Yo there

This is NOT a Oneshot. I just decided to write the first chapter a little differently

This takes place shortly after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The end of this chapter provides a hint on what it's about.


She remembered pain.

Mind numbing pain

She had been desperate.

Reaching out, ripping the armor off her fearsome foe.

Wrapping it around herself as a shield from the pain.

She became her foe's dark twin.

She had been so confused.

Human feelings as well as her own.

Her own memories

Those of her enemy

The need to survive and the fear of death

The need to die and the fear of living

Once again she had been hunted down.

Pain again assaulted her.

A shield….

She needed a shield.

Again she reached out to her most feared foe, her closest sister.

This time her foe did not retreat.

She had merely stood there.

There was no pity in her eyes.

Nor was there fear.

There was only hatred. A seething, burning hate

That hate drove her back.

Her body dissolved in her shining foe's gaze of hatred.

Yet still she did not die.

A new body formed around her.

She gained new understanding of her confused memories.

With this new understanding came new power.

Though her fear was undiminished, she acted against her foe.

But she was no fool.

She needed weapons, troops, power.

She could start with those on this ship.

Hopefully it would be enough…

….Her second body floated drunkenly around her enemy as more of that cursed pain shot through her.

If she could just hold out a little longer….

Her enemy's corruption rose once more.

Exellent, soon they would no longer be enemies, but sisters.

Fear and hate would not exist between them.

It would be-

But it was not to be.

Her most feared foe struck the final blow.

Her second body fell apart.

She writhed and screamed in utter agony.

Pain unlike anything she had felt before coursed through her.

She raised her arm to reach out…

Still she lived (a female Lazarus she was sure).

She lay unconscious in who knows where.

As she lay there within her subconscious she pondered.

She once thought she wanted a sister.

Now she realized that wasn't it.

She did not want a sister.

She wanted a…

She had no word for it.

What was it she wanted?

Perhaps she could figure it out later.

Now she needed to rest.