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The events that take place here, happen during the time of the when the first season was.

April 1st, 2008

It was a normal day at the BAU office in Quantico, Virginia. Agents and officers were arriving to start their shifts for the day. Dr. Spencer Reid stood next the coffee pot as he waited for the first cup to brew. From across the office, Derek Morgan nonchalantly looked up from his desk to notice Spencer busy pouring his coffee. He bent over the side of his chair, and opened up a drawer in his desk. A few seconds later he arose with a slight, yet innocent smirk across his face. He cautiously walked over to Reid's desk and placed an object on his seat. Elle looked at him suspiciously, and then she had a slight smirk on her face as well.

"Morgan, don't you think you're a little too old for those things?

Morgan looked at her, signaling her quiet as Reid made his way back to the desk. He stood up and walked over to Elle.

He leaned down over her desk and pointed to a random object on her desk, to draw attention away from him.

"…and that's when we went to Disney World with the family. That's me next to Mickey Mouse" Morgan said, loud enough for Reid to hear.

Reid interjected with a random fact, like Morgan planned, "Believe it or not, the character concept of Mickey Mouse was not created by Walt Disney, but he had taken the idea from another cartoonist, Ub Iwerks. "

Reid smiled to himself, as he usually did after he mentioned a little known fact. He took his seat in his chair while sipping his coffee.


The noise had slightly startled Reid and he spilled a few drops of coffee on his wool sweater vest. Morgan had a big chuckle out of that; he walked over to Reid laughing. Elle just smiled and shook her head.

"Hey Reid! You fell for the oldest trick in the book man, its April Fool's day." Morgan was still chuckling between his words.

Reid smiled at the childish prank; he couldn't get angry at Morgan. He reached underneath him and pulled out a flat, pink rubber pancake.

"Ah yes, the Whoopie Cushion. Made in 1930 by a Canadian toy maker; a staple of childlike behavior in today's modern society."

Reid tossed the prank toy back to Morgan, and went back to sipping his coffee. He wiped off the specks that landed on his vest, and started looking through a file on his desk. Morgan patted him on the back, before he went back his desk and sat down. Reid looked up at him.

"Morgan, if there's a 'kick me' sign on my back I'm going to shoot you." Reid said, jokingly.

"Nah man, I'm saving that one for Hotchner," Morgan replied.

Morgan found a file of his own to look at on his desk, and started flipping through it. He reached over and grabbed his cup of coffee. Raising it up to his mouth to take a drink, there was a warm sensation on the front of his shirt. His eyes traveled down to cup to reveal a hole in the side, allowing the coffee to dribble down him. His eyes shot wide open as he put the coffee back down on his desk.

"A damn dribble glass!" He said, as he shot up from his desk, wiping off his shirt

Reid looked up again, this time with a smirk of his own. "Hey Morgan, April Fools."

Morgan sighed for a moment; taking in the fact the Spencer Reid had actually pulled a prank on the prank master himself. He shook his head and pointed in Reid's direction, with an accepting smile on his face.

"Nice one Reid, you got me man. Don't think it'll be that easy next time, I'm keeping an eye on you."

Morgan was just about to sit back down, when Hotchner came from his office, and yelled down from the stairs.

"BAU team, JJ has a new case for us. Play time's over, meet up in the briefing room."

Elle, Reid, and Morgan grabbed what they needed and proceeded up the stairs to the room. They had wondered why they had gotten a case already, especially this early in morning. JJ was already in the room, along with Gideon. Hotcher stood in front of the LCD television screen as the rest of the team took their seats at the round table. They shared looks to each other, waiting to hear their next case.

Hotcher opened, "Early this morning in Wichita, Kansas, a farmer alerted local authorities about some strange activity he noticed coming from his corn fields. He heard noises, saw some illumination from some flashlights. When the Sheriff's department arrived on scene they searched the field looking for what they thought to be a local group of teenagers who were known to mess around in fields late at night."

He clicked a button in his hand and some images came up on the television screen. The pictures were very gruesome, it was almost impossible to tell the bodies that were in the picture were human. The team passed some unsettling looks between each other, and let Hotchner continue now that they were really interested.

"Well, they found them. They looked like this when they got there. It looks to be the scene of a murder, and the bodies of five victims appear to be mutilated. Reports show that these are the bodies of five teenage boys. They had their school ID's in the wallets that were found on them, so it looks like nothing was stolen from them. The Wichita Sheriff's Department would like the BAU to investigate this case, as they are afraid they are dealing with a serious serial murderer."

After the last of the images were shown on screen, the team looked to each other and began to hypothesize what could have happened to the victims.

Reid broke the silence. "Most Satanic groups have a sort of sacrificial form of ritual, most involve the slaughter of small animals, most likely a sheep or a goat. Human sacrifice and mutilation is rare, but has not been unheard of throughout criminal history."

"So you think we're looking for some young kids involved in some sort of cult activity?" Gideon stated.

Reid replying, "Maybe, but all the cases I have seen, the cult has left some sort of message or symbol or something to acknowledge their existence. Until we investigate the crime scene, I don't see anything like that in these pictures. It's almost as if the boys in this picture were outright murdered."

"Perhaps, or perhaps we may be dealing with a serial psychopath, one who is going to keep killing until he is stopped. As Dr. Reid had stated, we will be able to make a more accurate profile after we get down there, these pictures aren't going to do us any justice," Hotchner had said from across the room.

JJ spoke up from her seat, "We have a flight scheduled to leave soon. I've also been told that we won't be the only FBI agents there. The Bureau said that that we will have two more additions to our team on this case when we arrive."

"Two more agents? This case must be serious if they think that we need help," said Morgan

JJ looked across the table at him, "They said they are experts in this field, so I'm sure we can all learn something from them."

"Hey guys," Reid interrupted. He was looking closely at some of the picture from the crime scene. "Look at this picture." He leaned over to Gideon, and pointed towards some of the ripped clothing on one of the boys, "Those cuts in his shirt, and along the visible parts of the body, they don't look to be inflicted with a sort of knife, or straight edged weapon. They almost look like claw mark."

Gideon looked the picture and nodded with what Reid had said. "It was a farm, do you think that maybe the unsub had found a rake, or a piece of farm equipment to do the crime?"

"No, I don't think so. These cuts are jagged and seem to tear the flesh, as opposed to scraping it open. The amount of blood lost also indicates knowledge of the human anatomy in regards to the veins and arteries. These boys died of blood loss rather quickly, and it looks like the unsub just kept ravaging them after they had already died. "

Reid looked at the pictures a moment again.

"It…it almost looks like the unsub had claws"