Ladies and Gentlemen

Since I got such positive feedback on the Ladies and Gentlemen drabble from 10 Clicks on a ShiroIchigo Ipod, I decided to extend it into a story. In an effort to reduce confusion, will combine the L and G song drabble from 10 Clicks, with it's sequel Satisfaction into this story when the appropriate time comes. This will ultimately be a Hichi-Ichi fic but they will not meet until either chapter 4 or 5 (they will each have about a 2 chapter background story).

-Neither Bleach or the Songs belong to me.

***From the Ladies and Gentlemen series, this is Ichigo's back story...

I'm too sexy for my love,
Too sexy for my love,
Love's going to leave me.
I'm too sexy for my shirt,
Too sexy for my shirts,
So sexy it hurts.
And I'm too sexy for Milan,
Too sexy for Milan,
New York and Japan.
And I'm too sexy for-

Digging into my pockets for the singing cell, I laugh silently at my egotistical, cocky boyfriends self-assigned ringtone. "Hey Grimm."

"Ichigo. Look, about dinner, sorry but I can't make it tonight." I saw that coming, so I reply with an impassive "I know." He was quiet for a second before diving into his explanation, "Look, I tried but that jerk Kuchki wouldn't give me an extension for the essay, so I have to write it tonight."

"Well, considering Kuchki gave that assignment out over a month ago, I am surprised he didn't fail you for asking. Anyway, I knew you hadn't started yet so I only made reservations for three."

"You're going without me?" Strangely enough, he sounds surprised, which agitates me. "Yes, this is the third time you've bailed and I am not going to make my friends keep rescheduling because you can't pull your shit together."

"Fine, look I will make it up to you-" "No, don't worry about it. The reason we decided to keep this relationship casual is because we are both really busy. That way we don't have to worry about things like dinner dates or holidays."

"Yeah, I guess so." His response doesn't sound as sure as I'd like it to, which makes me worry. I need to be sure he is not getting too attached. Grimmjow and I have been friends for about a year, and after one friendly fistfight in his living room turned into an intense make-out session, we became friends with benefits. We mutually agreed to keep it casual on the basis that we had no romantic feelings for one another, only lust driven attraction. However, two weeks ago we had sex for the first time. He was ecstatic about being my first and since then, I've noticed subtle changes in his attitude towards me that suggest he might want more. If that is true then I need to break this off before any irreparable damage is done. Unfortunately, I will have to save that conversation for another time.

"Well I need to get ready, Rukia and Renji are meeting me here in an hour. I will see you in school tomorrow, and don't forget we have that math assignment due too." Here it comes...

"Ah! son of a... shit, dammit, thanks Ichi, I will see you tomorrow." He hangs up and I sigh, so predictable.

An hour later, I wave goodbye to my sisters, kick my dad in the face, and head out the door with my friends. For the past week, they have been wanting to celebrate my getting into the medical program. With graduation a week away and time running out, I decided not to push it back anymore. To hell with Grimmjow and his ridiculous procrastination.

Dinner was great and we spent most of the time discussing the future. Rukia is going to school to be an English teacher like her brother, go figure, and Renji decided he is happy with his life as a mechanic in his dad's shop.

Renji picked up the bill, saying pretty soon Rukia and I would both be broke ass university students and that we should save our money. Rukia said that she would pay him back after graduating, when she was a teacher and he was a greasy, oily, beggar.

On the drive home, Rukia and Renji get into a heated argument about whether or not the Chappy rabbit is a suitable obsession for adults. I tune them out in favor of my own sanity and stare out the passenger side window, thinking about all of our futures.

For the first time I vaguely wonder if Grimmjow has plans for the future. Probably something ridiculous like a cage fighter. I know his father is really wealthy and wants Grimmjow to be a cut-throat businessman, but Grimm never really had the same tastes as Aizen. He said that life was more up his brother, Ulquilora's ally.

I am rudely awakened from my thoughts when the car swerved slightly. "Ow! You crazy rabbit obsessed migit, don't hit the driver!"

"Then quit picking on Chappy, you stupid overgrown monkey beast!"

"Could you guys tone it down. I would like to get home in one piece with my sanity in tact." "Che, whatever strawberry." I glare at him "can it pineapple." My request was ignored as a three way banter battle started. Some things never change.

The next day at school was definitely interesting to say the least. It was the start of the last week, which meant finals, turning in projects, and preparing for graduation. After having been up for the entire night finishing his schoolwork, Grimmjow was unsurprisingly sleeping through the first few hours of school. Apparently, he has mastered the art of sleeping upright in class. Just as I was about to throw my pencil at him, the lunch bell rang. He jostled out of his slumber and we headed to lunch together.

"Hey Ichi, you don't have any plans later right? I was thinking that I could take you out tonight ta make up for yesterday." I guess now would be a good time to have that conversation. "Didn't I tell you not to worry about it? I mean we're not serious enough with each other to worry about that kinda thing."

He was quiet for several seconds, the hesitation is enough to throw up a red flag in my mind. When we made it to the lunchroom he finally replied, "you really don't want this to go anywhere do you?"

Well shit, "sorry Grimm, but I thought we made that pretty clear in the beginning. Not only do I think we are not right for each other in that way, but I simply do not and will not have time for a serious relationship for quite a while." Damn, I really should have put a halt to this when I first noticed his attitude to change.

To my surprise, he turns to me with a rather large grin, "that makes sense, you wouldn't be you without that stubborn logical streak. To bad that's one of the things I love about ya."

I felt my stomach drop, "Listen Grimmjow, I-" he holds up a hand to stop me. "Ichigo, I understand that there isn't anything I can do right now to change your mind, but you gotta remember that I am just as stubborn, if not more so than yourself. Not to mention that I am more than happy to fight for what I want. You might not want me now, but one day I will come back and fight to make you mine." With that he turned around and walked out of the cafeteria.

Walking over to my friends, I felt dread creeping up my spine at his promise. The only thing I could think was, what have I done?

The rest of the week went on without a hitch. Graduation plans were made, rehearsed, carried out and I finally had my diploma. Grimmjow and I were back to being just friends, minus the benefits. I heard the little voice in the back of my head telling me to distance myself as much as possible, but when he asked to remain friends and keep in touch, I didn't have it in me to say no. I figure that I at least owe him that much.

As my short break in between high school and college flew by, I only saw Grimmjow a few times. We hung out and fought once for old time's sake, and we went out with Rukia and Renji the night before I left for my dorm. We all agreed that night to keep in touch and to all meet in one spot at least once a year.

Now I am living in one of the university dorms, and getting ready to devote the next six years of my life solely to the medical program I was accepted into peacefully. Too bad things never work out exactly the way you want them to.

****For those that have read L and G, now you know how Grimm fits in to Ichigo's past (though I have a feeling he isn't done with Ichi yet...). The next Chapter will be Ichigo's back story part 2, which will follow Ichigo through most of college. It will not be too long though, for good students like Ichi, college is pretty boring (most of the time). Not to mention I am excited for Hichigo's entrance.