A/N: Well, why not put a second up tonight? I wrote this, two minutes before it rained. How crazy is that? Please review. Prompt, was rain.

She loved rainy days, and for many reasons. She never used to like rainy days. It meant that she had to be indoors, instead of outdoors, playing with the other kids.

She would be stuck, inside the house, instead of kicking the football, playing baseball and running around the neighbourhood with the other kids. She used to love those days.

But like everything else, she grew up. Perhaps too soon, perhaps not! But all the same, she had grown up and like many things over the years, her interests changed.

Instead of hating the rain, she loved the rain. Often, he would find her at the window looking out, watching the rain fall form the sky, hitting the trees in her backyard, and dripping slowly down onto the grass.

He would wrap his arms around her, and he would led her to the couch, where they would snuggle together, sometimes, putting a movie on, sometimes, just talking.

When asked why she loved the rain, she would reply, "Because it means that I get to spend time indoors with you!"

Kensi Blye loved the rain and would love it, for many years to come.