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It could be said that the story Of Finn and Rory could be blamed on Rory's inquisitive, journalistic tendencies and Finn's mysterious charm. Really, it only took one conversation to really change everything.

"Have we met?" Green eyes sparkled merrily at amused blue ones. Finn had plopped down on the couch that Rory had been silently sitting on, a few inches of space separating them. Rory's lips twisted into an uncharacteristic mysterious smirk before she replied.

"Several times, Finnegan Damien Rothschild."

Finn's eyebrows rose and a short burst of shock passed behind his eyes before curiosity and playfulness emerged. Of course he knew that they had met on several occasions, he had watched her casually every time.

"Really? Care to refresh my memory, kitten?" He teased gently.

"I think you know very well when we've met, koala." Rory teased back, resisting the urge to laugh at Finn's gaping fish impersonation at her snarky nick name for him.

"Koala?" Finn sputtered out, not knowing whether to be offended or flattered that she had given him a pet name.

"Yes, koala. If you can call me kitten, or love or darling then I fully reserve the right to call you Kangaroo, koala or the one I'm saving for a really special occasion, wallaby." She dead-panned.

Finn collected himself quickly, if he had been interested in the reporter girl before, now he was sitting on the edge of his seat. Figuratively and literally.

"Well then, love, if you refuse to refresh my memory our previous encounters, how can I be sure you know me, or more importantly if I know you?" Finn wore a mock-puzzled expression on his handsome, tan face.

Rory smiled mysteriously once again, a look that made Finn squirm slightly in his relaxed pose.

"Oh, Finnegan darling, I know more about you than you'd think. Perhaps more than most. What you know about me, however, I really can't say. I think you'd be surprised at certain facts about me."

Finn smirked, hiding his swirling emotions at her admission to 'knowing' him. He took a gulp of his rum and coke before arching an eyebrow and questioning the brunette beauty before him.

"And what, pray tell, my angelic one would I be shocked to learn about you? Perhaps the drink in your hand is a cranberry and vodka and not the Shirley Temple I believe it is." Finn mocked.

Rory laughed a little at being caught with such a benign drink at a college party, a LDB event to boot.

"Nope, you caught me! It's a Shirley Temple alright!" She proceeded to fish out a cherry from her sweet drink and brought it to her lips. She sucked out a bit of the juice, and looked up at Finn through her lashes, enjoying the way his green eyes darkened. She licked her lips, gathering the left over juice and watched, fascinated as Finn mimicked her actions and darted his tongue out to wet his own full lips. She opened her mouth wider, biting the cherry from the stem slowly.

"Did you know I have a talent for hacking?" Rory asked, her tone light and innocent. It took Finn a moment to refocus on her words, directing his thoughts away from becoming that damn cherry. Holy hell, was it suddenly warm and confining in this room?

"Hacker?" Finn questioned weakly, happy his voice didn't crack like the middle-school boy he felt like at Rory's display.

"Yep. It's quite easy if you know what you're doing. It was especially easy to access Yale's records of its current students. It made for an interesting read." Rory kept her voice nonchalant as she glanced around the room, taking in the dancing couples, drunken stumbles and Finn's jaw dropping slightly.

"Isn't hacking illegal? Why would you risk getting in trouble just to look at school records?" Finn was incredulous.

"Its only illegal if you get caught, and I know how to cover my tracks." She smirked a little. "If there is one thing that I am sure about in life, it's that one day I'm going to be a writer. I'm majoring in journalism and that's what I want to do with the rest of my life if I can. I've been working on that goal for as long as I can remember and I try and be the best. Part of being the best is understanding what I'm writing about, and that usually takes a lot of research." Rory shared with the still surprised and slightly admiring Finn. He signaled her to continue so with a small sip of her drink she plowed on.

"Logan invited me to an LDB event- you know the one where we jumped off the platform? Well after going home I realized I still didn't know much about the group. I couldn't get any more info about the secret society itself, after all it's a secret, but I could get more insight into the members, even if I didn't use that information in my article. I wanted to get the make-up of the group so I could properly explain the group without exposing the secrets too drastically." Rory began to fear that her plan to tease and perhaps intrigue Finn enough to open up to her would backfire. What she did sounded like an invasion of privacy, and while it was, it was a minor one. She hadn't looked into much past GPA's and majors, and perhaps family names and high school education. She rushed on, not quite meeting Finn's eye, missing his impressed look.

"I didn't delve deep, I just looked at previous high schools attended, GPA's and stuff like that."

"Did anything catch your eye, kitten?" Finn asked with genuine curiosity. Rory let out an internal sigh of relief at his lack of anger.

"Not really. I expected what I found, nothing really impressed me." Rory shrugged. Had she blinked she would have missed the slight droop of Finn's shoulders and the shuttering of his eyes as the sparkle in the green depths faded. A twinge of sadness flashed across her heart at the sight. He just didn't seem like Finn without that twinkle in his eye.

"That is, it was all typical until I got to you." Rory continued, tension easing when his eyes re awakened and an almost hopeful look played around his face.

"You don't say?"

"You aren't what you seem at all, are you? I always knew there was something different about you, and my theory was confirmed when I saw some of your file. You have a 3.85 cumulative GPA. You're double majoring in Business and History and you were almost valedictorian at your boarding school." Rory rattled off, still reeling from the discovery of his academic achievements. Finn smiled slightly at her, looking almost shy, an expression Rory had never seen on him before.

"Yes, well, you know how parents can be, always demanding excellence and whatnot…" Finn trailed off, the apples of his tan cheeks looked mysteriously rosy. Rory shot him a disbelieving look.

"Finn, I'm an observer and a listener, it's part of that journalistic instinct thing I've mentioned. I've heard you guys talk. Logan's dad expects at least a 2.8 and a few articles in the Yale daily News every few months and in exchange he doesn't get cut off from his money. Colin's parents expect a 3.0 and Colin's continued research about what area of law he'd like to focus on, as if he wouldn't pick corporate law. You, on the other hand are also only asked to maintain a 3.0 and yet you go above and beyond all while being a double major." Rory smiled at him, happy to know that he wasn't like all the other spoiled rich kids that seemed to disappoint and confound Rory with their apathy and allergies to actual hard work. Sure, she liked them all, but they rested on their laurels (figuratively) and waited until they were inevitably handed things and it drove her mad.

"Hmm. Well I suppose nothing gets passed you, does it darling?" Finn winked. Rory blushed, but smirked back at him, ready with more interesting tidbits she had picked up.

"At the risk of sounding like a stalker, I've been watching you Finn. You see, finding out about your scholastic achievements only increased my curiosity as to the enigma that is you. Not to inflate your ego, but you really are very interesting." Rory continued.

"You can stalk me all you'd like love, as a matter of fact I can aid and abet your illegal practice by giving you my schedule, taking care to highlight when I'll be in my dorm alone and naked. " Finn wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and Rory suddenly wished her drink was a cranberry and vodka- heavy on the vodka.

"There's an example of what I'm talking about. You don't have nearly the amount of one-night stands as you let on that you do." Rory waved her finger in Finn's direction.

"Are you suggesting that I am not desirable? That I couldn't have a beautiful redhead for the evening when I wish? " Finn's face was set in a delicious pout.

"No, Im suggesting that either you are more of a gentleman than you let on or you are paranoid about contracting some kind of venereal disease. I'm pretty sure it's the first one, based on the fact that condoms generally help in protecting against the spread of the clap." Rory shot back, straight-faced.

"Right, well… As long as you understand that I can have a delicious lady whenever my gentlemanly heart desires." Finn sniffed. Rory giggled at his mock haughty air.

"Of course, I figured it had something to do with the fact that you have a younger sister who you speak of rarely, but when you do it's obvious that she means very much to you. I'm sure you like to think that she will meet a gentleman, like yourself, that doesn't take advantage of a woman's lowered inhibitions after too much alcohol when she reaches college?" Rory surmised.

Finn began to choke on the gulp of rum and coke he'd taken, surprised at her astute analysis. He'd never really connected the dots about his younger sister, Eliana, and his own habits pertaining to women, but she did make a point. It never felt right taking a trashed girl home to bed, no matter his own level of intoxication.

"Perhaps." Finn drawled slowly. Rory rewarded him with a genuine and sweet smile, her suspicions confirmed. Finn really was one of the best guys she'd ever met, and he didn't even know it.

"Any other observations, kitten? Or did you get bored with all the stalking and observing?" Finn leaned forward, getting within inches of a suddenly squirmy Rory.

"W-well, there is a couple more things. And for your information, I never got bored watching you." She added softly looking down, embarrassed at her admission. His scent intoxicated her, it was warm and spicy. Male and completely Finn. She had to lean away a few inches, much to her disappointment, so she could clear her head and continue on.

"You don't drink as much everyone else does. You don't seem to need alcohol to loosen up and have a good time, like the rest seem to need."

"Are you sure? Care for a sip of my drink then, love? Just to test your theory." Finn prodded her with a devious smirk. Rory raised an eyebrow.

"No need. I know that's a rum and coke, I can smell it. But you have also been nursing that drink for almost an hour and a half." Rory pointed out. Finn laughed, she really was an observant little minx.

"That proves nothing, love. I drink like a fish! Perhaps I have just been so enthralled with our little chat that I can't bear to leave your side for a refill. Hmm?" He flirted.

"Last weekend at the pub, you were drinking straight Coke all night, and yet you still performed your Passion of the Christ for Steph when she admitted to failing her Econ midterm." Rory's own devious smirk challenged Finn.

"What? How?" Finn spluttered. Rory grinned in triumph.

"I accidentally took a sip from your drink, thinking it was mine. After that, whenever you got more drinks I took a sip when you weren't looking to test my theory. Sorry." Her tone was decidedly un-apologetic.

"Soda thief." Finn mumbled. Rory laughed at his playfully sulky expression. He watched as her eyes lit up and her head tilted back, letting go as she laughed. There was nothing pretentious or contained about her and that was exactly what had him watching her about as much as she had apparently been watching him. It didn't hurt that her hair was an edible shade of cherrywood in the sun.

Finn decided to ask the question that had been nagging at him since she had started this little, possibly life changing conversation. She had admitted to watching him, to being interested in him enough to try and burrow beneath the layers that Finn had cloaked himself in. She actually saw him, and not just his quirks and the façade he wore to not rock the boat with his friends. She saw the Finn that was caring and joyful, smart and loyal, hard-working and coughgentlemanlycough.

"Why?" Finn's question was simple but his tone was layered with a vulnerability and need that took Rory by surprise. He had angled his body closer to her, their legs touching and the arm that sometime ago had worked its way behind her head crept closer. She could feel his finger playing with the ends of her semi-long hair. A shudder of pleasure raced through her as his scent once again drowned her. The warmth that radiated from his body made Rory want to cuddle up to him and never let go.

"At first it was because you were a mystery. A reporter never likes to leave a puzzle unsolved. Then it was because after everything I learned about, I couldn't help but want to keep learning, to keep de-bunking the myths that you let people think about you. And then it was because I couldn't look away or at anything else-anyone else." Rory wanted to duck her head at her admission, but she had to know. Had to see with her own eyes if he could feel for her what she realized she felt for him.

She saw a myriad of emotions race across his face; shock, understanding, hope and then joy. His grin was quick and had no agenda besides expressing his happiness at her confession. She smiled back tentatively and finally allowed herself the luxury of looking away and trying to force her cheeks to cool from its heated flush.

"Love?" Finn let his fingertips gently bring Rory's face back towards his own. He was had leaned forward so that their breath was mingling. He watched her eyes, excited yet scared.

"I only see you too, kitten." And with that his lips found their way to hers in a sure and soft kiss. There was no hesitation and no awkwardness. Just his warm lips covering her own; deepening and exploring as if they had done it every day of their lives. No ridiculous battle for dominance, as their tongues tangled and massaged the other it could only be described as bliss.

Rory slowed the kiss, against her will, and placed a lingering kiss on his now swollen lips before pulling away. She bent her head and rested it on the juncture of where his neck met his shoulder. He could feel her breath ghosting over his neck and the goose bumps that arose in its wake. His eyes closed of their own accord when her felt her soft lips press against his neck a few times. The soft sigh that escaped her lips and found its way into his ear made his body flood with warmth and contentment.

"You are mine now, kitten." The question turned out as more of a statement when it flew past his lips, but he didn't backtrack or try and rephrase. He knew that if he had to, he would fight tooth and nail to make that statement true. He could feel her smile against his neck and she kissed her way from the spot she'd been favoring to his lips once again.

Rory kissed the corner of his lips before pulling away, watching as Finn opened his mouth to protest the halting of her kisses. She cut him off before he had a chance to use that pretty mouth of his.

"Only if you are mine too." Her eyes were serious as they held his. He nodded and they both knew exactly what it meant. They shared a smile before she leant in and let her lips hover over his.

"That's all I wanted, my wallaby." She closed the centimeter distance between them before he could protest to the name. She had no choice really-she had been saving it for a special occasion. This occasion was very special indeed.

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