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It started out as a regular summer day. Meaning the young man with darkly shaded locks and vermillion eyes was toiling outside in a perfectly perfect garden as his family sat around and stuffed their faces with biscuits and lemonade. Hadrian hadn't been feeling well since the morning when he was woken by the insufferable screeching of his aunt. His neck ached and the burning sun sent pounding flashes through his skull. He had realized though that something other than his discomforting sudden illness had changed this summer. Strange things had starting happening on Little Whinging and eleven year old Hadrian was going to find out why. Immediately after his decision was when it happened, first a bang resounded down the street and then she came. She happened to be a finely dressed viscountess whose Bentley was ironically bent in on itself after she had distracted the driver en route to her destination of London. When Elizabeth stepped out the damaged car she spotted a young boy his eyes caught her attention the bright color, the glowing quality they seemed to take on, and the determined glint behind tiny broken lenses. Elizabeth decided it was time to return to society, and she would be coming back with a bang, starting with a new heir.

From that point on it was a whirlwind that grabbed the young Hadrian. He was scooped up and sold to the young lady, who had suddenly made an appearance in his life, as soon as the Dursley's heard the price she was offering. Now he was flying in some private plane with a pair of impeccably dressed elders, apparently the parents of the young woman. The older dignified man and woman cooed at and coddled him as they listened to a lawyer with Elizabeth, his supposed new mum, who presented them with documentation that he, Hadrian, was indeed her child through a marriage to a minor lord Charles who had died. Hadrian could not help but feel lost and confused. He had never known his parents and now someone claimed to know his father. She could not be telling the truth about this man Charles after all she was lying about being his mother. Hadrian knew he had been adopted from an orphanage by nice woman and man, the Potters. After their death he had been shoved off onto the remaining family. Now this woman was pretending to be his mother. He was so terribly confused.

Elizabeth watched her new son and heir as he contemplated the happenings. He truly did have the eyes of Charles. How long had it been since she had seen Charles? A lifetime ago. She decided she would have to tell the child at least part of the truth if her reentrance into the haute coutre was to be accepted with the flair of having a beautiful child and a romantic tale of a deceased husband and father to her child. Especially so the brilliant mind she could see in those eyes did not start blackmailing her with the truth that he clearly knew. It would have to be done tonight.

Time skip

Hadrian could not believe this lady, Elizabeth. His father apparently was some man who was a minor lord in the House of Lords, but had long lived in the States, and he must have abandoned him according to her. He felt sick, and the feeling of confusion and loss increased as his breathing shook the frail frame. Elizabeth saw her child beginning to panic and called frantically for the family physician. For some reason though this child was not her flesh and blood he had captured her completely. It seemed he had a talent for it with his slight and lithe body, mesmerizing eyes, and simply exquisite features. Hadrian was a beautifully lost and gorgeously lost bottecelli angel. Furthermore he was her angel now.

Hadrian woke to a silk bedspread and old finely crafted furniture around him. Amazing. Had he finally found a place where someone would take him in and bother to care? He sat there stunned by his thoughts when the ivory colored door with gold gilt and carved base board and decoration opened. A servant had opened the door for Elizabeth bowing her into the room.