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Elizabeth entered the room at a stately gait. As she saw Hadrian peering curiosly at her she smiled pleasantly. Walking up she ran her hands across the coverlet covering his small frame and began to speak. Your at the family estate she explained. These are now your rooms do not worry, now come there are several guests who have heard of our return and wish to greet you. Hadrian stared contemplating her and then asked why me? Did you love my biological father? I will not be a replacement. She smiled again and told him that he need not worry "you are everything you need to be do not tire yourself. After all high society is vain and a pretty face is suffucient with the correct lineage. You my son now have that lineage in the plenty."

Hadrian sat in the bed in the beautiful room and finally decided he would do everything to be the best. To be the one that caught everyones eye when they walked in the room. He would make them all love and obsess, they would follow and he would lead one step at a time. He quickly walked to the double doors ahead of the bed he had previously occupied only to find them opened by a man in black suit bowing him through the door. Curiously he softy asked who he was only to be answered with a low baritone that he was a manservant to help him dress and promptly Hadrian had a soft silky dress shirt and long pants pushed to his face. He smiled to himself and let the manservant slide the soft night shirt from his shoulders to be replaced with the silky dress shirt button up the front and the dress pants with the zipper along the side.

Are you alright young master asked alexander the manservant who had been helping Hadrian dress, as he had been surprisingly still and silent for an eleven year old. Hadrian sighed and replied just worried they won't like me. Alexander laughed at the soft response and simply stated you are far to important to offend now young master.

Hadrian soon found himself gliding down an impressive stairway as his mu-Elizabeth watched along with several finely dressed men and women with small impeccably dressed and uncomfortable looking children his age. Their stares made him feel important and underneath it slightly uncomfortable afterall he was only eleven. When he finally reached the ground floor Hadrian walked slowly over to his new grandparents and Elizabeth where he was patted on the shoulder and kissed on the cheek expertly if he did say so himself. Hadrian turned to the guest and simply greeted them with a "it is a pleasure to meet you, thank you for coming". Behind veiled expression he could see calculating minds sizing him up, but he assured himself that he could play the game of manipulation and win. He was going to make a bang! The guests greeted the family of Beaumont graciously and laughed at the gorgeous young man who seemed completely at home in this new environment of the haute couture. As the parents moved off to the tea room for chatter, political alliances, and buisness talk Hadrian was approached by a laughing eyed blond haired athlete. An athlete he must have been with the robust muscling he could see around his limbs even as a child. With an overly sweet smile Robert introduced himself as the scion to The House of Dubuc. Hecould see Robert was a leader of sorts in the children gathered and that he would be an important ally if not a possible friend.

Hadrian was ready to make a splash and here was the perfect opportunity with such a eventuality. Robert laughed and spoke with him, his eyes proud and firey but at the same time searching and admiring for the dignity and restraint that this untrained ann unaccustomed child had shown. It was a powerful alliance in the making. If it lasted.

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