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Liv's POV

"Liv what are you planning on doing to me?"

Elliot fell onto the bed, but his eyes never left Olivia's. Elliot remained where he was on the bed but sat up to look for any weapon that could be used against him, he found none.

"Well I'm trying to decide the best way to punish you."

"Punish me?"

I didn't miss the questioning nervousness in his voice and that made me smile. Knowing that I had this much power over Elliot was highly arousing and well to be honest it made me feel good, to be wanted.

"Yes, would it be too much if I told you to wait on the bed?"

"So when you come back you can have your way with me?"

"If I said yes would you stay put?"

"Yes," as I saw him try to hold back his anticipation.

"I will be right back," as I turned and left the room to change into something different. I could already imagine Elliot's face when I walked into the room and I knew he would be speechless. I changed and went to go find something in my suitcase that I kept for times like these. When I really thought about it I felt almost foolish, but when I thought hard about it I realized that I trusted El and knew he would never hurt me intentionally. With that I mind I headed back to the room and saw Elliot still sitting on the bed waiting for me and as soon as I walked in I saw Elliot's jaw drop and then he cleared his throat.

"Liv are you trying to kill me?"

"Hmmm maybe, I am supposed to be punishing you."

"I don't know much about fashion but is that a babydoll?"

"Actually you are correct El. It's a La Perla babydoll."

"I like the color on you."

"Thanks El," as I walked closer to the bed and heard Elliot stop breathing.


"El this is not supposed to be fun this is supposed to be you're punishment."

"Aww come on Liv seeing you in lingerie is already more than enough punishment, in fact it's torture," as Elliot pouted.

"Well when you put it that way," as I slowly pushed him down and started kissing him. I felt his hands in my hair and then I started working with my favorite item. I finally got the handcuffs around the bed post and moved to put the circular device around Elliot's wrist. Elliot was busy kissing me and didn't notice when I clicked the handcuffs in place, and saw a very surprised El.

"Liv what theā€¦.."

"Sorry El, but I kind of like you like this. I'm also not sure I'm ready for this."

"Yeah, but handcuffs?"

"Yeah I thought you would appreciate my choice of restraints."

"Liv, please uncuff me."

"El, those beautiful blue eyes are not going to get you out of those," as she pointed to the handcuffs.

"Come on Liv, this isn't fair."

"I have to go finish the dishes so have fun in here by yourself."

I walked out of the room and started on the dishes. I could hear Elliot straining against the handcuffs and I finally heard him give up.

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