Hades wanted me dead. That much was for sure.

"You promised me that you only wished to talk with Percy!" Nico screamed in defiance. The panic in his voice was rising.

"You should have made me swear on the river Styx." crooned Hades

How I hated that man. His tone calm, as if stating well known fact. Nico's eyes were wide, his mouth agape. Pure shock was radiating through his body. Hades raised his hand. What ever he was about to do could not be good, because at that moment Nico lunged.

I thought the angry boy was about to attack his father, but I was completely wrong. Nico ran, full force toward me. The expression on his face had hardened, and now he was unreadable. The said boy jumped on me with his arms spread wide. It was as if a wrecking ball had just crashed into me. I was sent flying backwards, Nico still on top of me. His added weight caused my head to hit the solid ground with the force of a thousand bricks. My vision was enveloped in a blanket of stars when I received the blow. My head was throbbing and I was in incredible pain. If Nico is trying to kill me, then he is doing a good job.

I was ready to pass out. Everything seemed to be working in Hades favor today. I was sure that Nico was doing his fathers dirty work, until I felt a pair of lips mash into mine. The lips were frantic; they sucked and nipped at every piece of exposed skin they could find. Following soon after the lips, Nico began to smash his pelvis against me. He was working hard and fast. Sucking, grinding, the furious shouts of Hades were all lost in a fog as a black, velvet curtain was laid over my consciousness.

Yes, I agree that this fic is small. It is just a drabble. The reason behind my writing this was to get a feel for what the authors on the site go through to write their works of art. This way, when I am doing my job as the reviewwiz, I will not appear insensitive when I comment.

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