A/N: Sorry, could not think of a title for it. Based of 1x14 the comment where Callen was teasing Kensi about how long she takes to get ready. So, I guess spoliers if you have not seen that ep. By the way, I don't know if I like her and Callen, or her and Nate together. I've even read a few good Kensi/Sam fics, which opened my eyes up to them.

This played out ten times better in my head... I don't like it that much, but I'd like to know what you all think. Please tell me, good? bad?

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"You're not ready?" Callen asked, walking over to where Sam was standing, dressed for his current undercover assignment, talking to Hetty and Kensi, looking his partner up and down. "You take longer to get dressed then Kensi."

"Oi!" Kensi complained to him, turning to face him directly. "I've been ready for the last five minutes!"

"Yeah, and we've been here for…" Callen trailed of as he checked his watch. "Around forty minutes now. You were ready to go in thirty five. That's a new record for you."

"Good luck Mr Hanna," Hetty interrupted, turning so she could leave.

Sam opened his mouth to speak, but Kensi beat him to it. "I can get ready in ten minutes."

"Kens, you forget I've seen you in the morning," Callen informed her. Kensi rolled her eyes.

Sam's mouth fell open. "What… you… and you… you two?"

Callen and Kensi turned to look at their friend. "Why do you seem surprised?"

"I just…" Sam closed his mouth and looked between the two in confusion. Then he smiled. "So G… just how long does she take to get ready in the morning?"

Callen shook his head, muttered a bye to Kensi and walked towards the doors with Sam. Kensi stood there, watching, in mild amusement.

"Is that why you're often late to work?"