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If Tsuna is the mother, then Hibari is the father.

It's obvious that Tsuna would be the mother in the Vongola Family. Being the Tenth Vongola boss came with the responsibility of taking care of the family and making sure that they were safe. He loved them all dearly and always made sure that they were eating properly and getting enough sleeping during and after missions.

As for Hibari…well as the Cloud Guardian, he had to make sure everything was running smoothly throughout Vongola. He watched everyone from a distance and would 'punished' them if they were to do something wrong. He made sure everyone was following orders to make the life of the 'mother', Tsuna, a lot easier.

Both Tsuna and Hibari, as the 'parents' had to make sure everything was running smoothly in Vongola. Making sure that the uncles and aunt: Mukuro, Ryohei, Reborn, and Lal Mirch; and the brothers and sister: Gokudera, Chrome, and Yamamoto; were taking care of the children: Lambo, I-Pin, and Fuuta.

They were all one big, happy family; Hibari and Tsuna made sure everyone was doing the right thing and following orders.

But sometimes…

"Ah! K-Kyouya! S-Stop! T-The others-!"

"Don't worry Tsunayoshi…no one is going to hear us. Now; stop covering you mouth, you know I love hearing you."

Even the parents needed their alone time.

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