A Forced Drabble

Blinking as he looked around, Touma scratched his head and looked at Lily and Isis, before looking at Veyron. "What's going on?"

"The hell if I know." He grumbled and twitched, where was his device? "I was just about to kick your ass in that church and suddenly we're out here, so, what's going on?"

"Oh!" Isis suddenly shot up and clapped her hands. "This is obviously a non-canon moment where we all meet up for no real reason?"

"Does that mean we can act out of character?" Lily asked Isis telepathically; the girl in question nodded nodded. "That means I can speak normally! Finally! I have one thing to say..." She took a deep breath as the three looked at her in confusion. "BASTARDS!"

There was a crashing sound as the three face-faulted into the ground at hearing that. "Wh...Whaaa?" Touma blinked as he scrambled to his feet. "What makes you say that?"

"Seven arcs is making a Nanoha movie and none of us are in it!" The obviously distressed woman stomped her foot on the ground.

"Uh, Lily, it's set over sixteen years ago, none of us were really doing much back then." Isis chuckled softly before Lily whirled on her.

"So?! We all know how things happened back then! Do a movie or an OVA about the current time frame! Especially since I'm obviously the best female in this universe."

"How do you figure?" Veyron snarked at her as he stood up, he didn't need this complete insanity, he had puppies to kick and children to eat.

"Obviously, despite all the fanservice that this series has between the lolis of old and the busty adult women, I'm the only one who has nipples!"

"How does that make you superior?"

"Quiet, Squall!" Lily hissed at him.

"But my name's not..."

"Not-Squall, got it."

Not-Squall groaned and hung his head before blinking. "Hey! Why did my name change? It's..."

"Not Squall." Touma nodded as Isis smirked at the bad guy.

"And besides, it's not just the nipples! I have two sex slaves!" Lily nodded and crossed her arms under her chest, getting blushes from both Isis and Tohma.

"H..Hey! When was I your..."

"You weren't complaining last night!" Lily narrowed her eyes at Touma. "Or do you want to sleep outside tonight?"

Touma sighed and slumped as Isis giggled. "It's okay, fellow slave. At least we're slaves of the most superior woman in this series."

Not-Squall leaned closer to Touma and whispered quietly. "Why do you put up with her?"

"She has nipples." Was the only response.

Not-Squall blinked and pulled his shirt away from his body to look down.

Sure enough, he didn't have nipples.

She is superior, who knew?

This one came about due to some stuff on a message board where it was decided that Lily was a superior female simply because, unlike the rest of the females in the cast, she has nipples. It was written in the two month wait between chapters 3 and 4 of Nanoha Force. To be honest, at the time, I didn't know his name was Veyron. (It is)