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Summary: The past has a way of creeping up on everyone, and it all comes back to strike at the world of Beyblading.

It was any normal day at the park, especially in Japan. The sun was shining, and kids were cheerfully enjoying their beyblade. Although, not everyone was enjoying training with a beyblade with someone breathing down their neck.

That boy was Takao Kinomiya. He grew a few inches, being 5'5", and was now fifteen years old. Sure, he enjoyed beyblading with a passion, but ever since his brother decided to come back from his world tour, he was put through "hell" by Hitoshi's so called training. The once cheerful dark bluenette hadn't seen his old friends for a year now, and he missed them like crazy. 'Guys…I need you.' He thought, pulling the ripcord really hard. It was the 200th time Hitoshi wanted him to do some ripcord exercise to launch his beyblade.

Hitoshi gazed down at his watch, sighing slightly. "You're improving, but you need to be faster Takao." He said.

Takao gazed at his older brother, who had blue hair like him, but in a lighter shade. "Bro, can't we take a break? We've been training since five in the morning."

Hitoshi raised an eyebrow, scowling slightly. "You need to train little brother. Your battle with Brooklyn was only a tip of the iceberg. Others are training, and someday a strong blader will take you down. Your teammates Max and Kai are training harder than you. And that Rei character is starting to get stronger than you."

Takao felt insulted by this, clenching his hands into fists and his bangs covered the anger in his eyes. 'How dare he say Rei is a character?' The champion thought. He always held his friends close, but the one that was always there for him was Rei.

When he first made the neko-jin, they were instant best friends. He defended Rei from his former teammates, teased Rei playfully when he got that autograph from Cathy Gloria, and held Rei's hand when he took a beating from Bryan. Also that year ago, Rei helped him through everything in the tag-team tournament, where he thought the Chinese blader deserted him. Out of all the bladers Rei was the closest person to him. It was as if he knew Takao inside and out, and knew what made the bluenette tick.

The younger Kinomiya was about to lash out, but that action was put on hold when he heard a motorcycle roar its way into the parking lot. The Harley Davidson motorcycle was parked, right in front of the two bluenettes. The rider took off his helmet, revealing a boy two years older than Takao, but Hitoshi was two years older than this boy. As the biker took off his helmet, he was revealed to have short raven black hair, midnight blue eyes that matched the color of Takao's hair, a strong and toned physique like the elder Kinomiya, and stood about 5'8". He wore a black leather jacket with zippers both on the sleeves, chest, and sides, a dark gray shirt with long sleeves and a red dragon symbol imprinted on it, baggy blue denim jeans, black sneakers with white markings and red trimming, and red gloves with black markings. His gaze was on Hitoshi, a smile forming onto his face. "Hitoshi, long time no see."

Hitoshi tried to place the face, and smiled warily as he remembered this raven haired teen. "Adam, I see the "after life" gave you a make over."

The raven haired teen chuckled, since the older man was referring to his age. "Well, I guess five years off the grid will make people suddenly remember you."

Takao smiled slightly as well, having it hit him that Adam was Hitoshi's old friend and rival, back when the two were very young. "I hope your update with the 21st century and not stuff in the 90's." Takao joked.

Adam turned his gaze, instantly recognizing the red, white, and blue baseball cap on the bluenette. He rushed over to Takao, putting the champ in a headlock and gave him a noogie of what hair the younger blader had in front. "Is that you Takao?! Man, you've must have grown a few inches while I was out of Japan!" He laughed, letting the now dizzy boy out of his grasp. "And don't worry I watched your Beyblade matches on TV. Your definitely strong like your brother."

Takao shook his head, fixing his hair and returned the gratitude with a grin. However, the last sentence stung him, making him think what his brother had become. "Yeah, big bro here has taught me everything he knows." He said as his gaze back is back on Hitoshi. 'What happened to you Hitoshi? You use to be so laid-back, cool, and awesome…Now you're just a drill-sergeant from hell.' He thought.

"Anyway, Takao and I are going back to training." Hitoshi informed his old friend, his eyes turning to his younger brother.

"But Hitoshi-" Takao was about to argue, but just one glare from his brother shut him up.

"World champions don't whine Takao! They train hard and take no nonsense. As your coach, we're gonna-" Hitoshi stopped when Adam placed a hand on his shoulder. "What is it Adam?" He asked in his stone stern and narrowed his red eyes at him.

Adam in turn narrowed his eyes back. He had never seen Hitoshi act this way. Back in the day, the younger Asian-American was the one calling the shots. Now it felt like too much of him rubbed off on Hitoshi. Well, not a whole lot, but Adam treated Hitoshi as an equal and friend. He didn't want his best friend to make some reckless mistakes and get in trouble. "Hitoshi, I think you should stop with the 'coach from hell' tone. Takao's your little brother, your family, and treating him like a tool is going to put a good distance between you and him."

Hitoshi shoved Adam's hand off his shoulder, his eyes connecting with his former teammate. "Look Adam, if you have a problem with the way I train my brother, than stay out of it."

"Than I'm gonna say it." Adam said, not getting into Hitoshi's face, but he wasn't going to let the bluenette push or strike his own little brother. "You're no better than Boris with the way he treated everyone around him. The Hitoshi Kinomiya I knew would never, ever side with a psychopath. He had morals, all he cared about was having fun in the sport of Beyblading, and treated everyone as equals. All I see is someone that is in my best friend's skin, and he's not the best friend I grew up with." He said what was on his mind to the older man. "Also, you're no longer Takao's coach. I'm taking him under my wing, and train him like the way you and I use to."

Takao was shocked, seeing someone who stood up to the older and toughest coach in the world of Beyblade. He walked Adam walk off, but stopped next to his side. "Adam…" His voice trailed off.

"Takao, you need a break. How about you show me around town? See what I've missed." Adam suggested.

"…Sure." Takao nodded, smiling slightly and walked off with the older boy. "I thought you would've socked Hitoshi. Mostly everyone wants to." He muttered.

Adam shook his head, his midnight blue eyes on the younger Kinomiya and smiled at him. "There's a part of me that does want to knock some sense into his thick skull. However, he's the only friend I ever had when I first moved to Japan. And I thank him for his compassion and kindness."

Hitoshi watched Adam and Takao hope on the motorcycle, watching them leave the park. Once they were out of sight, he gazed at the sky and growled lowly. 'Damn it, I should've calculated that no one would see me on TV a year ago…I guess I WAS wrong, which I hate to admit to myself.' He thought to himself, and a smirk formed on his handsome face. 'Still, after my years of planning, it's time I put my plan into action.' He pulled out his cell phone, flipping the top open and dialed a few numbers. "It's me… Put the plan into motion." He instructed.

Adam and Takao stopped at the dojo, simply for Takao to get out of his training clothes from his workout with Hitoshi. The young bluenette hopped off, running to the steps to take off his shoes before entering. He saw a note for him when he entered his bedroom, obviously from grandpa. Takao read it, sweatdropping when Grandpa would be out on vacation to visit his 'peeps' in Europe. 'Oh Grandpa, you and trying to be young…Still, as long as I'm hanging with my friends, might as well ask if they want to stay.' He thought.

The bluenette quickly whipped off his sweaty clothes, and took out his new attire. He placed on a red hooded sweatshirt with white trimming and a blue stripe that was horizontal in the middle, blue fingerless gloves, light blue cargo jeans, and placed his trademark baseball cap back on. Just to check over himself, he walked over to a mirror to adjust his hat sHe soon ran out of the house, hopping on the back of Adam's motorcycle again. "Okay Adam, let's roll to the arcade!" The fifteen year old exclaimed with his trademark grin.

Adam gazed at the younger youth, smiling at him. "Hang on tight little man." He said, starting up the engine and sped off.

Soon the two reached the arcade, as Adam parked his motorcycle on the sidewalk, and the two proceeded into the building. The bluenette's chocolate brown eyes spotted two familiar teammates.

Max had grown to be an inch, estimated to be 5'4". He wore a jungle green jersey with long sleeves, orange trimming and black markings, green fingerless gloves, baggy orange cargo pants, and dark green sneakers with orange yellow green trimming.

Rei had also grown, like he was 5'6" now. He wore the usual white sleeveless Chinese tunic, but this time there was red and blue trimming and a white tiger symbol imprinted on the back, black pants with golden designs and trimming, red sash around his waist the same red headband with the Ying and Ying symbol around his forehead, his hair in a ponytail without the wrappings, white tape that covered his hands up to his forearms, and red Chinese shoes.

Takao instantly smiled when he saw them, but most particularly the raven haired neko-jin. "Hey guys, guess whose back in town!" He called out to his friends.

Max turned his gaze from the screen, his ocean blue eyes lighting up like a Christmas tree. "Takao!" He exclaimed, not having seen his friend for a year now.

Rei's golden amber eyes gazed at Takao, smiling with excitement as well. He saw Takao rush over, embracing him in a tight hug. "Takao!" He laughed, not expecting the champion blader to show such affection. His mind started racing that this embrace was different, but he hugged his teammate back with a hug of his own.

"I missed you so much Rei." Takao said softly, his brown eyes meeting with those amber jewels, and he showed that he was sincere.

Max chuckled, placing his hands on both his teammate's shoulders. "Now now, you two can save that for the bedroom." He teased, laughing slightly.

Takao made a comical anime face, slowly breaking the embrace and smiled at his friends. "Nice to see you too Max. Anyway, where's Daichi? He's usually around you."

The blonde frowned slightly, wondering how Takao would handle the news. "Daichi left the team to be a referee." He answered.

Rei sighed heavily, knowing he missed the little red-head's outspoken personality and enthusiasm. "Yes, I was a powerful asset to the team. Still, the fact that he's a referee-in-training, we'll see him around the tournaments."

Takao's face saddened, thinking he missed out on a lot. He wondered what else he missed on. "Too bad… I wanted to practice with him again." He muttered softly, and remembered that Adam was still here. "Anyway, I want you guys to meet someone." He said, taking both his teammates hands and dragging them as they all laughed.

Adam was busy walking around the arcade, remembering how he and Hitoshi use to have a lot of fun. He stopped at a spot, remembering there used to be a Street Fighter II game here, and chuckled at the memory. Hitoshi would comically defeat him using Ken, while the younger boy used Guile. 'Oh Hitoshi, you always brought out the best in everything… Now I question our friendship. Are we still friends? Will anyone remember besides me knew what happened five years ago at the New Millennium Tournament?' He wondered, his thoughts interrupted when he heard Takao's cheerful voice. He turned around, laughing shortly with the way Takao was dragging his teammates. "I see those are your… Teammates?" He stopped suddenly, instantly recognizing Max.

Max met with Adam's gaze, his face turned to surprise. "Adam?" He said, his voice steady.

Takao looked confused, wondering how his blonde teammate knew Adam as well. "Hey Max, how do you two know each other?" He asked.

Adam's midnight blue eyes gazed at Max, looking at the blonde seriously. 'Max…' His thoughts drifted off, placing his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.

Rei felt this was going to get awkward, and cleared his throat. He would ask later when things were on better circumstances. "Takao, I'm sure you wanted to introduce us to your friend here." He said, gazing at the Asian-American.

Adam brought his hand out and smiled. "My name is Adam Banks." He introduced himself. "I use to live in Japan five years ago before moving out. Now I'm back, and plan on staying here for a good long time.

Rei took Adam's hand, shaking it and smiled back. "My name is Rei Kon. I'm curious, how do you know Takao?" He asked. If Takao saw the good in any person, he wanted to have faith in that individual as well.

"Well, when I moved to Japan when I was nine years old, my mother made arrangements and the place she was getting didn't work out so well. So I'm walking into town, I bump into Takao's older brother Hitoshi. He convinced Grandpa to let us stay, under the condition I learn his kendo practice." Adam explained, chuckling at the memory of a young Hitoshi and Takao being embarrassed that their nutjob Grandpa teach people who walked in his kendo fighting style. "So we moved, and I developed a good friendship with Hitoshi. It was kind of rocky, due to me being more by the rules, while he was… Dare I say it, more like Takao." He said, shaking his head while laughing briefly. "We were also teammates on a team called the Brave Bladers. Before we became a team, he found out I was a two time Beyblade champion in the America region, and he became the new champion in 1997. I wasn't sore about it, but it motivated me to be a stronger blader."

Rei's body tensed slightly, hearing Adam tell his story involve Hitoshi. He didn't tell Takao, but he faced the older Kinomiya that day Jin invited his little brother to a challenge. Ever since he faced him as Shippu no Jin, and the older blader called him worthless, he knew there was something he didn't like about him. Now here was this older teenager, who he called Hitoshi a friend, teammate, and rival, made him wonder how Adam would react to the Chinese blader's personal feelings about the strict coach.

"Adam, I have to know something? Did Hitoshi always have a stick up his ass when he was with you and your teammates?" The neko-jin asked.

Adam focused on Rei, sighing heavily. He knew Rei probably hated Hitoshi, and he couldn't blame him. "No, Hitoshi was always more like Takao." He answered. "Although, I stopped to see Chairman Daitenji, and ask him where I could find Hitoshi. So I rode my motorcycle to the park, found Hitoshi and Takao practicing, and… I noticed that Hitoshi had changed. I know he's not the same, but I owe him for being the one to reach out to me and being my best friend. I understand if you don't like Hitoshi's way of doing things, and I don't either… But I can't ignore the fact that I owe him a debt."

Rei looked into Adam's eyes, and saw that they were clear. He really did trust Hitoshi, but disagreed with how he handled Takao. "I will respect your opinion… For now." He said.

Takao felt that Rei held a grudge against his brother, and remembered secretly reading in one of Hitoshi's journals while he was out, that he faced Rei that night where his older brother left a card for him a year ago. "Anyway, I was wondering Adam, do you still beyblade?" He asked to lighten the tension.

Adam thought for a moment. He pulled out his beyblade and launcher from inside his black leather jacket. "I practice on some occasions. I'm not the same beyblader who practiced religiously though." He warned. He stopped beyblading when he was 12 years old, and feeling a part of him died that day when Hitoshi went underground.

Max checked out Adam's beyblade, it was black with red markings, and had dragon designs. Plus the bitchip held a vicious black demonic dragon, with hardened armor skin, red spikes, silver claws and talons, black and red wings, and red eyes. "No offense Adam, as cool as your beyblade looks, your Aster needs a major update." He pointed out.

Takao gazed at what Max was talking about. He looked at the beyblade carefully, seeing the parts were from the 90's. They were rare, but very out of fashion. And then an idea dawned on him. "How about this, our friend Kyouju will upgrade Aster, but we'll also let you join the team as well."

"He has to prove himself first." A familiar gruff and tough voice said, causing the bladers to turn around, seeing a fifteen year old leaning against one of the arcade machines, with his arms crossed. A familiar blader with two-tone blue hair, appeared, stand about 5'7". He wore his white scarf around his neck, a black muscle shirt with red trimming and yellow buttons to both sides, a red phoenix imprinted on the back, baggy deep purple cargo pants, black fingerless gloves with metal wrist cuffs, and black leather boots with silver trimming.

Adam had his gaze on Kai, smiling slightly and saluted the other blader. "Kai, long time no see." He spoke.

Takao was now in complete shock, turning his gaze to Kai. "Kai, you know Adam?!" He exclaimed in surprise.

Kai opened his eye lids, his crimson orbs gazing at his blue haired rival, and smirked. 'They might as well know the truth. After all, how many secrets of my past they haven't heard?' He thought. "Yes… Adam Banks, use to be my coach since I was eight years old." He said.

Phew! That was a good chapter I wrote ^^ I have gotten back into Beyblade, watching the old episodes in Japanese though. It is so much deeper than the English dub, and I preferred to have it set in the Japanese version as well. So if anyone reads this story, please give feedback. I'll update as much as I can, and hope readers enjoy it.