Disclamiar: I do not own Teen Titans but if I did I would make Beast Boy and Raven a couple and keep going with the series, but I don't so oh well.

Jump City: 2026

"Max you idiot get back here!" A girl with blue hair that almost met mid-thigh with sapphire blue eyes wearing jeans with a blue tank top was chasing after a boy that was black with jeans also and a light blue t-shirt.

The boy the girl was chasing called Max was smiling as he kept running. Max had just walked in on the girl while she had no shirt on and was staring at her and when she saw him there she quickly put on a shirt and started running after him for not knocking and barging in on her. Max shouted back, "Come on Saffire, it was an accident."

She didn't buy it one bit and continued with the chase. She chased him into the common room of the tower and then she finally grabbed his shirt and pulled him to the ground. The girl named Saffire was breathing heavily and her eyes had turned golden and they looked like a phoenix's eyes. Max was now scared. She told him harshly, "If you even dare tell anyone what you saw, dear gods help you because I will make you die a slow painful death. Do you understand?"

Max only nodded his head as Saffire got off of him and her eyes went back to their sapphire color. Saffire was 12 and Max was also 12, but Max was going to turn 13 in a week and 3 days. All the other kids were in the room and they were watching them. Just as Max and Saffire joined the others on the couch a portal just appeared in front of them and before they could do anything they were sucked in.

Jump City: 2006

The Titans were watching a movie and they were in peaceful harmony when all of a sudden a portal opened up and 12 kids appeared. Saffire was the leader of the future Titans so when she saw the older Titans she quickly commanded, "Titans assemble and protect."

Hearing their leader's order, they quickly put the youngest in the middle and the other older kids surrounded them and they went into a defense positions. But when Saffire saw that it was only the older titans she relaxed a little but then she saw that they were younger than before. The original Titans also tensed and then Robin asked, "Who are you are why did you just say Titans when we are the Titans?"

Everyone went wide eyed and then a boy that had green skin with green hair but purple eyes, that was 7 asked, "When are we? What year is it?"

Cybourg answered, "2006, now who are you?"

All the future kids just looked at each other then they said in harmony, "Oh...my...gosh!"