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House met the Nanny outside the back entrance of the hospital. The last thing he was going to do was walk through the lobby with Cuddy's wailing toddler. Security would be on him in a second.

"She's been like this all day," the nanny started, "she's burning up, and she won't eat, she won't sleep, she won't stop crying…she…"

"All right, all right" House cut her off reaching for the diaper bag, "Just tell me what you gave her, how much and when….I'm a doctor, I can figure out the rest."

"Poor girl," the nanny said reaching in the car to unbuckle the crying toddler and hand her over to House.

"More like poor me." He mumbled, reaching out his arms, "Come here kid," he said scooping her up.

Rachel had either exhausted herself from screaming all day, or she remembered him or a combination of the two because she quieted her screams to a low whimper alternated with an attempt to catch her breath, which was fine with him.

He limped as quickly as he could towards the back elevator and stepped inside, His phone chimed in a text, "Martins -pediatrics, rm 704. Meet you there."

"Thank God," he whispered as he reached to press the button for the seventh floor, "no worries kid," he added jiggling his arm. "I'm gonna unload you as soon as possible."

Within minutes he was pushing his way into room 704, where Martins, a youngish looking guy in a white coat, and a blonde nurse stood waiting for him.

"Hi Rachel," Crooned the nurse.

"Where's Cuddy?" House asked sharply, sitting her on the exam table by the nurse.

Martins smiled, as he put the stethoscope on "she knew you wouldn't show unless you thought she was here."

Rachel started crying again and reaching her arms out towards him. "Forget it kid, apparently mom thinks I'm not good enough to diagnose a runny nose and a new tooth."

The nurse pulled a stuffed animal out of a drawer and started bouncing it around to distract Rachel, As Martins reached forward with the stethoscope. "So Cuddy's daughter huh?" he asked, as he started listening to her heart and breathing.

"Yeah," House answered smartly, "found her crawling around the lobby, leaving a trail of snot."

The nurse giggled, "Dr House you are awful. Right sweet girl?"

"Yeah well, she's not so sweet at 6 am." He said winking at the nurse and wiggling his eyebrows.

She blushed and continued her exam.

"So," Martins asked, as he looked into her ears, "Trading childcare for clinic hours?"

"There's a clinic here?" House smirked.

"Touché'!" Martins laughed.

House watched the rest of the exam I silence, surprised by the speed with which they preformed all of the routine diagnostics tests.

"Wow," House announced, "you guys are like the pit stop at NASCAR."

"Precious cargo," smiled the nurse who had not only succeeded in stopping the cries but had somehow managed a week smile.

Martins leaned back against the table, "Well, she's running 101, her throat's a little red…could be from crying, I can see a swollen little nub on the back lower right, an early molar. Her right ear is a little inflamed, could be the tooth or a minor ear infection. Has she been tugging on it?"

"I have no idea." House shrugged. "I just met this rug rat."

"I doubt that." Smiled the nurse winking, "she likes you too much."

House looked at her and narrowed his eyes for a moment before turning to face Martins again, "So…diagnosis is new tooth possible ear infection."

Martins smiled, "Yup, just Keep her on Tylenol and Motrin for the fever, I'll send up the scrip for anti-biotic. Meanwhile, plenty of rest, fluids….yada yada. I'm sure you know the drill."

House reached over and scooped up Rachel, "Yeah well, I know the drill, but seriously….this is the first time I've ever laid eyes on this kid." He mumbled as he turned to walk out the door.

As soon as the door shut behind him Martins looked up at the nurse, "He finally scored Cuddy huh?" He asked smiling.

"Oh yeah!" she answered, laughing. "And it's about time!"


Five minutes later he pushed through the door of his conference room. "I've got us a new patient!" he announced to his startled team.

"Isn't that Rachel?" asked Forman looking up from his file.

"Awww," Chimed in Thirteen as she stood up and walked over, "What's wrong with her, she looks so sad. What's the matter Rachel?" she asked reaching her arm out to the baby in House's arms.

Rachel turned her head into House's jacket and started crying again. "Nice going Mary Poppins," he scolded. "I just got her to pipe down."

Taub nodded and smiled, "looks like she's pretty comfortable with you huh?"

"Like mother like daughter." Coughed Chase from across the room.

"Very funny jack-ass," House scowled dropping the diaper bag on the floor. "Now someone come over here and help me deal with this monster."

Thirteen and Taub approached, but Rachel only cried harder and gripped onto House's jacket with all her might. "Nnn-dah !" she said at them, "Nnn-dah !

"OK, ok, shhhhh" House whispered to her and began jiggling his arm. "Make yourselves useful, and go scrounge up some apple juice and animal crackers or something."

"Why don't you just take her down to peds?" Chase asked frowning.

"I did" House answered sarcastically sitting on the edge of the conference table with Rachel on his good leg. "She just needs some Tylenol, a drink and a nap." He stopped for a moment and looked up, "actually…so do I."

Thirteen was rummaging through the diaper bag and she came up with the Tylenol and a small cooler bag. "Well, here's the Tylenol," she read the back and filled the dropper, approaching Rachel with a smile. "Here you go sweetie," she cooed.

"Nnn-dah !" Rachel said, swatting with one arm, while gripping on to house's lapel with the other one.

"Oh Jesus," House snapped "Give me that thing. "He pulled the dropper out of her hand, "she must sense that you bat for the other team."

Thirteen rolled her eyes and relinquished the dropper.

Annoyed, Foreman stood "Does Cuddy even know you have her daughter here?"

"No" House answered, "I kidnapped her….." he looked up, "I'm keeping her until Cuddy gives me some Lovin."

Foreman shook his head irritably and walked out of the room.

"Come on rug-rat," House whispered "open sesame." Rachel looked up at him and furrowed her little brows together. House gently slid the dropper between her chubby lips and squeezed out the medicine. "Bottle!" He said holding out his hand. "Kid needs a chaser."

Thirteen laughed and dropped the bottle in his hand. "You have a knack for this."

House looked up, "Ok Dr Thirteen…..giving a kid a dose of Tylenol isn't what makes me an awesome doctor."

Thirteen rolled her eyes again and reached for the diaper bag, "Why don't I go set up a cozy spot for her in your office."

"Ahhh," House mused as she walked away, "she does indeed have some maternal instinct, despite her wicked ways." He pushed the bottle into Rachel's moth and she grabbed it and instantly began sucking.

Chase came over and reached for her small cooler. "What's in here?" He asked her with a smile, "Your mama packed you some good snacks?" He asked again.

"The only thing her mama's packin' is a nice rack!" House muttered.

"House!" Scolded Taub.

Chase sat besides House and reached out his arms towards Rachel, "Come here sweetheart," he said softly. "Let's have a snack."

She looked unsure for a moment and then went willingly into his arms. Chase sat her on his lap facing the table, and pulled a few small Tupperware's out of the cooler. "Lets see, we've got some cubed cheese, some apple slices" he opened a couple up and placed them before her, "gold fish, and a Sippy cup." He smiled gently pulling the bottle out of her hands and replacing it with the cup. "You want a little snack then?"

"Well, well, well," House chimed in a sing songy voice. "It seems like the good looks and the accent will charm any woman, regardless of age."


"Lucas!" Cuddy exclaimed, as she walked into her office, "how did you get in here?"

"Your office is hardly Fort Knox, "he answered with a smile.

She shook her head, and shut the door behind her.

"I'm here, "he continued, "to apply for the position as your assistant."

"The position is no longer available." She said under her breath, "What is this about?"

"Have you filled it?" He asked narrowing his eyes. "The add is still…."

"The position is being filled internally." She cut him off sharply, "Now really," she pushed softening her voice, "what is this about?"

"Are you with him?" He asked, looking up.

"That's hardly any of you're…" she started.

"I know you are." He laughed. "I'm a PI," he said, "remember?"

"Lucas…" she frowned,

"I staked out your house last night." He nodded, "so, I know he spent the night."

Cuddy sat down across from him, "Like I said before, "she said calmly, "My personal life is no longer any of your concern."

He just looked at her and smiled.

"Lucas," she said kindly, "I have an incredibly busy day today, so…."

"You know he has Rachel right?" He asked looking up. "Here at the hospital."

"Of course I know, "she answered softly, "I was in a bind and…"
"You could have called me." He cut her off. "I would have watched her….at home, where she could be comfortable and…"

"Lucas," Cuddy cut him off in turn, "that is a sweet offer, and I thank you…but, I've talked to you about how confusing it would be for Rachel if…"

"If you were sleeping with House, and I was still in your life."

"Lucas!" she exclaimed.

"OK, I gotcha," he looked up at her and grinned, "I'll let you go….well, not really….I is not going to let you go, ever, but….for now…."

She rested her head in her hands as she heard the door close.


"House!" Chase whispered screamed, "House wake up."

"What?" he answered his eyes still closed.

"You took her spot on the couch." Chase whispered, a slumbering Rachel in his arms.

"Her who?"


"Don't care." He answered, eyes still closed, arms folded across his chest.

"You're using her stuffed bear as a pillow!" Thirteen added.

"I know," a smile formed across his lips. "It's comfy."

"Come on House," she pleaded; "it took us a half hour to get her to fall asleep."

"Not my problem." He turned his head and snuggled into the bear.

"It will be when Cuddy comes to get her," Chase added, "now scoot over."

"No way, "House answered opening his eyes, "I'm not sleeping with that little germ factory. Go set up a spot for her somewhere else." He smiled smugly, and folded his arms behind his head, closing his eyes once again.

Chase looked at thirteen, and then over at House, she smiled and nodded. Slowly Chase crept up, and lowered a sleeping Rachel on top of his chest.

"What the….?" House jerked up, and Rachel opened her eyes and started to whimper. "Shhhh, Shhhh, its okay….Shhhh." he whispered as he reached over and simultaneously rubbed her back.

Slowly, very slowly Rachel's eyes shut, and her head rested on his chest. He kept an arm over her back and glared at the two doctors who stood before him smiling.

"Come get her off me." He growled softly.

"No way, "answered Chase with a deep smile. "She's sound asleep."

"You two are dead" he whispered under his breath.

"And you two are all snuggly." Laughed Thirteen.

"Besides," added Chase as he backed away towards the door. "You finally get a chance to sleep with Cuddy….a Cuddy that is."

They quickly ducked out of the office, knowing there would be hell to pay later. But for now, the image of House sacked out on a Teddy Bear, with Rachel Cuddy sprawled across his chest, was priceless.


Dr Cuddy was clicking rapidly across the hall when she spotted Chase walking out of the darkened conference room.

"Dr Chase," she called out, "Is House still in his office?"

"Oh yeah," he smiled. "He's there…and he's got Rachel with him."

"Oh," Cuddy blushed slightly and smoothed her coat; somehow she had been hoping that House wouldn't advertise taking care of her daughter. The implications would be obvious. "I was in a bind and…." She started as she reached for the door, "I hope she wasn't any trouble."

"Oh no," smiled Chase reaching out to open the door for her. "She's a doll, that little one."

"Oh, well…good." She looked inside the empty conference room and peered at the closed office door. "Are they…?"

"They're napping." Chase said suppressing a smile.

"Napping?" She asked, raising one eyebrow, "both of them?"

"Well, I better…." Chase shrugged and looked at his watch, "It's getting late and I….."

"Goodnight Dr Chase." She said with a coy smile as he turned, blushing slightly himself, and headed down the hall.

Dr Cuddy opened the door to House's dim office, and stopped in her tracks. There, on the couch lay Dr House, with her baby daughter, red cheeked and drooling, lying tummy side down on his chest. Her small, flushed face turned towards the door, his large hand splayed gently over her back, and his head resting on her teddy bear.

"Oh House!" she mumbled under her breath, trying to suppress a smile, her hand rising up to her chest. For someone who usually ignored Rachel's existence at all costs, he had sure risen to the challenge today.

Slowly he opened his eyes and focused on her. "You're late!" he whispered gruffly.

"I never actually gave you a time. "She replied with a soft smile.

"Well, I was about to drop her off at lost and found." He smirked.

"Oh," she smiled, "Is that what you were getting ready to do?"

"Jesus Cuddy," he felt Rachel stirring and his hand moved in small circles on her back, "stop gazing at me and come get this little rug rat off me."

"House," she whispered, with a wide soft smile, "are you rubbing her back?"

"No….I'm just…." He rolled his eyes, "just come get the kid will ya ?"

"Oh, come here angel!" Cuddy cooed softly as she leaned down towards her daughter, gathering her up into her arms.

"Oh gross!" House exclaimed looking down at his shirt, "Cuddy she slimed me!"

Cuddy held the baby against her chest and rocked slowly from side to side to keep her from waking fully.

"House," she whispered sincerely, "Thank you, I couldn't have made it without you today."

"Yeah well," he smirked, "just remember that when you're dishing out clinic hours." Slowly he limped to his desk and gathered a few papers into his back-pack before slipping on his coat.

"Will….I be seeing you tonight?" She asked quietly, making a point to look at Rachel when she asked and not him.

"I ahhhh," he reached the door and held it open for her. "I'm going to lay low." He answered looking down as she walked through the door. "Goodnight Cuddy."

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