Title: Mitsukaru High

Author/Artist: snooperj & Bloodysamurai

Series/Pairing(s): TeniMyu; Mainly Takigawa Eiji x Kimeru & Shirota Yuu x Aiba Hiroki

Notes: An alternative universe type of fanfiction, my partner and I take you to how the two couples began during their days in Senior High, with Takigawa and Kimeru in their 2nd year, and Shirota and Aiba in their 1st. This fanfiction will run from that setting until Shirota and Aiba's graduation from Senior High two years later. Most of the information here are either altered, made-up or real altogether. Hints of other pairings shall also be introduced, therefore expect to be seeing other members of the TeniMyu cast to show up in this Mitsukaru Senior High setting. This is meant to serve as a prequel to our fanfiction 'Anything for You'.

Here is the 16th chapter entitled Baseball, Bets and Payback. This chapter details the third day of the school's Sportsfest: the Baseball tournament. We put a little bit of focus on our third TezuFuji pair - Watanabe Daisuke and Furukawa Yuuta, as the classes battle it out get to the finals. Not surprisingly, there is a number of interesting surprises that get everything fired up.

**ALSO! None of the authors of this roleplay/fanfic own TeniMyu or the actors, but are mere fangirls of the musical series and corresponding actors we write about. Everything that progresses in the story is the creation of our witty imaginations.

As an additional note, this was a chapter long finished, but only saw the light of day quite recently as I found some time to edit it a little bit. The next chapters might start to change their tone as our writing styles have improved/adjusted over time, so I hope you stay with us as we try to continue this! I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading and enjoying up until now!

The third day of the sportsfest. While most were starting to feel their muscles searing from the continuous activities, others were more than prepared, if not excited for the day ahead as announcements of the day's Baseball matches were made. Everyone was getting some warm-ups in before an announcement of the first game boomed across the field. "Will teams of section 2-4 and 3-5 please proceed to the baseball field? We will begin shortly," a teacher announced.

"Good thing that it's not us first," Takuya pointed out in relief. "But seriously,we need to call Shirotan and Aibacchi," he told the rest.

"We play the third game, so they'll have some time to get here," Zukki offered to his classmates. "Give them their time alone," he said slyly.

"Of course, fukubuchou~" Takuya said with a small salute. "Ah hai! I almost forgot! Adachi-kun was looking for you a few minutes back. He said something about you not showing up yesterday."

Zukki grinned, nodding to Takuya before he began looking around. "Thanks for reminding me, Takuya-kun. Excuse me while I go look for him," he said hastily before running off.

"You'll find him somewhere around the cafeteria!" Takuya called out after him. "I wonder what he missed last night...Adachi-kun looked pretty disappointed," he told the rest of the group.

"Maybe he forgot something?" Yanagi suggested to Endo who just shrugged.

Takigawa managed to break away from his fellow classmates after their meeting, muttering incoherently to himself about Furukawa Yuuta and his sadistic way of scheming. The Student Council Vice President decided to try distracting himself by looking for Kimeru amongst the crowd.

Kimeru, who just finished a meeting regarding the battle of the bands the following week, pocketed the tickets that were given to him.

"Either I sell them or give them away...hmmm," he muttered thoughtfully with a grin. "I can give enough of them and have some that I could sell to the student body."

Looking around the crowd, he frowned. "I wonder where Eiji is..."

Furukawa, in the meantime, was happily playing team manager as he checked their players one by one. "That should do," he said proudly. "Now no one get's out of the room until game time. I already asked the cafeteria to bring food here so-"

"Takigawa went out!" one of his classmates suddenly cut off.

Furukawa blinked before looking at the watch. "Oh don't worry, he'll be fine," he told them. "But once he gets here...ambush him and put him into gear already. We need to let Kime see a glimpse of him before the actual games. Alright?"

"HAI!" answered the rest of 2-1.

"Still no sign of Shirota and Aiba?" Endo said with a frown, looking around.

Takuya shook his head. "I do hope they come back soon!"

Takigawa spent a whole 10 minutes into the first game between 2-4 and 3-5 searching for Kimeru but to no avail. He had asked around but no one had seen said student for a while now, which made Takigawa worry. 'Kime's class is playing next...' he thought to himself with a frown. "And it's already the start of the second inning for that game..." he added, looking over to the scoreboard overhead.

Kimeru, who had bought some ice cream while searching, sat down beside Takigawa and handed him a cone. "I'm right here~" he said happily, "Ice cream?" he offered.

Surprised at the sudden appearance of his boyfriend, Takigawa smiled and took the ice cream cone, nodding. "Aa, sankyu," he thanked and feasted on the little sweet snack.

"So how's the game so far?" Kimeru asked as he looked at the field. "Honestly, I don't like baseball...it's kinda boring for my taste," he shared as he leaned back a bit, languidly eating his popsicle, not realizing that some people were starting to look at him strangely.

"So far the third year class is leading," Takigawa noted, seeing the score of 3 runs to 1 in favor of 3-5 against the class of 2-4.

"I see,"Kimeru said as he tried to make out the scores, "I still don't understand the logic of the game...howell. As long as I hit or catch the ball it won't matter anyway," he said with a shrug.

Takigawa chuckled as he finished his ice cream before he remembered what Furukawa had planned and discussed during their meeting earlier. He shook his head promptly to try and concentrate elsewhere.

Shirota pulled back and took a deep breath before he looked over to the wall clock in the office. "Ah, yabbe. We should be heading back," the Secretary said as he started fixing his clothes.

Smiling contently, like a cat having been given some cream, Aiba nodded and languidly fixed his shirt.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you?" Shirota inquired once he had fixed his wardrobe and moved to the door, looking over to Aiba.

Aiba grinned stupidly and nodded as he followed Shirota out of the room, "What gave me away?" he asked innocently.

"Your moaning," Shirota replied curtly, closing the door behind him as he adjusted his cap and led the way back to the fields.

A furious blush appeared on the journalist's cheeks. "Point taken..." he muttered as he started fiddling his camera. "But that doesn't mean you weren't moaning yourself.." he accused.

"I never said anything about me not doing the same," Shirota countered evenly before they headed out and went their separate ways for the moment.

"So, has Furukawa's devious mind activated already?" Kimeru asked as he looked at his partner. "I'd be very surprised if it didn't."

Takigawa snorted. "You know him better than I do, Kime. I'm sure you already know the answer to that," he replied.

Kimeru groaned. "I do unfortunately.." he muttered. "He's up to no good, I bet."

'You have no idea...' Takigawa thought to himself.

Kimeru frowned before looking around and saw a random classmate waving at him, "Looks like we have a meeting~.See ya' later, Eiji!" he said before dashing off.

Watching Kimeru leave, Takigawa groaned. 'Somehow I regret agreeing to Furukawa's idea...' he thought suddenly to himself.

Meanwhile out on the field, Furukawa was walking around looking for Daisuke.

Wearing his track shorts and a simple white shirt, the junior smiled at the guys who stopped walking and decided to ogle him out in the open.

Daisuke, in the meantime, had managed to slip away from his classmates after they had discussed strategy - or whatever they could with the limited number of people who knew about the game.

'All I need to do is pitch and hit the ball... Why do we still need to strategize?' he thought to himself, shaking his head.

"Dai~su~ke~" Furukawa called out as he tapped the player on the shoulder, a sly smile on his lips. "Taking a break?" he asked, seeing if his get-up would have any effect.

Daisuke turned to Furukawa, about to reply before his mouth was left hanging open at Furukawa's choice of clothes. "Ha ha ha ha ha... hai..." he managed to stutter out, swallowing hard as he found himself blushing. 'Get a grip on yourself, Watanabe Daisuke!' he scolded himself.

Furukawa smirked inwardly. 'I shall mess up your mind~' he thought to himself happily before latching onto Daisuke's arm. "I'll go with you, then. I have time to spare since our meeting is done~" he said with a smile.

Finding himself incapable of coherent thought, Daisuke resorted to trying to find a better source of distraction for himself but found none (much to his dismay). "Won't your classmates be looking for you?" Daisuke managed to ask.

"They were trying to catch up to me and ask me out but I thought: 'Why bother with them when I could go out with my Dai-chan~" he said cheekily. "Buuuut, if you'd rather do something else then I wouldn't mind."

Daisuke numbly shook his head. "Nnnnoo, I'd rather not do anything else..." he replied.

Furukawa smiled at him. "So you're just going to spend the rest of our break oogling me?" he teased. "Want me to step back to give you a better view?"

Daisuke shut his eyes. 'Can't we wait until later so I can do you in bed?!' Daisuke demanded in his head, shaking away the thoughts he was having.

Furukawa chuckled as he read Daisuke and gently nuzzled his arm. "Dai-chan~" he said to call his attention before promptly pulling him down for a heated kiss smack in the middle of the crowd of students.

"Wow...go Furukawa~" Kimeru said with a grin as he spotted the two.

At another end of the field, Takigawa shook his head, smacking his forehead to his palm. "Mattaku..." he muttered to himself. 'The things the seductive Furukawa Yuuta is capable of...' he thought grimly.

Kimeru chuckled. "Makes things more interesting," he said. "Besides, he has Daisuke wrapped around his little finger." The vocalist paused before frowning. "Which is a disadvantage for us later in the games!" he said in realization.

"What disadvantage?" Shirota asked, casually passing by as he headed back to his classmates when he stopped and turned his attention momentarily to Kimeru.

"Daisuke is the disadvantage if he gets distracted by Furukawa Yuuta!" Kimeru exclaimed with a little flail. "I think I should get him those things for horses..."

"You mean those blinders?" Shirota asked with a chuckle. "Good luck with that then," he said, turning to Daisuke with a chuckle. "And good luck with your game Kimeru-senpai~" he added. "I'll go and look for Hiroki now." With that, the Student Council Secretary bolted off in search of his boyfriend.

Looking at his classmate in contemplation, the vocalist stroked his chin while pouting. "Maybe I should get you blinders...then again that'd be to our disadvantage if Furukawa is pitching...or if you would be pitching and he'd be a batter...but then again..." he mumbled on in thought.

A little while later, Furukawa had finally pulled away from Daisuke and headed off for a snack before he bumped into Aiba and mutually decided to have themselves some Takoyaki. The first game between section 2-4 and 3-5 finally ended with a score of 4-6 in favor of the seniors.

"Will teams of sections 2-3 and 1-4 please proceed to the field!" a teacher announced.

Kimeru blinked and looked up at the speakers. "Is that us?" he asked after being in a momentary sort of daze after eating some cotton candy.

Sota, who had come from a short meeting with the rest of their class, pulled Daisuke and now Kimeru to the field. "Yes it is. Now let's go and do this!" he said cheerfully.

"Don't get distracted!" Nagayan reminded them with a grin.

"Oh relax, they're first years..." Kimeru commented. "If anything they're the one's who're going to be distracted, " he assured Sota as he rolled up his sleeves. "We'll show them why we were feared when it came to this sport."

Nagayan shook his head. "It's not the opponent I'm worried about, Kime," he admitted before pointing over to Furukawa, who Daisuke was constantly shaking his head and turning away from.

Following Daisuke's gaze, the vocalist frowned upon spotting Furukawa in his drool-worthy glory. "Yeaaaaah...that could be a problem," he admitted before bringing up a hand to stroke his chin while thinking. "Aha! I think I have the perfect solution!" he said as he fisted his palm and punched the air. "Wait right here and make sure Daisuke keeps his eyes on Yuuta," he said evilly before running off into the crowd. A few moments later, he brought the captain of the opposing freshman team near Furukawa and seemingly introduced them.

The freshman was quite tall, taller than Furukawa and that was saying something. Effortlessly, the freshman placed a hand beside Furukawa's head while conversing with him.

"I sense man slaughter coming..." Aiba observed as he watched the scene from the safety of the bleachers.

After a flirtatious wink towards Furukawa, the team captain of the freshman team walked away to rejoin his team.

Both Furukawa and Kimeru, at this point, looked at Daisuke to look at his reaction.

Twitching uncontrollably, Daisuke shook off his daze and punched his baseball glove. "Yosh!" he cried, turning to the rest of his classmates who grinned at his reaction. "We've got freshmen to fry!"

Shirota, at this point, chuckled. "Suddenly I feel almost sorry for them," he said, pertaining to the opposing team.

"Yosh that did the trick~" Kimeru cheered before nodding at Furukawa.

"I'm sure you guys will win now...besides, if you don't I might end up dating that freshman tonight," Furukawa warned.

"Of course we'll win!" Kimeru told him with a frown, "Off I go~" he said before running off to the field.

"That was a sly trick Kimeru-senpai pulled," Shirota observed as he sat down on the benches. "If it's enough to get Watanabe-senpai focused on the game, then this will prove to be an interesting game~"

Aiba nodded. "I think it was enough to get Watanabe-senpai's attention. I really pity the class...I bet that their captain might end up with an injury after this game," he said as he looked at the bleachers. "Agh..He just winked at Furukawa-senpai again."

"He must have had a crush on Furukawa-senpai," Shirota observed as they watched the game. "Watanabe-senpai would surely be running after him for even flirting with Furukawa-senpai before he complains to Kimeru-senpai."

"Honestly I'd like to see Watanabe-senpai do something during the game. After all he has a reputation for injuring a senior last year during this sport-oh look it's his turn at the bat and that tall guy is pitching," Aiba pointed out and pulled his camera at the ready. "I can't afford to miss this one."

"I think Watanabe-senpai doesn't even realize he has that kind of reputation," Shirota remarked.

"So that means this place will be a bloody battle field soon?" Takuya said enthusiastically as he appeared behind the two. "Did you hear that Kazuki? Did you? Did you?" he asked.

"Don't take those things so seriously," Kazuki stated with a frown, glancing in concern at Takuya. "Sometimes I think you take in a lot of things too quickly," he added.

"What's wrong about that?" Takumi added, slipping in alongside his fellow Drama club member.

In the field, the pitcher of the opposing team eyed Daisuke for a while, 'So...he's that guy,' he thought with a grin. 'Let's see you handle this one,' he said in his mind before pitching a fast ball.

Daisuke narrowed his eyes and gripped on the bat before he planted his front foot into the sand and took a swing.


The freshman, Kurosaki Toshihiko, smirked as he pulled out another ball. "I'm going to strike you out of this game Watanabe Daisuke," he muttered. "And not just this game..."

'So if we win, you'll go out with me?' Kurosaki asked as he leaned over Furukawa who lazily smiled at him.

"If you can somehow pull it off..." the junior answered.

With a confident smirk, he pitched again.

"You're going to eat your words Kurosaki," Daisuke vowed as he swung hard, the bat connecting with the ball and sent it far outfield.

"A hit!" Shirota exclaimed, jumping to his feet.

"Catch it you twits!" Kurosaki barked to his teammates who epically failed at catching the ball. "There's still hope, the game isn't over yet," he said with a frown as he turned his attention to the next batter.

"You know, this sort of makes me wonder why Furukawa-senpai managed to evade the popularity poll," Aiba said with a pout.

"Oh, that's because Watanabe-kun threatened everyone within a mile radius that if he gets added there's hell to pay~" Yagami told him from behind.

"Well, there's that and Furukawa secretly scored a 3rd place finish," Shirota offered with a chuckle.

"But we knew better about adding him to the official list," Takigawa added.

"Things would be that chaotic if he was included?" Aiba asked with a frown.

"Mm. Never underestimate the wrath of Watanabe Daisuke, we always say," Yagami told him with a chuckle.

"That's why Furukawa has his own air of popularity that the entire school secretly acknowledges. In the same manner, everyone knows to keep well away from him lest they want one Watanabe Daisuke hounding them with a baseball bat," Takigawa explained simply.

Daisuke sneezed as he reached all the way to third base, rubbing his nose as he looked around.

"Ah yabbe, he's on to us!" Shirota cried when he noticed said second year looking towards their group.

"Oh don't worry too much," Kimeru said with a grin as he waved at his fellow band club member.

Daisuke slowly waved back before concentrating on the game.

"Daisuke, run!" Takiguchi reminded him as soon as Seto hit the ball.

"He wasn't distracted just now, was he?" Shirota asked hopefully.

"If he was he wouldn't be sliding into home base," Takigawa countered smoothly, pointing over to said second year who did just that, causing a small dust cloud to form.

"Safe!" the umpire called out, earning 2-3 a run.

"That's gotta be a blow on someone's pride," Aiba said with a chuckle as he spotted Daisuke's in-game rival glaring hard at him.

"He's just an unfortunate freshman who just had to provoke Watanabe-senpai~" Shirota pointed out with a snicker.

"By the way... Kime, aren't you supposed to be joining your class?" Takigawa asked the vocalist, furrowing his brows.

"Oh please...like they'd want me out there hitting and running," Kimeru said with a snort. "I don't do well in sports, remember?" he reminded.

"Kime! Hurry up, it's almost your turn at bat!" Daisuke called out to the vocalist.

Takigawa rolled his eyes. "Riiight, and when you played against me with my sprain you call yourself bad at sports?" he countered.

"Yup~" Kime answered happily before jogging towards the field. "Keep your pants on Daisuke, I'm coming!"

Watching as Kimeru went to join his classmates, Takigawa eased back on the bench. "I'm not sure if he's just good when distracted or is just good and doesn't want to admit it," he reasoned out.

"Well, there's a way to confirm that, isn't there?" Shirota asked with a grin, causing the Vice-President to turn to the freshman and raised his eyebrow in curiosity.

"And how would that happen?"

Kime marched up to the field to take his turn to bat.

"Gambatte!" Furukawa called out to him before chuckling.

The freshman, which was Daisuke's rival for the day, eyed the singer for a while before grinning. "Nice shorts, senpai," he commented loudly.

"Oh just pitch already," Kimeru answered boredly.

"Ne Takigawa-senpai, don't you think you'd get distracted by those?" Shirota asked curiously from the bleachers.

Instead of replying, said upperclassman found himself staring at his boyfriend.

Not one to overlook this, Shirota chuckled. "Kime-senpai, you got Takigawa-senpai gawking at you!" he chimed.

"What?" Kimeru asked as he randomly swung during the course of him looking up at the bleachers to where Shirota was.

"It's a home run, ladies and gentlemen!" the announcer called out.

"Haaaa?" Kimeru said in shock.

"What are you staring at? Run Kime!" Daisuke bellowed over to the vocalist.

Shirota merely grinned. "Oh look, it worked~"

Takigawa shook his head and turned to the freshman. "Omae..."

"Maa maa, at least this way the games become a bit more enjoyable, ne?" Shirota intoned with a chuckle.

"I'd rather walk, thank you," Kimeru yelled back.

"RUN!" the rest of his classmates yelled angrily.

Huffing, Kimeru did as he was told. "One day...I'll get you all on your knees worshiping me..." he muttered darkly.

It wasn't long before Kimeru's section won their game with a score of 8 to 5, leaving a very peeved Kurosaki stomping off the field, Daisuke running off to Furukawa, claiming what was his.

"Will the teams of sections 3-2 and 1-1 please proceed to the field!" a teacher announced.

"Okay, our turn~" Shirota chimed, getting to his feet.

"But I'm no good in baseball! This is why I took on photographyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" Aiba yelled as his friends dragged him away to the field.

"I'll cover for you puri!" Nakagauchi yelled from the stands.

"I highly doubt we'll win anyway," Shirota said playfully. "Not when we're playing against him," he chided, pointing over to JURI, one of the star members of the varsity baseball team.

"Who's he?" Takuya asked curiously.

"I almost forgot that you just transferred," Aiba said as he looked at Juri. "That's the star of the varsity baseball team," he explained.

"Well, the best we can do is give our best while trying!" Zukki said enthusiastically. "Let's go team!"


The game kicked off rather smoothly. Unlike the previous game, there wasn't a rivalry that went on, but a game that wasn't as one-sided as it was originally foreseen.

Coming into the 5th inning, the score was close with a score of 3-5 in the seniors' favor.

"Wow...we really suck for one reason or another," Takuya said as he flopped down on the bench. "And we can't even blame Aiba-kun," he said teasingly.

Aiba, who had half collapsed on the bench beside him, waved a hand. "It's hopeless," he muttered.

"No we don't! We can still catch up!" Shirota consoled his classmates. "We still have 5 more innings to play!"

"Well whatever the case may be we'll just have to give it our all," Endo put in with a shrug.

"Yuuyan's right!" Shirota agreed.

Somewhat fired by this, the game continued, but ultimately fell short as the freshman section lost by 3 runs to Juri's class with a final score of 7-10.

"Nice try Shirotan," Takigawa consoled, moving up to him, patting him on the shoulder.

"We could have won you know!" Shirota insisted.

"Hai hai. Now go and get some rest. Our turn to play," Takigawa chided cheekily as the announcement of the match-up of 3-4 against 2-1 was made.

"I'm sorry everyone but I seemed to have misplaced my pants..." Furukawa said with a smile as he joined his classmates. "Oh...Takigawa-kun's too," he added.

Takigawa, who was already wearing his basketball shorts in compensation for the lost pants, sighed. "And I wonder to myself why you had them in the first place..." he muttered.

"I can plaintively see the distraction arising already," Toru noted, glancing at the two. "And I don't mean just for the opposing team."

"It's a nice way to get the audience cheering," Furukawa said with a smile as he looked around. "Shall we all start the game?" he asked pleasantly.

"Might as well," Takigawa said with a shrug before he and the rest of his classmates who were participating went out onto the field to face off against the seniors, some of which were turning heads to the resident Student Council Vice President and Furukawa.

"I see cameras being pulled out," Aiba said thoughtfully as he looked around.

Kimeru frowned deeply at this and ran out of the venue, only to come back a few minutes later. "Here..." he told Takigawa as he placed a sign on him that said "Kimeru's property!"

Shirota burst out laughing. "Now that makes everything laid in stone. Especially in front of the teachers," he noted, chancing a glance over to their principal.

Takigawa glanced down at the sign. "And how exactly am I supposed to play properly with this on?" he asked his boyfriend pointedly.

"Hmmm.." Kimeru thought for a while before chucking the sign away and handed Takigawa a shirt. "I was saving this for the basketball game against the teachers but this works fine too," he told him flatly.

Takigawa blinked as he stared at the shirt before shrugging and putting it on... not at all minding that he had just changed shirts in the viewing pleasure of everyone who had their eyes on him. Once he pulled the shirt on however, a few of them promptly stepped back upon reading what exactly was written on the back of the shirt he was now currently wearing.

"Way to make a statement Kimeru-senpai," Shirota teased with a chuckle.

"Can I get back to the game now?" Takigawa asked.

"Hai~" Kimeru said in satisfaction before walking out of the field.

"Ladies and gentlemen, now they are officially off the singles list!" Nakagauchi announced through a loud speaker.

"I think people knew that without Kimeru-senpai having to go through all that trouble," Shirota observed.

"If the buddy system didn't make it obvious then this act sure did," Daisuke muttered in protest from the bleachers.

"Why don't you do something too Watanabe-senpai?" Aiba asked. "Something to keep the others away from Furukawa-senpai perhaps?"

Frowning, Daisuke glanced over to Aiba. "Why should I do that?" he challenged.

Aiba languidly looked over behind them and gestured to some students who were cheering for Furukawa.

"They even have a 'Yuuta be mine' banner."

"Uh oh..." Sota muttered when he glanced back over to Daisuke. "Someone wouldn't appreciate that..." he realized.

"Hey! You guys with the banner!" Shirota called out. "Better run else you face the wrath of Watanabe Daisuke!" he warned.

"Who the hell is Watanabe Daisuke?" One of the students answered.

Aiba grinned at the opportunity and readied his camera.

"For someone who doesn't know who he is... they're dead," Toru noted from the dugout, hearing this remark and smirked as the school band's drummer came running towards the group with the banner.

"Relinquish that banner! NOW!" Daisuke hollered over to the group of seniors.

"Watanabe Daisuke. A boy who knows no bounds," Sota noted with a nod.

"Watanabe Daisuke...has a seat reserved for him in detention," Furukawa said with a sigh as he watched his boyfriend take the banner as the seniors ran away.

"I am soooooo putting this up for sale," Nakagauchi said happily as he filmed.

"I think the teachers are finding his actions a big favor though," Toru observed, glancing over to the bleachers as he noticed Ueshima calmly explaining the situation to the principal who sat back down with a firm nod.

"Less distractions the better I say," Tuti said as he saw this from the dugout, returning his attention to the game. "Let's go Takigawa-kun!" he cheered.

"Ganbatte!" Aiba called to the seniors.

Takigawa moved up to the plate to bat, much to the cheers of the crowd.

"I guess Takigawa-senpai's his own kind of famous... even when he's taken," Shirota noted.

"Better than silence, I always say," Aiba said as he took some shots. "I mean it's natural isn't it? For people to like Takigawa-senpai," he pointed out. "He's with the student council, he's a basketball varsity member and he's really hot."

"News flash, Aiba has a small crush on Takigawa, puri~" Nakagauchi snickered.

"I wouldn't have guessed," Endo accused, glancing over to the photographer.

"Then be thankful Kimeru-senpai didn't hear you prattle on like that," Shirota told his boyfriend.

"He wouldn't do anything since he knows I'm pretty much content with Yuu," Aiba said as he snapped another picture of the going ons down at the playfield.

The current game between 3-4 and 2-1 ended with the victory of the juniors. More games followed and took up most of the day until section 3-2, headed by the baseball club's star JURI, took the championship.

The members of the Student Council met up after the tournament for some last minute remarks for Friday's schedule of events.

"So that's 12 medals for 2-1, 15 medals for 1-1 and 11 medals for 3-2," Takigawa listed, consulting a clipboard.

"Don't feel so down Moriyama-senpai~" Shirota chided to the Student Council President.

"I knew we wouldn't stand a chance against JURI..." Moriyama mumbled, sighing.

"You shouldn't think about it too much. Shirotan and I are varsity members in th respective sports we won in so it's nothing to be jealous over," Takigawa consoled. "...It was just a coincidence that we were part of the Student council as well."

"That's right!" Shirota agreed.

Moriyama nodded. "Thanks. And congratulations are in order but rewarding them will have to wait for Friday. I'll go get the orders for the medal and stuff tonight so they make it in time. Until then enjoy yourselves at the pool party tomorrow~"

"How do you know about that?" Shirota asked before promptly being thwapped by the vice president.

"His interpol of information is unmatched remember?" Takigawa reminded him.

"Oh yeah..."

After bidding each other farewell and going their separate ways, Takigawa and Shirota went to meet with their boyfriends who were waiting for them by the school gates.


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