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9 to 5

5 am

Her alarm clock went off at a merciless 5 am. Quickly she reached over and shut it off. She ran a hand through her hair, and reached the blankets to flip them off her when a strong arm reached out and snaked around her waist.

"Still night." Whispered Greg House as he pulled her towards him, into the deep warm curves of his body.

"Ahhh, it's my morning." She whispered turning her head back to kiss him on his scruffy cheek. "Go back to sleep."

"Hrmph," was his reply, "stay."

"I'll be back." She whispered again pulling herself out of his arms and turning to peck him on the lips. "Go to sleep," she said again, though she could hear that he was softly snoring.

Quickly she pulled on yoga pants and a tank top and padded down the hallway. In her living room, she turned on her lamp, and rolled out her yoga matt, and sat for a moment, in lotus, attempting to clear her mind of last night's events.

She had let him spend the night. That was big, bigger than big.

And today of all days she face the biggest board meeting of her career thus far. One false step and she could be forced into resignation.

"Come on Lise," he had pleaded, lying back with his arms behind his head, "Let me spend the night."

She had rolled to her side, and placed a hand on his chest, "It's too soon….there's Rachel and…"

"What do you think I'm going to do," he asked "eat her?"

"Greg, I…" she started.

"You, on the other hand…" he had smiled, taking her hand and kissing it, "now that's a whole different story."

She had folded.

She took a deep breath and tried to force herself into meditation, before running through some quick poses to relax herself.


It was way too early to be hearing Rachel waking through the monitor. It was a rustle at first, she was doing "down dog" when she heard the first cough, then another, followed by a cry.

"Dam it" she whispered getting up and jogging down the hall, Rachel was up almost an hour earlier than usual, something had to be up. The last thing she needed on this hectic morning was an early wake-up call for both Rachel and House.

She pushed the door open and sure enough Rachel was standing, gripped onto the rail, her nose was runny and her cheeks were bright pink, she was crying and getting ready for a big wail.

"I got you," she cooed, leaning down and scooping her up, and carrying her to the changing table. "What's the matter baby girl?" she asked softly as she pressed her lips to her child's forehead; she felt hot.


With Rachel in her arms she headed back into the kitchen, and one handedly, made a bottle and started a pot of coffee. She had one hour to leave the house. She would never make it.

Ok, back down the hall with Rachel in her arms and a bottle in her hand, she pushed into the bathroom and shut the door. She turned on the fan and the shower, while rummaging through her drawer for a thermometer.

Rachel was crying now, and Cuddy tried giving her the bottle while taking her temperature, she wouldn't have it, she kept swatting at her ear, and crying even harder. Her blackberry started pinging like crazy.

"Its, ok, it's ok," she whispered to Rachel as she gave up on the thermometer and pulled two bath towels off the rack to make a nest on the floor for the baby. She was almost tempted to wake up House, almost but….


Back in the room House pressed the pillow over his head. "Jesus," he mumbled, "that kids got a bigger set of lungs than her mom." He tried in vain to go back to sleep, but the need to urinate, and the constant wiling in the background forced him up. This was what Cuddy put up with every morning he thought; reaching under the sheets to scratch at his balls, no wonder she was such a bitch.

Slowly he flipped open the sheets and and reached around for his boxers. He stretched, and yawned and limped towards the bathroom.

The scene in the bathroom was formidable to him. Cuddy was naked in the shower, frantically trying to shampoo and keep the glass door shut with her foot, while repeating an "it's ok, it's ok" mantra to the kid, who was red faced and wailing, on all fours trying to push herself into the shower at all costs.

"Jesus Cuddy," he called out, nearly causing her to jump out of her skin, "why didn't you just wake me up?"

And before she even had the chance to answer he limped over, picked up the bottle, now on its side and spilling milk onto the tile, and placed it onto the sink before leaning down and scooping up a screaming Rachel.

"Come here kid," he mumbled as he turned her into the crook of his arm, "hey Cuddy," he called out, "where's the damn volume control?"

She cracked the door, "Greg, I….she's usually…."

"Yeah," he smirked walking over to the toilet with a screaming Rachel in his arms, "I'm sure she's usually an angel !" he said sarcastically eyeing the shower and seeing Cuddy, long ,lean and naked with her head tilted back and her eyes shut, rinsing the suds out of her hair. Too bad for the screaming sack of potatoes under his arm.

Better be quick, he thought, lifting both the lid and the seat with his free hand and then pulling out his Johnson, and commencing to pee.

Startled, by the noise Rachel stopped mid cry and strained her little body forward to see what strange noise was coming from this strange man. She pitched forward again, enchanted by the stream of urine and the noise it made in the toilet.

"All right," he said, as he began shaking the last drops from his member, "life's not so…"

"House!" He heard the shriek, before the last drop hit the water, "you did not just pee with Rachel in your arms?" she asked, the door open, naked, dripping wet.

"Relax," he muttered as he flipped himself back into his boxers and started jiggling the kid, before she started crying again, "It's not like she knows what a penis is."

"Yes," Cuddy conceded, her voice rising in pitch as she reached for a towel, "But, I do!"

"You can say that again," laughed House as he limped forward towards the sink to wash his errant hand.

"Augh !" she shouted, realizing simultaneously that she had used all the big towels to make Rachel her nest on the floor, she bent down and scooped one up, wrapping it around her as she turned to face House.

"Nice tush !" he said as he ran the nipple of the bottle under the sink.

"Give me Rachel," Cuddy said, her arms held out, "she's sick, and I don't want her seeing anything else that's grossly inappropriate this morning!"

"No way," he said as he turned to head out the door, "you're too worked up right now; I don't want this kid blowing out my eardrums again. And by the way…." He turned to face her, grabbing both the bottle and the thermometer, as he headed out of the bathroom. "You didn't think it was so grossly inappropriate last night."

He felt a balled up towel hit the back of his head as he headed back to the bedroom.

"My god, kid," he said to the baby as he limped into the bedroom and headed towards the bed, "is this what you have to put up with every morning?"

He propped himself up on the bed, with Rachel nestled in the crook of his arm and popped the bottle in her mouth. "Too bad there's no TV in here kid." He said as he gently jostled his arm.

Rachel held her bottle too her moth with both hands and looked at him. "Ok, "he continued, "lets see," gently he pulled her little ear lobe, and simultaneously placed the bulb of the thermometer in. Rachel knit her brows together and sucked furiously on the bottle, the thermometer beeped almost instantly and House pulled it out turning it to read the display "101. No wonder you're crabby. That and a hysterical mother."


"I heard that !" snapped Cuddy as she ran in, to rummage through her closet, turning around to see House laying up in her bed and Rachel sitting besides him holding her bottle.

"She has 101." He said as he watched her slip on a bra and panties, and then a tight grey skirt.

"You got her temp?" she turned to face him, a small light blue top in her hand. "A 101?"

"Yeah," he shrugged, "maybe she's getting a tooth."

"I was trying to get in early today…." She came and sat on the bed, and Rachel crawled in her lap.

"Well," he sat up and reached for his pants, pulling them on, "if you give me a late pass…"

"You always have a late pass." She answered sarcastically.

He sat on the bed and scooped Rachel up again, nodding towards Cuddy. "Go….do… whatever you have to do, beautify. I got her."

"Greg, Marina will be here soon, I just have to…"She disappeared into the bathroom and came back with the baby Tylenol. "Get dressed, do my hair…" she continued as she opened the bottle and filled the dropper.

"I got it, I got it," he said reaching out for the dropper, "you're gonna get all sticky", he held the dropper in one hand and leaned in towards Rachel, "go on," he mumbled, "go get ready."

"Greg," she paused giving him a worried, frazzled look, "thanks."


There was a gentle knocking on the door. "Greg, I'll get it!" Cuddy shouted as she ran towards the door to find House opening it in nothing but his jeans, and a cup of coffee. "Morning," he muttered to the wide eyed nanny, "Kid's in the living room."

"Marina," Cuddy came running down the hall buttoning her jacket, "this is my …..Friend, Dr House, Rachel woke up early, she has a bit of a fever, I've given her Tylenol, but she still hasn't eaten…"

"Ok, ok Dr Cuddy," Marina went towards the living room calling out "where is my angel?"

"Yeah," smirked House, "she's an angel all right, "

"Jerk," Cuddy hissed dragging him into the hallway towards her room, "why did you have to open the door half naked!"

"My God," he answered, "I'm still half asleep."

"Oh please," she muttered angrily, "you just needed a t-shirt! "

"Besides," he smiled pulling her into the room, "You never came back to bed."

"What?" she asked.

"This morning, you said you would be right back." He looked in her eyes and began backing her towards the bed.

"Greg are you crazy?" she asked putting a hand on his chest to stop him, "I'm already late, and Marina is right down the hall."

"You aren't late," he answered leaning in to kiss her neck, "you're just not early…and Marina…who cares about Marina."

"I care about Marina, god knows what impression she already….Greg, Greg!" she whisper shouted as he continued kissing her neck, and reached out to unbutton her jacket.

"Come on Cuddy," he mumbled into her neck, "we didn't even get to cuddle."

"You don't even like to cuddle!" she snipped, catching his lips in a kiss, and grabbing his wrists, in an attempt to stop him.

"I like you." He growled, pushing her back onto the bed. "Come on, you are way too tense to go into work like that." He leaned over her, "you'll blow the meeting" he added in between smoldering kisses.

For the second time in the past 24 hours she folded.

"A quickie," she smiled reaching for his button fly.

7:05 - 7:32 (Quicky)

He lifted his hand gingerly from her mouth, laughing "Jesus Cuddy, you have a freak out cause the kid sees me peeing and then you're in here moaning like…."

"Like what?" she asked, propping herself up on her elbows.

"Like a deeply satisfied woman," he mumbled, pulling himself off, of her.

"Ooops," he smiled looking at the clock, "now, you're late!"

''Shoot!" she smacked him on the arms and got up reaching for her panties on the floor, "you said it would be a quickie!"

"It was, relatively." He smirked pulling up his pants.

She straightened her skirt, and took a deep breath. "How do I look?"

"Good," he answered, "flushed, and…you might want to brush your hair again."

"Aughhh! Greg," she ran towards the mirror and he limped behind her pulling the t-shirt over his head, "I told you not to muss me up."

He shrugged, leaning his tall lanky body against her back, "Couldn't help it, you are so…hot!"

She turned around to face him and smiled, "hot huh?"

"Smokin!" he replied.

She leaned in to kiss him, then narrowing her eyes pulled away, "this doesn't mean you get the morning off."

"I know all about it mistress," he smirked smacking her on the ass.

"Don't do anything…..weird around Marina." She said as she slid on her heels, and slipped into her jacket, "Oh and Greg," she stopped, looking up, meeting his deep blue eyes with hers "Thank you."

"Cuddy," he said flopping backwards on her bed, "I don't think I'll ever be beggin' to spend the night again."

"Somehow," She smiled, "I doubt that." She turned and headed down the hall.

"I'll be in by 9 !" he called out after her.


Dr Cuddy, smoothed her skirt, took a deep breath, smiled and walked briskly into the lobby of the hospital.

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