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Chapter one: "I want to be loved"

12 th. February, 2010

There are many words used to describe, Raven, from the Teen Titans team. Sullen, emotionless, gothic, uncaring, angry, ruthless and surely sarcastic. But there was a word no one would ever thought would be used to describe Raven, passionate.

The sad fact is the dark goddess has a crush-on her handsome leader. He was different from most teenager boys. Do you know why? He was kind, compassionate, and warm with his friends but more than that he was like her.

Raven Roth POV

Robin, Robin. I whispered.

Outside, he was perfect, like a magazine model. His skin was normal, maybe a little tanned. His height was also normal. He was taller than me obviously. He was about 5.9 ft approximately. His chest was perfect, seeing him without a shirt was a scene that no woman wanted to forget. His beauty was striking. He was already 19 years. I had the good fortune to be, I think, the only one who could look at his eyes before. His eyes were bright, deep, mystical, blue as the purest sea in this world.

I'm shocked by his beauty, his pure heart, his courage …him ...

I'm in love with him, but…who can blame me? Who would not fall in love with Robin?

I hate this feeling; he makes me feel, hot, weird, girly…Agrr… I am feeling like a preppy girl... I hate being in love with him. He has what he deserves, Starfire. Starfire, the beautiful alien who is pretty thin, sweet, a good friend, attractive, tanned, tall, well, she is the perfect girl for him.

I'm almost certain that the perfect people should be together. So someone like me, a very imperfect person, should not mingle with them.

In particular, because…Who am I to destroy the relationship of my friend? ...Even if I wanted, I couldn´t do something like that. Robin is too perfect to be with someone like me. This would break all the laws of nature.

People, Do you want to know what is "the imperfection"? Imperfection is my synonym. Sad but is the reality.

I am weak, I never tried to confess to him how much I like him. Because of my failure to act, he has fallen for another. Another far more brighter and far more beautiful than I could ever hope to be.

The vivacious Starfire. But, well, I said it before. I am just FRUSTRATED.

I can´t hate her. She is a good friend. Unfortunately that made things even more complicated.

But as complicated as the situation is, I know, I must try to get past it in order to survive.

'As if that's anything new to me. I've always survived but I never lived.'

I was lying in bed, playing and replaying in my head thoughts of my life, thoughts of Robin, thoughts of them together and thoughts of...Starfire.

"Raven, Raven! It´s time for Breakfast!" Beast boy said and brought me out of my daydreaming.

Shit. Now was the most difficult part of the day. To wake up and not feel him next to me. To wake up and feel Starfire's emotions over and over. About how her life was happy and perfect...with Robin.

I decided to get out of bed and headed for my mirror. I hated the damn thing because vanity was a pointless emotion but It would be useful...for today at least…I don´t know why…

I was dressed in my pajamas. I took them off. I wanted a good look at my body. I´ve never done this before.

I decided to see my full body. The weird amethyst colored hair. I wished it was a normal hair color like my namesake. The pale colourless skin…My skin was like paper, cold, it looks like I never went out in the sun. Perhaps, in the middle ages, a pale woman was a symbol of beauty, but not now. Maybe if I had been born in the Middle Ages I would have been considered pretty, but not now. I wasn´t exactly a lucky person.

Then there was the most obvious, my scrawny figure and big breasts. I could consider myself a shapely woman. But ... here we go again ... I'm still weird. A strange beauty. Who could love a weird girl like me?

The mirror cracked. I just remembered why I didn't like to look at myself.

´I hated that mirror anyway´ I said while I was picking the pieces of glass. I did it with my powers so it took only a pair of minutes.

I got dressed in my leotard, cloak and boots. I looked back at my personal small mirror, the portal to ´Nevermore´, and looked at my face. My hair, It was horrible! Why the hell Did I cut it?.

'Something has got to change.' I whispered.

´ Oh, tanrıçası Eris, sana büyümek saçımı yapmak için yalvarıyorum´ I said as my hair grew to my waist.

With that I left my room towards the kitchen.

Everyone looked up as the door swooshed open and I walked into the main room. If I was anyone else I would have burst out laughing at the scene the teen heroes were in. Cyborg was trying to wrench a piece of tofu from Beastboy's hand while Robin was pulling on his other arm to try and get him to unclench his grasp on Beastboy's throat. Starfire was only meters away from me. She was cooking a violet and pink concoction and adding something strange.

´Friend Raven. I have prepared a Gofnark in honor of this wonderful sunny day. Would you like to partake in the traditional earth art of the licking of the spoon"? Starfire said in her overly perky voice holding up a spoonful of whatever it was to her.

´Uh noo, Thanks Star I'm not hungry´ I said trying to avoid the disgusting ´food´.

´Well I will see if my friends Cyborg and Beastboy will enjoy some´ She said smiling. Oh Azar, I want to hate her, but I can´t, she is good friend…Why is not she a bad girl? Well, the word ´bad´ doesn't fit with Star. My thoughts were interrupted by Star.

´ Oh friend Raven, Your hair looks fantastic!´ Starfire said to me practically yelling.

Everyone turned to look at me. They stared at me as if I were the eighth wonder of the world. I hated it. I hated being observed. I was feeling almost naked, and much more without my hood which fell without my noticing. Shit.

´Hey, Rae, you look very nice today´ Beast boy was the first to speak even shocked.

´Sis, you look pretty nice with long hair´ Cy said smiling to me.

´Nice change Rav…´Robin said But he was cut by the alarm before he could finish what he was saying


Gathered around the main computer to oversee a report. Beast Boy jumped over the couch to join his friends and scooted next to Raven who eyed her green changeling of a friend for a moment then directed her full attention towards Robin.

Robin, the fearless leader of the Teen Titans, turned back to the computer in order to inform his teammates, ´Okay, listen up, I've just received an anonymous tip saying that some kind of gem within the museum is in danger of being stolen.´

´Dude, Maybe the owners are just paranoid´ Said Beast boy.

Immediately, Robin shot a narrowed glance at the green boy.

Suddenly the whole room turned red and Red X, the mysterious thief, who had not appeared since the fiasco with Chang, appeared on the screen.

Starfire unconsciously scooted closer to her boyfriend. Wrapping an arm around his, he returned the gesture by placing a hand on one of hers for reassurance.

´The perfect couple…It´s disgusting´ I thought giving a glance to the couple who did not noticed it.

Since Tokyo they were a couple but it was just turning out to be very odd in seeing a couple within the hero world period. I am just jealous.

´ What the hell do you want Red?´ Robin yelled. Oh, It was so obvious, an unnecessary question. Sometimes Robin could be so predictable. He is a thief what could he want... Stealing was his work, idiot.

To be the leader of the Teen Titans, Chuckles,Sometimes you can be pretty stupid.´ He said, smirking, probably.

´ Look at this, Chuckles… This gem is amazing, Don´t you think? Perhaps It is not as pretty as you cutie, but between us baby, I would prefer to have you´ Red´X said pointing Starfire cockily.

"Drop it, X" Robin annoying said. If Robin was upset now, Raven was furious. As always, Men are always looking at Starfire, the redhead beauty. Jerks…

Red X was smiling, I only wanted to punch him. Sometimes boys are pretty annoying.

"Ok birdie, Do you want to fight? Don't you?. If you want to catch me, meet me in the Pier 12. I will wait kids, just don´t be late" He said cockily and cut the transmission.

This is a fucking trap. It is obvious, I don't need to be a genius.

´Titans GO!´ Robin said. Yeah, He pissed him off. Four minutes after, we arrived at the pier. It was dark. I could not see almost anything.

Suddenly, We saw a light, It was Red X who appeared in front of us, probably using ´the teletransportation´. Definitly, Robin gave him too much toys.

Jason POV(AKA Red X)

Robin run towards me in a few seconds and started throwing punches. I ducked and kept focus on Raven, she was lazily walking towards us with the rest of her team, her glare intensifying with every step. Robin landed a punch to my jaw while I was watching her.

"SHIT, That hurts Chuckles" I muttered. My vision went fuzzy for a second.

"Are you tired thief?" Robin said cockily, almost like me. Almost.

Ignoring the oncoming headache. I couldn't deny Robin was strong but I was the best. I punch Robin in the back of the neck. Birdie fell to the ground like a mannequin and I stepped over his lifeless body.

"Oh god. What did you do to Robin?" Said the sexy alien. She tried to hit me. I know that she was powerful enough to break my bonds. But…I was quick enough to knock her out easily. I irritably pulled an X off my belt. It expanded and pull her down to the ground.

"Calm down baby, I only want to hear you screaming in my bed" I said, knowing that Robin was resuming consciousness but he was still weak. She kept throwing the bolts toward me so I had to keep jumping out of the way. Raven stayed where she was, her anger increasing and more and more power practically dripping from her hands. Why the hell was she so upset?

"Dude!" the green kid whined. I ripped an X from my belt and threw it at him speedily. Before any transformation.

"My hair!" He yelled. It was a bit funny his desperation. I laughed inside me. Cyborgs sonic blast just barley missed my chest. I decided that It was enough. I used the teletransportation to appear behind him. I put an X in his back. Finally, Tin man fell to the ground like the others.

"BUT WHERE THE HELL IS THE DARK GIRL!?" She disappeared. Oh, god. This promises to be funny.

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