Let's Play Ball

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"Hey Maxi." Justin called out. "You ready to go?" "Yep." "Where you guys going?" Jerry asked. "We're going to play ball." Max responded. "Don't stay out to long." Teresa called out, like any mother

worrying about her son's. If she only knew. Alex smiled like she knew exactly what her mother needed to know about. "Have fun." Alex called out. "Thanks sis." They both said in union.

Justin and max weren't going to a park. They warped themselves into a snow globe of central park. Justin set down all the baseball equipment. He put his arms on his little brother's shoulders and

asked. "You ready?" "You bet." He responded. Justin pulled max into a passionate kiss. Their tongues explored each other's mouths. They pulled out for air and max breathed. "I love magic." Their

mouths met one more time then broke apart long enough to get both their shirts over their heads. Their mouths met again. Justin ran his fingers through max's hair while max caressed Justin's pecks

and squeezed his hard nipples. Justin moved his mouth to max's neck and began to nip and kiss it. Max traced Justin's erection under his jeans. Justin thrust his head up at max's touch and moaned.

"You like that?" Max asked seductively. Justin groaned. Max traced his finger up to Justin's fly and unzipped it. He stuck his hand in it and unbuttoned Justin's boxers. Max began to squeeze Justin's

hard member. Justin gasped at max's cold touch. "Oh." He moaned. Max began to stroke the shaft with his thumb. Justin continued to moan in pleasure as max continued to squeeze his cock. "I'm

gona, I'm gona cum." Justin said, out of breath. Max met Justin's lips before he could let another moan escape. The max kissed down Justin's jaw line and planted a kiss on each of his pecks. Max got

on his knees and took out Justin's hard cock. He traced the plectrum on his closed lips. He stuck out his tongue and tickled the plectrum. Finally Justin came covering max's hand and face with cum.

Justin's knees buckled but he didn't fall. Max began to suck his cum covered finger. The he shoved one of those fingers in Justin's mouth. Justin licked his lips at the taste of his own cum. "Maxi, your

dirty. Let me clean you up." Justin began to kiss and lick max's face. After max's face was all clean, Justin instructed max to take of his pants and get on all fours. Justin walked over to their baseball

equipment which wasn't all for show. Justin took out a baseball bat and asked max. "You ready?" "You bet." He responded. Justin covered the handle with lube and griped the thick side. He thrust the

handle in to max's asshole. Max moaned loudly as Justin fucked him with the bat. "Oh Justin." Max moaned. "Fuck me harder." Justin did as max asked. As he did, max began to moan louder. "Fuck

Justin!" Max cried as Justin hit his g-spot with the bat. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" He cried. "GOD JUSTIN! FUCK ME HARDER! FASTER!" Justin smiled and did what his lover instructed. "OHHHHHHHHHH

JUSTIN!" Max shrieked as he was sent over the edge in bliss. Max began to spasm. Max was close to cuming and Justin saw this. He stopped fucking his little brother and laid down in a position where

his head was underneath max's dick and he could still fuck him with the bat. Justin used one hand to grope max's erection while the other fucked him with the bat. Max finally shot his load all over

Justin's face and in his mouth. Justin let go of the bat and moved up so his lips could met max's. They shared the cum between them. Justin pulled the bat out of max's ass and they locked lips one

more time. "God, I love baseball." Max breathed. Justin laughed at his brother's joke and they met each other's lips one more time before dressing and going home holding each other's hand, both

anticipating tomorrow's game.