A/N: Playing around with darker themes and this came to mind through it, though it's not that dark! Re-visit of Dom's death.

Prompt - Memories

It was the memories that got her through. Thinking about and remembering all the times the two had had together, working together, time spent together outside of work. Sam had been her best friend and was always there for her, but sometimes seeing him was a reminder of the past. Nate tried to talk to her, but she pulled away from him. She didn't want to talk. Callen was there, as a shoulder to cry on, but it was not the same thing and it was not what she needed.

What she needed was for him to be there, at her side. To tell her each day was going to be okay. She needed to be able to tease him, to teach him new things as each day passed.

But Dom was gone- never to return again, only to be a figment of her imagination. And it was her fault. How she wished it wasn't. But it was – it was her fault, and no one else could understand that. No one else would ever understand the guilt, and the pain she felt.

All she had left, were the memories… and they may never be enough!