, therefore expect to be seeing other members of the TeniMyu cast to show up in this Mitsukaru Senior High setting. This is meant to serve as a prequel to our fanfiction 'Anything for You'.

Here is the 1st chapter entitled Introductions. This chapter is basically an introduction to the four main characters as well as their relationships with one another, and how they meet for the first time with each other.

**ALSO! None of the authors of this roleplay/fanfic own TeniMyu or the actors, but are mere fangirls of the musical series and corresponding actors we write about. Everything that progresses in the story is the creation of our witty imaginations.

Tomorrow was the big day. A new school year was about to begin once more at Mitsukaru High.

Takigawa Eiji was a second year student at Mitsukaru. He was the type of student who took his studies seriously, which explained him being ranked number 1 among his other batch mates at the end of their first year. On top of that, he was voted Student Council Vice-President. Said boy was dribbling a basketball in the court near his place and took a shot from the free throw area and watched as the ball sunk into the basket.

A clapping of hands came from the entrance of the court as Takigawa turned to the doorway. "Glad you could make it, Shirotan," he called brightly as he went to retrieve the ball.

Shirota Yuu was a first year student at Mitsukaru. He and Takigawa were close friends since their childhood, living only a few houses from one another. Shirota shared Takigawa's ideals of doing well in his studies that by the time he had graduated from junior high, was ranked number 2. The high school had called him up and had offered him a place in the Student Council as Secretary, as their batch's number 1 student had declined the offer and informed them that he was transferring schools. Shirota, having agreed to it, was informed that he get himself oriented before the first day by their Vice President, which turned out to be Takigawa.

"Has the school told you yet, Eiji-kun?" Shirota said as he approached the older boy. "That they asked me to be Student Council Secretary."

Takigawa scooped the ball up and nodded. "Aa. So I'm supposed to orient you, right?"

"According to them," Shirota replied with a grin.

Takigawa tossed him the ball. "I can always do that when school begins. Unless you'd want a crash course right now," he teased.

Shirota caught the ball. "That depends. How long would the crash course take?"

Takigawa pointed to the basket. "About an hour. Two hours tops," he replied. "Depends on you, really."

Shirota grinned and began dribbling the ball. "Why not? Answer my question if I score a point... Right?"

Takigawa got into a defensive position, nodding. "You catch on fairly quickly."

"But I'm already at a disadvantage since we're playing in your element..." Shirota complained.

"I won't bring out my full power, then," Takigawa remarked.

Aiba knocked on the door.

"Come in..." drawled a voice from inside.

Aiba sighed as he opened the door and got inside. "Here are the things you asked me to buy," he told his roommate as he handed him a plastic bag.

His roommate was the vocalist of the school band. His name was Kimeru, and no one but the teachers knew his last name…not that they cared anyway. Kimeru was a second year student and a rebel. You can tell the latter part by the way he acted; he was messy, lazy and downright annoying. Spend five minutes with him and you're sure to snap and leave. Unfortunately for Aiba, he was going to be stuck with this guy for the whole school year.

Aiba Hiroki was a freshman at Mitsukaru High; he was fortunate enough to pass the exam and be accepted thanks to his high grades - having able to rank number 9 in his junior high - and perseverance. That was why he was asking the high heavens why he deserved to be roomed with Kimeru.

"Oi, Aika...you got the wrong brand," Kimeru said as he threw a box of pocky at him.

Aiba managed to catch the box before facing his senpai with a frown on his face. "I got what you told me, senpai...and it's AIBA," he said.

"Aika...Aiba...whatever...just go and get me the right brand," Kimeru said as he turned his attention back to the magazine he was reading.

"Why don't you get it yourself?" Aiba muttered.

"What was that, kouhai?" Kimeru asked dangerously.

"N-Nothing... I'll be back in a few minutes..." he said as he hurried to the door.

"That's more like it," Kimeru said as he heard the door close.

Aiba sighed heavily as he headed to the store again. "This won't be a good year..." he muttered as he passed a nearby basketball court.

Shirota, after having watched Takigawa play dozens of times while they were growing up, managed a turn to fool Takigawa and quickly dashed up to the basket and succeeded in a lay-up as the ball smoothly went in. "YOSH!" Shirota exclaimed as he retrieved the ball.

"So you were doing something more than just watch me play, huh?" Takigawa noted.

Shirota nodded. "Third question," he started as he paused to catch his breath.

"Take your time, we've got all afternoon," Takigawa teased.

"Where and when does the Council meet? Is it on a daily basis or what?" Shirota inquired.

Takigawa grinned. "Every other day in the Council room that's located along the 3rd floor of the West Building. Urgent meetings are usually announced via PA system by the president. Any other announcements of the Council are voiced to the student body through the secretary via the PA system," he explained nonchalantly.

Shirota pouted. "Are you serious?"

Takigawa pointed to his straight face. "Does this face look like I'm joking?"

"It's difficult to tell... You teased me like that back when we were in junior high..." Shirota complained.

Takigawa chuckled before bursting out in laughter. "You're right," he said, holding his sides. "Gomen, Shirotan."

"Mou..." Shirota frowned as he began dribbling the ball again.

As soon as Aiba got the brand Kimeru wanted ("I should have since I got one of each darn brand..."), he headed back to the dorms. "I swear...once I get the chance I WILL strangle him..." he muttered darkly. He knocked on the door again. "Senpai, it's me," he called out. He heard the lock click before the door opened.

"About time..." Kimeru said as he grabbed Aiba and pulled him inside.

Aiba dropped the plastic bag as he headed to his side of the room, pulling out a notebook and some pieces of paper from his bag.

"What's that?" Kimeru asked, opening the box.

"Schedule," Aiba answered flatly.

Kimeru grinned as he grabbed the piece of paper. "Section 1...So you're one of the nerds," he teased.

"Why do you care...now give that back!" Aiba said as he snatched the paper back and placed it in his notebook.

"Whatever, kid," Kimeru said as he went back to his own bed and continued reading his magazine.

The game of score-a-point-answer-my-question continued until Shirota was spread out on the concrete, panting as Takigawa pulled the younger boy to his feet. "Have I answered all your questions?" Takigawa asked. Shirota nodded wordlessly. "It's getting late. I'll be looking forward to seeing you in school tomorrow," Takigawa stated as he went to retrieve his ball. He paused and turned to Shirota, grinning. "I'm interested to see you in the Mitsukaru High uniform."

Shirota blinked. "Wha?"

Takigawa chuckled. "Nothing, nothing…Ja! See you tomorrow!" he called, running off.

Shirota's gaze followed Takigawa before following after him. "O...Oi! I'm having dinner at your place tonight, remember?!" he called out after him. "DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND!"

The next day, Aiba woke up and looked at the clock on the study table. "7:30?!" he exclaimed. "Class starts at 8!" he looked frantically around for the alarm clock he had placed on the headboard and found it on the floor...under what seemed suspiciously like a cactus plant.

"Kimeru-senpai..." he muttered darkly as he threw a pillow at the sleeping junior on the other bed.

"What the heck was that for?!" Kimeru yelled as soon as he got up, eyes still bloodshot from sleep.

"We're going to be late!" Aiba said as he scrambled off the bed to get ready.

Kimeru rolled his eyes and lied back down. "I don't care..." he muttered.

Aiba frowned and decided to ignore him; there was no way he was going to make the wrong impression on his first day just because of a wannabe J-Pop singer.

Aiba managed to get to his class before the bell. He adjusted his necktie before opening the door to his room. He took a seat near the back, since the front rows were already full.

The bell rang as soon as the teacher arrived. They soon found out that the teacher's name was Ueshima-sensei and that he was going to be their adviser for that year. After a few introductions to the subjects they will be taking and discussing about their schedule and classroom duties -since in this school the students don't have to transfer rooms per subject-, they moved on to the more clichéd parts of an average first day of classes: the self introductions.

Aiba, who was always the first one called for these kinds of things, stood up from his seat and bowed. "Hajimemashite, Aiba Hiroki desu. I came from Tomoeda Junior High," he introduced before sitting back down.

Kimeru glared at the person in front of him, which happened to be the school principal. He was caught smoking on the grounds and was ordered to go to the principal's office when he was caught by one of the teachers.

"Of all the days for the Student Council President to be absent..." the principal said as he looked at his secretary. "Get me Takigawa," he ordered.

Kimeru frowned. 'Him again...never thought that Takigawa -being the stuck up a****** that he is- would make it to the council...then again, I'm not surprised...' he thought.

1-1's self-introductions continued until it reached Shirota. He stood from his seat and nodded to Ueshima-sensei before turning to the rest of the class. "Minna-san konnichiwa. Shirota Yuu desu. I graduated from Horikoshi Junior High. Yoroshikuonegaishimasu!" He bowed before he sat back down.

Ueshima went up to him and patted him on the shoulder. "Shirota-kun is our Student Council Secretary. So feel free to relay any concerns to him, alright? Next! Suzuki!" he called.

Takigawa was called from his class by the principal's secretary as he followed him back to the Principal's office. 'So Moriyama-senpai is still out of town...' he thought to himself with a sigh.

"Takigawa-kun is here, sir," the secretary announced as Takigawa bowed at the principal.

"We have around half an hour before the bell rings. Feel free to talk to your fellow classmates for the time being," Ueshima said as he pulled out a list from his bag and looked at it.

Aiba sighed; he turned his attention to the boy seated next to him. "Shirota-san...you're a member of the student council?" he asked curiously.

Shirota turned to Aiba and nodded. "Aa. The school called me up about it a few days ago and asked if I was interested..." he explained.

Aiba sighed. "You're lucky..." he muttered as he pulled out his notebook and took out the piece of paper. He frowned when he noticed a small drawing by the corner. "That guy..." he said.

Shirota furrowed his brows. "How am I lucky?" he asked as he watched Aiba pull out his notebook.

"At least you don't have to deal with things I do and you're respected by people..." Aiba said as he examined the drawing, groaning a bit when he noticed that it was inked. "Great...there goes my schedule..." he muttered.

Shirota rummaged in his file case and pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to Aiba. "Here," he offered with a small smile on his face. "I had an extra copy of the schedule... just in case," he explained.

Aiba took the schedule and examined it. "Hey...thanks…" he said. "Are you sure you won't need it?" he asked.

Shirota nodded. "Yeah, I've got the schedule pretty much memorized already," he explained as he closed his book bag and placed it to hang on the hooks on the side of his table.

Aiba smiled and thanked Shirota again before looking the schedule over.

"Aa, Takigawa-kun. Welcome. I'm sorry for summoning you like this on the first day of classes," the principal said began. "But it would seem that delinquents don't pick proper dates…" he continued with a glance at Kimeru who wasn't really paying attention. "Kazu-" the principal caught himself when he felt Kimeru's piercing glare on him. "I mean Kimeru-kun was caught smoking on school grounds. Since it is the first day and all, I've decided to go easy on him," he explained. "Kimeru will be assigned to assist you for the whole first week of classes as punishment."

"WHAT THE HELL?! NO WAY!" Kimeru said as he stood up and glared at both Takigawa and the principal who ignored him.

Takigawa looked over to Kimeru for a lingering moment. 'Seems he's still causing trouble as usual...' he thought with an inward sigh. He gave the principal a bow. "Wakarimashita. I shall relay the message to Moriyama-senpai when he returns. I'm sure he'll be able to think up of some work Kimeru-kun can do," he explained.

After thanking them, the principal had let them leave. As soon as they were out Kimeru turned to face Takigawa. "Let's get something straight...there is no way that I'll be working with those fellow stuck ups like you," he said.

Takigawa looked over to Kimeru. "I'm afraid that's not for you to decide, Kimeru-kun. You'll have to do the work you've been assigned whether you like to or not," Takigawa explained sternly. "This type of work is just a light punishment since it's only the first day, after all..."

"Look, Takigawa...I DON'T CARE!" Kimeru snapped. "It's not as if they can kick me out anyway...if they could they should already have last year," he said.

"That's because it's against the school's tradition to expel students..." Takigawa explained calmly before heaving a sigh, rubbing the back of his neck, averting his gaze outside. "Look, if it'll make you feel better about this, I can write off your punishment for now..." he began. "But you'll owe me someday for this."

Kimeru, not expecting this outcome, stared at Takigawa. "Are you on drugs or something?!" he exclaimed in surprise. "Ch' never mind..." he said. He walked away, both hands in his pockets. "Fine, I owe you..." he said.

Takigawa watched Kimeru walk away before he sighed, heading down the other direction to return to his classroom. 'Honestly... What am I thinking...?' he thought to himself. 'Letting Kimeru off from his punishment won't get him to learn anything... Looks like I'll have to come up with other ways to get him to make up for whatever he's done next time...'

After two periods it was already time for break. Aiba was going to head over to the cafeteria when he heard a familiar voice call him.

"Hey, Aira! Get over here!" Kimeru called over as he leaned on the door.

Aiba frowned. "It's Aiba!" he said as he took the sandwich he had packed that morning and went towards Kimeru who took him by the arm.

"Where are we going?" he asked the junior.

"You're going to help me transfer the instruments from the storage."

"Why can't your band-mates help you?" Aiba asked.

"That would be because they bring their own instruments and I have to use the ones in this pathetic school," Kimeru answered, they then saw Takigawa down the hallway. Kimeru stopped for a moment to glare at him before dragging Aiba down the hall past him.

At break time, Shirota was making his way to the courtyard where he promised to meet Takigawa for recess. The said junior was just heading there from his classroom when he spotted Kimeru shove past him, dragging along a freshman. Takigawa followed their pace for a moment, furrowing his brow. 'What's he-' he shook his head, deciding to leave it be and continued off to where he was originally going.

"You're late," Shirota declared as soon as he spotted the boy.

"Gomen Shirotan, our teacher squeezed in an assignment before she let us off," Takigawa apologized.

Shirota pouted before he sat back down on the bench. Takigawa stood there for a moment longer and grinned. "What?" Shirota demanded.

"The uniform looks good on you," Takigawa complimented.

Shirota flicked his soccer ball up. "Don't make me kick this at you," he warned.

Takigawa chuckled, bringing his hands up in surrender. "Hai, hai. Just don't hit me with that. I know how powerful your kick is more than anybody else," he admitted as he moved forward and took a seat beside Shirota.

"I plan to try out for the soccer team after school today," Shirota said conversationally as the ball landed back on the ground.

"Good luck with that. Really," Takigawa encouraged, patting the boy on the shoulder.

As soon as Kimeru and Aiba got the instruments in the club room, Kimeru had let Aiba go.

Aiba sighed as he headed off to find someplace to think. "Annoying guy..." he said as he looked around. "Great...now where am I?" he asked himself. He decided to sit on one of the nearby benches. 'I'll just find my way back in a while I guess...' he thought as he looked at his hands, where a cut was present.

Kimeru sat by the window in the clubroom; the window happened to overlook the courtyard. In the distance, he saw Takigawa with someone didn't know. "What do you know...he actually has friends…" he huffed as he spotted Aiba somewhere near the other two. "What's this? Alone already on your first day...you're more of a loser than I thought," he said with a chuckle.

"Aren't you going to eat?" Takigawa inquired as he watched Shirota get up.

"Nope! I can wait until lunch for that," Shirota explained as he began dribbling the ball with his feet.

"You really enjoy doing that, huh?" Takigawa pointed out, leaning back on the bench.

"Aa. It helps me think sometimes," Shirota replied. Takigawa suddenly did a sneak attack, attempting to kick the ball away and succeeded. "Ah!" Shirota chased after the ball as it rolled away. As soon as he caught up to it, he flicked it expertly and caught it with ease before he spotted Aiba. "A-re? Aiba-kun?" He walked up to him. "What are you doing here all alone?" he asked with a frown.

Aiba looked up when he heard someone address him. "Oh...Shirota-kun..." he greeted with a small smile. "I was just...walking around and ended up here, I guess," he answered.

Kimeru watched this scene and frowned. "What's this?" he asked himself.

"Shirotan? Did you-" Takigawa called, trailing off when he saw that he was talking with someone. He furrowed his brow for a moment at Aiba before turning to Shirota. "Ah, gomen. A classmate of yours?" he inquired.

Shirota nodded. "Hai," he replied, deciding to make the necessary introductions. "A-no, this is Aiba Hiroki from my class," he began. "And Aiba-kun, this is Takigawa Eiji-senpai. He's the Student Council Vice President and a childhood friend of mine," he continued, smiling over to the two.

Takigawa gave Aiba a nod. "Yoroshiku," he said politely. 'He was the freshman from earlier...' he pointed out.

Aiba bowed as he was introduced. "Nice to meet you, Takigawa-senpai," he greeted. He straigtened up and then remembered something. 'He's the one who Kimeru-senpai...' Before he could stop himself he blurted out a question. "Senpai...do you know Kimeru-senpai-"

"Oi! Aiba! Get up here!" Kimeru called out from the second floor classroom.

Aiba frowned and sighed heavily. 'At least he got my name right this time...' he thought bitterly. "G-Gomen, I have to go. It was nice meeting you, Takigawa-senpai. I'll see you in class, Shirota-kun," he said hurriedly as he left, running towards the school building.

Takigawa looked over to where Kimeru was and smirked. "Looks like I was right..." he said to himself.

Shirota watched Aiba leave before turning to Takigawa. "Eh? What do you mean, Eiji-kun?"

Takigawa turned to Shirota and playfully slapped him on the head. "Don't call me that when we're in school!" he hissed.

Shirota brought a hand to his head. "But you-"

Takigawa wagged a finger. "I have superiority rights," he defended.

Shirota pouted. "Mou..."

"Anyway... It seems that Kimeru and Aiba-kun are roommates..." Takigawa concluded. "It's the only way they would know each other... Unless they're in the same situation as you and I, which I think is impossible," he explained.

After the break, Aiba had managed to find his way back to the classroom. He slumped down on the chair and frowned. 'So much for this break...' he thought as he recalled what had happened before he headed to his classroom. Kimeru had called him to the club room and made him do meaningless duties, like cleaning the guitars and tuning them. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know how to tune guitars which caused Kimeru to lose his temper once more. He sighed as he waited for the next subject to start.

Kimeru in the meantime, was in his own classroom with both feet on the table. His teacher for that period, who was a tad bit early, was mentally scolding him but was too afraid of the boy's reputation to actually verbalize his threats.

Takigawa was inside his classroom, already scribbling notes down on his notebook. Earlier's conversation with Shirota before they went their separate ways was still lingering in his head.

"Could you ask him for me?" Takigawa inquired.

"Eh? Aiba-kun?" Shirota clarified.

Takigawa nodded. "Confirm if he's roommates with Kimeru." 'At least I could try and figure out how to deal with him next time...' he thought to himself. "I'm counting on you, Shirotan!"

Shirota was already halfway towards the school building. "Hai, hai!" he called, waving his ball in the air.

"C...Chotto!" he called, running after him. "Don't walk away like that!"

Shirota turned to him. "But my classroom is this way," he defended.

"And mine is in the other direction of the hallway..." he reminded. "We could've at least walked together up to here before parting ways, you know..." Takigawa reasoned.

Shirota sighed. "Well, we're already here. So I'll see you later, Ei-I mean, Takigawa-senpai!" he called before heading in the direction of his classroom.

Takigawa sighed before he was called to read out a passage from their textbook.

Shirota spotted Aiba easing into his seat before Shirota turned to him. "Ne, Aiba-kun," he started. "Are you and Kimeru-senpai roommates, by any chance?" he inquired.

"Yes, and he makes my life a living hell..." Aiba answered with a frown. "Why are you asking, Shirota-kun?" he asked.

Shirota settled back in his seat, shaking his head. "Takigawa-senpai wanted me to ask, that's all..." he replied before the teacher arrived as they began class.

"Kime~ are you coming for practice later?" Sota asked from beside Kimeru.

"I might...I might not," Kimeru answered, causing Sota to chuckle.

"Same as always, aren't you?" Sota said with a grin.

Kimeru smirked. "Of course..."

The day drawled on until classes were over. Takigawa had attended to some paperwork for the Student Council - which included writing off Kimeru's earlier punishment - before heading to afternoon practice with the varsity basketball team.

Shirota, in the meantime, had gone off to try-out for the varsity soccer team, having been an active player back in junior high. When try-outs were over, they had announced that they would be posting the final list by next week on the club board. Shirota, after changing back into his uniform, met up with Takigawa at the entrance to the school before they both started their walk home.

"You were right..." Shirota began, stretching his arms over his head. "About Aiba-kun and Kimeru-senpai. They're roommates."

Takigawa nodded. "I thought as much..." He wrapped an arm around Shirota's neck, pulling him close. "So, how was try-outs?" he asked, changing the topic.

"It was fine, I guess... I'll have to wait until next week to find out if I got in..." Shirota said tiredly.

"I'm sure you'll pass it no problem. After all, you led your team to the Nationals once before, didn't you?" Takigawa said encouragingly.

Shirota grinned but said nothing.


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