Alright! Chapter 3 is finally up. This one had taken awhile to write do to distractions, but its here now!

April 2nd, 2008

Hotchner let out a sigh and rubbed his hand over his eyes as he had now woken up. Cell phone still in hand he dialed Gideon, woke him up and told him the Sheriff needed the team down right away. Gideon said that he would take care of waking up everyone else if Hotchner got down there first. Since his presence was requested last minute, he hastily put on his suit pants and shirt. He opened the nightstand next to his bed and grabbed his badge and pistol. On the way out of his room, his black suit jacket was slung over his shoulder as he was tying his tie down the hallway. As he walked the lights in the rooms were being flicked on as the rest of the team woke.

Hotchner found the keys in his pocket and fired up the black SUV. The headlights reflected off the fog that must had come in during the night. He shifted to his low beams and fog lights as he backed out of the parking lot. He noticed a figure coming out from the motel; it was Morgan. He was just buckling his belt as he waved his hand to get Hotchner's attention. He put on the brake halfway out of the lot.

"Hey Hotch, open up I'm coming with you"

Morgan tapped the hood of the SUV, and Hotchner let him in.

"Morgan, this morning I received a call from the Sheriff asking us to come down immediately. That's where we're going."

He pulled the rest of the way out of the parking lot and headed towards the station. The roads were empty, one or two other vehicles on the road. It was only a ten minute drive from the motel to the station, and every second counted. They could see the flashing blue and red lights of the cruisers outside the office as they got closer. They pulled up behind the first one and got out to see the Sheriff. Everyone was gathered outside the office. It was soon after, that the grey Sedan pulled up along with another black SUV. Agents Mulder and Scully had arrived along with the rest of the BAU. They were led by a deputy to the Sheriff, who was standing over a body bag in front of the doors. Along the path to the entrance, there was a large trail of blood. As well as blood covering most of the front doors.

"What happened here?" Asked both Agent Mulder and Hotchner

The Sheriff walked over to them with a grave look upon his stout face.

"One of the night officers heard a loud banging noise at the door, he went to go check it out and there's Mr. Fuller laying there on the ground in a bloody heap. Helluva gash in his back, I'm surprised he made it this far."

"His farm is over twenty minutes away, how'd he get here so fast?" asked a puzzled Mulder

"He drove. That's his truck right over there; we had to move it out of the way. It's banged to hell though."

Sheriff Wallace had shown his flashlight over in the direction to an old pickup truck. It looked to be horrible dented and there were some rips in the metal. The same markings were on the truck as the tree: claw marks. Lots of uneasy looks were shared amongst the entire group.

Agent Scully pulled back to top of the body bag to reveal the mess that used to be the farmer, her eyes widened as she viewed the corpse. She had experiences with bodies, and routinely performed the autopsies on the victims in the cases she worked on. Her knowledge of the human body and its functions were impressive, but sometimes even she was stumped. She's seen strange things in the past before though.

"He looks to have been attacked in the same fashion as the other victims, except he tried to escape."

Reid walked over, Elle behind him. He kneeled down next to the body.

"It seems as though these wounds were inflicted in the same fashion. I've never seen anything like this. Look at his hands, there looks to beā€¦some traces of gun powder. Maybe he shot his attacker, long enough to get away and into his truck"

Elle nodded her head, her eyes then traveled over to the truck.

"Then how do you explain the damage to the truck? The entire thing looks like it's just been off a cliff."

Reid opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't produce any words to reply. Agent Mulder had overheard her comment and walked over to them.

"It chased it, clawing the back of the truck as our farmer drove away. Chances are it pulled away and moved on but since he's dead we'll never find out." He said

Elle just looked at him like he was fool. She stood up, her face went stern not with anger, but with confusion. They had never dealt with anything like this before; this entire case was something new entirely.

"That makes no sense, I'm sorry, but are you really saying that this guy probably got shot, then had the energy to get up and chase after a truck for who know how long?"

"I'm surprised to know that you think this monster to be human. Have you ever thought that maybe you're dealing with something completely off the books?

"Wait so you think this is an alien? Aliens are something from a science fiction novel, not things that go and kill people in the middle of Kansas." Reid interrupted

Mulder looked directly at him, "I know that might sound crazy to you, but there was a reason that we are on this case too. There are some things that the FBI doesn't want everyone to know."

Hotchner came over to the group, as their voices were starting to pick up. After all, the BAU had never dealt with something like this. It tended to get some of the blood going in the team. They had decided to go back to farm, to investigate any signs of a fight or struggle between the farmer and his attacker. The team hopped into their SUVs and the agents into their Sedan to drive to the farm. They were accompanied by Sheriff Wallace, while the rest of the department stayed behind to clean up the scene. As they drove, the morning sky began brighten. As the daily lives of most citizens began, the agents were well on their days already. They passed the crime scene they were at yesterday; it hadn't changed a bit, and went straight up ahead and pulled into the driveway to the farmhouse.

They were the first ones in the scene, before any local authorities were. The front door was hanging wide open. They split into two teams; Mulder, Scully, Hotchner, and Elle went into the house, and Reid, Gideon, Morgan went around to the barn.

Not sure what they would find inside the house, they took out their pistols and cautiously entered. The house was quaint and quiet; Mr. Fuller lived here alone as they could tell by the single chair at the dining room table. The house was empty, there wasn't any sort of crime scene in the house from they could tell. Agent Mulder put his gun away and walked over to a mantle above a small fireplace. There was a spot on the wall above it with two small hooks, obviously to hold what looked to be a rifle. Underneath on the mantle, scattered between old family pictures were a few boxes of Remington 12 Gauge shotgun ammunition. The pictures were either faded by the sun or in Sepia, he couldn't tell. Regardless, any family this farmer had was long gone. Hotchner had walked behind him, and made a comment.

"It looks like he grabbed this and ran out in a hurry. There doesn't look to be any sort of struggle inside the house, which leads me to believe they might find something in the barn."

"Agent Hotchner," said Scully said from the kitchen, "It looks like out farmer was quite the drinker of fine homemade whiskey. I wonder if that had anything to do with this." She picked up a half-empty bottle, followed by a shot glass.

Agent Hotchner followed her voice into the kitchen.

"I doubt it. I'm guessing that he heard or saw something outside, and grabbed the shotgun to interrogate in. The alcohol could have helped him drive all the way to the Sherriff's office; he may have been slightly out of place."

The doors to the barn were hanging wide open, just like the front of the house. From where the second team was; they had a clear view into the kitchen of the house. With his gun drawn, Morgan entered the barn. It too, was empty except for a shotgun lying on the ground. There were blood spots all around it on the dirt and straw covered floor. A few shells were scattered about. Morgan called the rest of the team inside to investigate. Morgan radioed over to Hotchner.

"Hey Hotch; I think we found what we are looking for."

"Got it."

Reid knelt over the shotgun, and rolled it over to find their favorite markings etched into the grey metal of the barrel. Gideon stood behind him and let out a sigh.

"It looks like it was knocked out of his hands; the amount of blood here definitely looks to be a struggle."

Morgan looked from the scene over to the open doors.

"So Mr. Fuller see's something from inside his house, grabs his gun, throws open the barn doors. Sometime after he came in this far, he let off a few shots, and whatever it was disarmed him. Wounded, he made a dash towards his truck and drove away. He was chased off this farm, but for how long? He had to make it away eventually."

Reid thought for a second to what Morgan had said.

"Maybe, maybe whatever his doing this can't leave this area. Perhaps it has claimed this area as its territory. That would explain the boys who were trespassing, along with Mr. Fuller."

"Then he could still be around here?"

"I don't think so, all the reports so far indicate nocturnal activity, and it's probably sleeping."

"Reid, we searched this whole barn. There's no one here except us."

They all shared unsettling looks as they could very well be in the same room as the killer, without either of them knowing. Hotchner and the rest of the team come into the barn to see what had been discovered. After hearing the idea that it may be territorial to this area, Mulder got an idea. Sheriff Wallace was waiting outside, and Mulder approached him.

"Does your department own a helicopter? I want to get up into the sky, there's something I want to check out."

The Sherriff scratched his head at the odd request. They really hadn't much need for a helicopter, and they didn't have the biggest budget. Most of the crime around was small. Murders were uncommon, and they had never seen anything like this before. He thought for a second, trying to figure out where they could find a helicopter. A new thought popped into his head.

"I don't got a helicopter, but I know some boys who got a crop dusting business. I may be able to talk them into letting one of them fly up up in their duster if you really want to get up there."

Agent Mulder didn't really have much of a choice at this moment. It wasn't a helicopter, but it would manage. He nodded his head in agreement.

"I'll take it Sherriff."

"Alright, then. I'll give them boys a call and see what I can do."

The Sherriff walked back to his car and dialed into his cell phone. Mulder had gone back into the barn, to tell Scully he had found a plane.

"Hey Scully, I found us a plane. We can get an aerial view of the area, we might find something."

"You'll be on your own there flyboy, as soon as I get back into town; I'm performing the autopsies on the victims."

Mulder let out a small laugh. "You never want to do anything fun."

It wasn't that Scully didn't want to go; she was just more business about these than Mulder was. He had all sorts of off the wall hypothesizes. She was his counter, his voice of reason when Mulder had a crazy, almost ineffectual plan he wanted to pursue. However, as she had learned from the years she had spent with him so far that it was sometimes best to let him run off and do his thing.

The team had finished up at the crime scene, they were able to get a rough recreation of the scene they found to help their investigation. Whatever happened, it wasn't pretty. There was definitely a struggle and a fight. Now they just have to figure out has been doing this. They took samples of the blood and the shotgun into evidence. Other deputies arrived on the scene as they were leaving to seal off the house, and take pictures. The drive back to the city was a quiet one. All parties had been silently been thinking to themselves. A cell phone had gone off inside one of the SUVs, and Morgan answered.

"Morgan here."

"Hey tall, dark and handsome. I looked into some stuff for you."

It was Garcia, she reviewed some the information that the BAU had sent her.

"What do you got for me Garcia?"

"Well I cross checked animals native to the area, and it looks like none of them would be capable of doing that sort of damage. I dug down a bit further, have you ever heard of Le Chupacabra?"

"That's some sort of folk monster from Mexico or something right?"

"Yes, and legend has it that the Chupacabra has been known for terrorizing farms at night by mutilating cattle, with reports of three sharp claws on its body. The only problem with that is that it so far is only been reported in Southwest and Mexico, and no reports of it attacking humans. Sounds crazy, but maybe you might be dealing with a Chupacabra copy-cat?"

"Thanks Garcia. That was fucking scary."

"You know you love me."

Before Morgan clicked off the phone Garcia made a small roar sound, and Morgan chuckled, shaking his head at what he had just heard. Hotchner, who was driving the SUV they were in turned to him.

"What did Garcia say, Morgan?"

"Garcia thinks we may be dealing with someone, or something that thinks he's a 'Chupacabra'."

"A Chupa-what?"

Reid interjected, to explain.

"A Chupacabra. It's a creature of Spanish myth and folklore. 'Chupa, meaning sucker and 'Cabra", meaning goat. Basically translating into 'Goatsucker'. The pseudonym is derived from the fact that his creature is said to drink the blood of goats from small Mexican communities."

As soon as Reid had finished talking they had just pulled back up to the Sherriff's station, the macabre scene earlier in the morning had been cleaned up before most people would have seen the mess. There was still an ambulance there, but that had just been there just in case it was needed. The teams exited their vehicles and entered the station.

"Agent Mulder."

Mulder turned around to find the Sherriff Wallace getting off his cell phone. He flagged him over from the rest of the group, who had just sat down to start discussing possible actions. Mulder walked around the corner to talk to the man.

"I just got done talking to the pilot. He's taking off here shortly to do a run, and he said if you wanted to get up in the sky he'd take you now. He's not scheduled to dust crops again for another week; you'll have to go now if you're still interested."

It didn't take too long for Mulder to think about it, he really wanted to see the site; he had a strange feeling in his gut. He just felt like it was something he had to do. He walked back over to the group to quickly tell them he had to go do something. As he usually did, he did not explain his plans, just that he was going to do something. He had a way of being spontaneous and taking advantage of the things he could get, although this often led to problems later. The Sherriff led him out to his cruiser; he would let Scully take the Sedan to go perform the autopsy. The airstrip the dusters worked out of was only ten miles in the opposite direction by car, but they would reach the farm in a matter of minutes in the plane.

When they reached the airstrip they were greeted by a young pilot, he looked to be no more than seventeen or eighteen years old. He was wearing a dusty brown jacket, over some khaki pants. His head adorned the classic leather aviator's cap, with goggles and all. The cruiser pulled up to the boy and he leaned into the window.

"You must be the man from the FBI who wants a plane ride. My name is Henry, but around here I'm called Dusty, for obvious reasons. That's my plane over there."

Dusty had to shout over the sound of an engine, but he pointed behind him to a crimson-red crop duster with flaming yellow stripes on the wings. It looked to be a little kid's dream made into a reality. Something about seeing a plane with fire on it really made him feel like he was in Kansas. Mulder got out of the car and told the Sheriff he would call him when they landed. He followed Dusty over to the plane. Before he was allowed on, the boy did one last routine check on the plane. He leaned over the second seat in the plane and emerged with a helmet with a face guard. He tossed it to Mulder, who put on as he was helped into the back of the duster. He buckled in and Dusty jumped into his seat and fired up the plane. There was a loud sputter has it turned to go down the runway. Before Mulder knew it they were already traveling down the runway, and soon left the ground. Sherriff Wallace drove off back to the station after Mulder was safely off the dust-covered runway. The dirt on top rippled from the air of the engine.

While they were in the sky, you could see for miles above the town. They had to go from farm to farm dropping pesticides on the crops to avoid the locusts. Mulder had to wait until Dusty was finished hitting all the drop points on this run before they could visit the Fuller Farm. It would turn out to be worth the wait most definitely.

They approached the farm, and even from as far away as they were, Mulder's reason for traveling up into the air was turned into a reality. He fear was finally realized as they flew over the farm. Dusty leaned over the edge and did another pass by it.

"Oh my god, what the hell is that!?"

Mulder could feel the blood rushing through his veins; it was both the feeling of relief and fear. By now, they were only a few hundred meters above the farm, but they could clearly see into the crops below, a circle.