This story, which is a collaborative effort with the user A. Fox, is chronologically set after the end of "Snoopy vs Kat". Do you remember what happened in that story?

Snoopy had just turned his doghouse into a spaceship, when suddenly Mr. Kat arrived and tried to steal it.

"Sorry kitty, that cannot fly yet! It still needs its fuel! Now get off your claws from my spaceship!" "OK... but you're gonna beg me to get off my claws from your dog butt!" And a furious fight started.

Both the animals turned out to be incredibly strong and agile. Snoopy fought with a lightsaber and Kat with a Samurai sword.

The fight suddenly moved to the mountains outside the town, and there Mr. Kat turned out to be a cyborg when Snoopy sliced away his arm exposing sparkling wires.

"Are you... an android?" "No, doggy. I'm a cyborg, it's different. Well, I'm approximately 70% robot, but my skin, my left eye, my brains and my lungs are still organic. Even if my brains are connected with two motherboards..." "What?! You have more than one brain?" "Yeah. So you have only one? Then you're obsolete!"

The fight resumed, but still none of them seemed to be able to defeat the opponent.

Suddenly, Kat started to yell and complain about the troubles he met in planet Earth, revealing that he was also an alien.

During the last part of the fight, Kat managed to hit Snoopy's arm with his claws and it was then revealed that the beagle was an alien cyborg himself. The two aliens decided that fight was useless, they had to form an alliance to go back to each other's planet. So they finished the spaceship together and prepared to take off. But something didn't work and the spaceship started vibrating without leaving...

"Uh-oh!" "Oh, no! You said two of the most disturbing words ever! Now please, don't say those even more disturbing words!" "Something's wrong." "You said them! Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no!"

Suddenly, the spaceship totally stopped moving. "Oh, great! The spaceship is destroyed, we're never gonna leave this horrible planet!" "Could you please calm down, kitty? Now let's go outside and see if there's something broken."

And outside there was a big surprise: the two alien animals were in front of a gate which read "Barkham Asylum"...

What kind of adventures are waiting for our two heroes? Will they ever manage to go back home once and for all? Find it out in this new story!