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Washington D.C., the capital city of the United States of America. Finally, after that night full of horror and violence, Rodney, Snoopy and Mr. Kat reached their destination.

Before parking his van, Rodney Rabbit, A.K.A. Captain Carrot, said to his companions: "Alright, here we are. Now listen up" he lowered his voice "Chester's superhero identity is Little Cheese, he has the power of shrinking himself on command. Now we're going to his law firm, if he's not there then he's probably somewhere else fighting crime as Chester Cheese. And one last thing before we go: we'd better watch out, because recently Calypso was sighted right here in this city!"

"Who is this guy?" Snoopy asked. And Rodney answered: "He's a dangerous and powerful criminal who likes organizing a clandestine tournament of car fighting and other destructive stuff which can cause remarkable damage to an entire city: the Twisted Metal tournament! Some people say he probably chose Washington DC as the new location for this hell of vehicles blowing up!"

Kat said to Rodney with sarcasm: "Oh well, we keep getting luckier... so what should we do if we come across some fighting cars?"

Rabbit answered: "Well I think we should not be cocky and stay out of trouble..."

Kat snapped: "Oh, come on! When we met you for the first time Venom was going to kill you, at Crystal Lake first you didn't want to fight Jason and then DeLarge was almost kicking your butt... what kind of superhero are you?"

Rodney's face became much more serious and gloomy, then he whispered: "You're right... guess there's a twilight for superheroes as well..." An awkward silence followed. Then Rodney parked the van and said: "OK, let's go."

When they walked out of the vehicle, Snoopy whispered in Kat's ear with rage: "Way to go, cat! You hurt his feelings!" Mr. Kat frowned...

As greatly requested by Snoopy (and much with Mr. Kat's annoyance) the three animals took a longer way that allowed them to see the National Mall. On their way to get there, while Snoopy was all excited to see a place he heard of countless times and Rodney was still silent, Kat didn't grumble at all despite how annoyed he was... he could be extremely nasty with many people without feeling any remorse, but there was something about Rabbit that made him feel rather guilty for hurting him, he had kindly accepted to save him and his pal after all; as far as he could remember he had never felt such a pain in his mechanical heart, except when he thought about his girlfriend Dr. K still waiting for him... the image of her sad muzzle depressed him even more.

But when they arrived at the National Mall, something immediately interrupted Snoopy's excitement and the melancholy of Mr. Kat and Rodney: something really serious was happening in that highly symbolic place, because there was police everywhere, and a cop was shouting something in his megaphone but it was hard to understand with all that noise...

Rodney Rabbit asked to a policeman: "Excuse me sir, what's going on here?" The cop answered: "I must order you to leave for your own safety, the situation here is extremely dangerous: as we feared, in the end Calypso started a new Twisted Metal tournament right here! And to make things worse now Needles Kane and Dollface are having an argument and if that evolves into a ballistic fight countless innocent lives could be taken, so we, Captain Americat and Little Cheese are trying to persuade them to stop!"

Rodney and the two aliens walked away to try to decide what to do. "You heard that guy?" Snoopy said "He said Little Cheese is there! He's our man! I mean... our mouse!"

"Yes, but... what should we do now?" Mr. Kat asked "Should we wait for this to end? Should we try to help him and that other guy? What?"

Rodney suddenly looked much more determined and he exclaimed: "I say we must put ourselves forward and help Little Cheese and Captain Americat to save this city!"

Kat was astonished. "B-but... wait!" he stuttered "Don't you think you're overdoing it now? Didn't you say..." But the rabbit interrupted him sharply: "You seem to have some problems in making up your mind, boy!"

Mr. Kat knew what he meant to say. "Well... don't you think you are giving too much credits to those stupid things I said to you before?"

Rodney answered: "No, you're wrong. You made me open my eyes. I have powers in my paws that few people have, and it's time to prove myself if I really deserve them, it's time to prove myself if I'm really getting old or not! Now get ready!"

Snoopy and Kat decided to do as he said and Rodney found a place where no one could see him and ate one of his special carrots to become Captain Carrot. Then he obtained from the police the permission to go and join Americat and Little Cheese along with his companions.

The two superheroes were extremely surprised to see Captain Carrot and two unknown animals coming, but then again they were likely there to aid them.

Now that they had joined the fray, Snoopy and Kat could also see how Needles Kane and Dollface looked like: Kane, also known as Sweet Tooth because of his signature vehicle, was a big Grizzly bear with a creepy smirking clown mask and his head on fire (yeah, on fire) who was wielding a large chainsaw, and Dollface was a female peacock who was dressed like a model and had another disturbing mask that looked like the face of some kind of "doll-bird". And each one of them had a plenty of goons with similar freaky costumes.

"Oh, look!" Kane said with his deep and intimidating voice "There are other three nuisances who decided to join the party!"

One of Dollface's female minions giggled and mocked Mr. Kat: "Aww, look at that cute baldy thingy!" Kat growled at her with red eyes.

"Cap! What a surprise!" said Little Cheese to Rodney "After all these years, you show up... here?"

"I know it's not the best place for a reunion" said Captain Carrot "But I thought you needed some help here with these... 'fun-loving' guys"

"Looks like we have more party poopers!" Sweet Tooth snarled with his deep and intimidating voice "This is not a little fight between kids during recess, and you're no teachers! Now get out of the way and let me cut that b***h, before I have some fun with YOU instead!"

Captain Americat tried to implore him: "Please stop, Kane! Don't you realize how heavy the consequences will be if you..." But Dollface interrupted him: "Cut the chatter, Captain Ameri-Suck! I know what you're leading up to, do you really think we care about destroying 'symbols of our nation' or anything when destruction and death is our only way to have our wishes granted by Calypso?"

Captain Carrot stepped forward and said: "Then maybe you will care about having a... bet!" Everyone looked at him, including his allies. Kat looked at Snoopy in a way that asked "What the hell is he talking about?", but the beagle shrugged. Meanwhile, Kane and Dollface actually looked interested. "Lay it on us." the clown said.

So the rabbit explained what he had in mind: "Me and my companions will now split into two, and each group will face one of your gangs. If we win, you'll give up fighting and tell Calypso to cancel the Twisted Metal tournament right away... if we lose, you have our permission to go ahead and terminate each other." All of his allies gave a gasp of horror at what he had just said.

Sweet Tooth was clearly pleased to hear that: "Heh heh heeeh, I like this! I'm on it!"

"So am I!" said Dollface with the same sadistic glee.

"Cap, have you gone nuts in these years?" Little Cheese yelled in disbelief. And Captain Americat exclaimed: "Yeah, this is madness! Haven't you noticed that we're surrounded by dozens of mad guys?"

Carrott replied: "Just trust me, mates. They may be numerous and fierce, but after all they're just a bunch of unintelligent brutes, while we have two things that they do not have: brain and superpowers. And the latter is a gift that not everyone has, so we gotta use it!"

Snoopy pondered for a second and said: "Alright then, after all I cannot think about any other solution, and neither can anyone else by the look of it. So how are we going to split? Who will face who?" Mr. Kat abruptly answered his question: "You guys can take the clowns, I'll beat the bimbos up all by myself!" This naturally resulted in another shocked reaction from the rest of the crew, but before anyone could try to tell him that his decision was suicide, the alien justified himself: "Boys, I'm a hyper-advanced cyborg warrior and I faced much worse foes in my life. I even defeated an army of robots that were as large as buildings, so why should I be afraid of a bunch of chicks who think they're butch just because they have cars and weapons?" In reality he was lying about the army of large robots, but then again, that did serve the purpose of calming his mates down, so... OK.

Captain Carrot remarked: "Looks like we're finally starting to comprehend each other, comrade!" He gave Kat a winking smile, which the alien promptly returned.

"Alright" Needles Kane said "Cut the chatter now, suckers. Clowns, let's... RUN AMOK!" And so the fight between the gang of Clowns and four of the superheroes started!

Meanwhile, Dollface incited her gang too: "Now, sugar cubes... GO DOLLS**T!" And the fight between the gang of Dolls and one single supercat started!

To be continued (be patient, sadly it might take this long every time).