Chapter VII: "Losing control of myself"

04 th. April, 2010

Jason POV (AKA Red X)

It's been three days since I´ve met my future children. I used those days to think. Obviously, they didn't lie me. They were like me. The girl, Euphemia, had my eyes and she was like Julie. Vivacious and friendly, but with a strong personality inside her. The kid…the kid almost scared me when I figured it out one thing. He was like me! His voice, his personality, his abilities, his smile, his body. He was just a younger version of me. But those two had something in common: they had Raven's purple eyes. Well, the girl had blue eyes with shades of purple. So…exotic. When they called me "father", it was weird but it felt so…good.

I thought someone like me wouldn't have the opportunity to have a family. It was like a dream. But my dream was in danger… ROBIN! He…that bastard was ruining it. He was taking her from me. I told her that she was mine!

So, I decided to visit her. But it something unbelievable happened… Robin asked Raven to be his girlfriend...and she accepted it! I was so pissed. I wanted to break his ribs with my own hands. But the reasonable part of me decided to listen to what they were saying. Robin was giving a lucky day. Until I saw her kissing him.

No…Damn it! Calm down, Jason. You can't just appear in the middle of Titans Tower. It would be suicide. But… this was unbelievable…She was evidently in love with him. It was so easy for the Boy Wonder. Lucky? Haha… until I will have him in my hands. He will pay for this. He will never forget it. No one puts a finger on my property. Property? It sounds… good. I will take her from him. I swear…I will have a family with her. It is our destiny and he will not ruin it!

I was preparing myself to break the window and kill Robin but something stopped me. I felt a presence. A few meters above me there were my children hiding themselves from the view of Raven. They were discussing something. Euphemia looked upset with her brother. She punched him. She was definitely like my little sister. I smiled.

A few minutes passed and they disappeared just like before. Their simple presence makes me calm down. It was like I didn't want to make a scene in front of them. It was so strange. What would Raven say about this? How will Raven take this news? I need to talk with her now. I teleported myself to Raven´s bedroom. She wasn't there. I looked at her bedroom, trying to memorize every inch. Everything about her was so mysterious. On a table there was a passport. I took it. Raven was British? Wait…Raven is a princess?

"What the hell?" I practically yelled. I couldn´t believe it. Raven…She was a princess…The princess of my country since I was British… Actually, my father was Jonathan Lampe rouge, Duke of York… But while I was leaving in England, I've never met Raven. So she was the mysterious princess, the one who disappeared one day four years ago. I´ve never seen her because I spent almost my entire life in France.

"Unbelievable…" I whispered. I couldn't believe it. I have a crush on a princess. This was so…exciting…

"What the hell are you doing in my room!?" Raven yelled from behind me. With her powers she closed her door loudly. I dropped her passport to the ground. She surprised me.

I turned around to confront her. I took off my mask like before. But this time I was totally maskless. I just wanted to confront her face to face.

"Oh, sunshine. I thought you would like to spend this day with your BOYFRIEND!" I yelled. I was upset again. I remembered why I was here.

"I am not your property, X. It is MY LIFE. And yes, you are right, he is MY BOYFRIEND. And I will leave with him so I don't have to see you again. Get out of my room NOW!" She yelled loudly. I didn't know why, but it seems she didn't like people around her room. But… how did she dare to talk to me with that tone? How could she dare to tell me so calmly that she was his girlfriend? I put a hand on the side of her face.

"These lips are mine PRIN-CESS!" I told her. I just wanted to see what would be her reaction…

"How did you even dare to touch MY THINGS!? Do you know what PRIVACY is!?" She tried to punch my face, but I took her wrist quickly and I pulled her onto her bed. I couldn´t let her punch my face. In the afternoon, I have a photo shoot for an important magazine. The last time, Chuckles left me a bruise on my cheek. Thankfully, he didn't punch me as hard as I thought. Today, I checked it and I didn't have a bruise anymore.

I was on top of her. She sent me a glance. She struggled, trying to stay away from me, but miserably failing. She couldn't do anything since I was stronger. But she didn't attempt to use her powers. It was so strange.

"Are you stupid or what? I told you, this is wrong. I love Robin. You know it. Go and find a bitch to play with and leave me alone," she told me while trying to calm herself down.

"Please, Red X…I don't what is happening to me… But I can´t control myself when I am with you…"- She said ashamed. Did she just admit that she likes me? I gave her a cocky smile. "What would you do if I did this?" I closed the distance between us and I crushed my lips onto hers. She didn't want to open her mouth.

"Raven…You want it too. Just don't fight it," I whispered in her ear. I put a hand on her breast and I started to stroke it. She moaned and opened her mouth. I take advantage of it and kissed her.

"Oh Azar, Red. Don't do this to me…something is happening inside me… I'm not kidding; let me goohh" She said. Oh fuck, why does she always do this to me? I stood up...ready to go away like she wanted.

"Ok, if you don't want it. I will not force you to do nothing PRIN-CESS!" I said annoying. I put a finger on my belt ready to teleport myself but…

Raven Roth POV

He was leaving me. I didn't want to say anything, but at the same time, I wanted to desperately be with him…my cheeks turned red.

"No Red, please…Stay! Don´t go!" I said, ashamed, because a part of me refuses to admit it. I couldn't believe it. Red X was a hot guy who was admitting that he would like to have some kind of adventure with me…and I was rejecting him…Unbelievable… What!? Adventure with a thief? What the hell is happening with my decency?-

"Why would I stay with you? For what? You were clear. You don't like me. I understood it, Raven." He said angrily and…sadly?

I lied. It wasn't true. I like him...and more. But I can´t just jump into his arms. I can´t. I'm not brave enough. Apart from that, he will think that I am a slut. Raven…I am Lust…I am part of you. Just let me take control of the situation. I am the most
appropriate to deal with him. We like him Raven, you can´t lie me. Perhaps, you feel something deep for Robin…But he doesn't make you feel so hot and desirable when you are with him…

She was right…I stood up and walked towards him slowly. I dropped my cloak.

"Perhaps…you would like to be with me because I have plenty of time to spend with you…Imagine what kind of things we will be able to do in my room. It is sound proof after all." I said while I was involving my arm on his neck pulling him closer to me. He didn't waste time…He attack my neck and kissed it with passion. It was like I remember…so hot…

"Oh Red." I moaned in a soft whisper.

Red X then gingerly grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me down onto the bed so that he was on top of me again.

The thief then flashed me a suggestive smile.

"OH AZAR X!" I moaned even louder. Just that fact that I had a horny sexy man on top of me made me feel like I was going to explode.

The thief then pulled away from me as he kicked off his boots.

After he did that, he removed his gloves and grabbed the top part of his uniform and pulled it off, leaving him bare chested. It was perfect and hard…but soft at the same time.

"Wanna touch, Sunshine?" He asked in a husky voice.

I didn't hesitate, and I slowly ran my fingers up and down his well defined chest. It made the thief shiver, and goosebumps began to spread themselves all over his body. I felt Lust´s happiness inside me. Raven, we need to turn him crazy for us, Lust said.

I felt the huge bulge beneath the bottom part of his uniform and I giggled at the fact that I made him hard just by touching his chest.

He then gave me a wink and a sexy smile as he looked up at me.

"You like my body, don't you princess?" He asked teasingly.

"Oh, I can't ever answer that question X. My pride is still intact." I said stubbornly. It was hilarious.

Red X then crawled over to me, making me groan in anticipation. I kicked my boots off.

He grabbed the zipper on the back of my leotard and began to pull it down slowly…The pleasure was unbelievable.

Red X stopped for a second and I looked up at him, biting my lower lip.

"What is your name? I don´t want to do it with a stranger…." I asked, his seductive grin becoming even bigger.

"My name is Jason, Sunshine…" He told honestly. I felt his honesty.

"Well, Jason…Would you like to have sex with me?" I pulled my body against him again feeling his big bulge. I put a hand on it. Definitely, I didn't want to stop. I wanted to have an adventure with him NOW….But this is so unlike me…What am I doing?

Jason POV (AKA Red X)

Unbelievable… She was so hot. I hate to admit it but she was the one who was controlling the situation. Stop Jason! This is wrong. She wasn't acting like "the normal Raven"…I´ve never imagined this even in my dreams…Raven asking me that! Perhaps this is too "Lovey Dovey" but I don't want to have sex with her…I want to make the love with her. If she's going to be the mother of my children, I can´t just have sex with her… our first time… I can´t such a bastard… Could I?...No!

"Stop Raven… Do you really like me? Look, this is wrong… I don't know why you are acting like this…What is happening to you?" I asked her a bit worried… Her eyes were shining a light shade of pink…

"I don't love you Red… Godammit! Don't be like Robin. Just shut up and fuck me please!" She said while her hand was massaging softly my…my bulge…This was so good but wrong at the same time…I can´t believe that she demanded me to fuck her…No, something is happening to her…

"STOP IT Raven!" I stood up and I walked a few steps away from her.

"What is happening to you Raven? It's like someone is controlling you…" I asked her while I was putting my top part of my uniform on.

"No, what the hell is happening with you? You were the one who came to here to be with me. I am just giving you what you wanted," she yelled upset.

"You aren't Raven. I know it. Who are you?" I said demanding an answer.

"I am Lust, thief. I am one of Raven´s emotions. We don't love you. I just wanted to have some fun and you ruined it!" She said with a lusty voice.

"I don´t want to have anything with you. I want Raven now." I shook her by the shoulders. She laughed cynically. I slapped her not too hard but not softly surely. She opened her eyes wide opened. She was shocked but her eyes were not shining a light shade of pink like before. Her eyes were totally violet like before.

"Red…Jason… I can´t believe that you just slapped me… But thanks, I needed it. I'm sorry she took control of me. I told you when I am around Robin and specifically around you this emotion takes control of my body. I am embarrassed; just go…I need to think alone." She said while looking at the ground avoiding my eyes. I put a hand on her shoulder. She stood up and gave me a chaste kiss on the commisure of my lips.

"Trust me, I need to be alone now. I was not joking. Tomorrow, I will go with Robin to my country. I will not be a Titan anymore. So I will probably not see you again. In another time, perhaps we will have an opportunity, but not now. My life is with Robin. Sorry, I lost control of myself…" I took her chin to see her eyes. She was trying to avoid crying.

"Sunshine, I will go. But this will not be the last time. I swear it…" I walked a step behind and I disappeared in front of her.

I appeared in my house. Julie was on the sofa and dropped the cup of tea to the ground. I appeared just in front of her.

"Fuck Jason…You scared me! It is too early to steal something, don't you think?" She said while she was cleaning the floor.

"I wasn´t stealing anything. I was just walking around…" I told her while I was helping her. After all, it was my fault.

"With the suit? What kind of walk was that?" She asked me suspiciously.

"Just forget it. Julie, don't make questions and prepare yourself. We are going back to England tomorrow." I told her while I was looking at her eyes.

" WHAT!? What about your job? Your manager called and told me to not let you forget your photo shoot. And what about the school?" She said nervously.

"This will be my last photo shoot in a while…I think. I came early to take my clothes and I will go to there. And you're on holidays…You'll start the school in England like before or if you want, I can contact a personal teacher for you. You know…Money is not a problem." I said replying all her questions.

"But Jay…You don't like to live in the court. You don't like to be in England. We left England because you said that it was boring. Did you forget it that?" She had a point. Yes, I told her that before. But Raven will be there, so I must follow her… it doesn't matter where she goes.

"Julie…It is really important for me. I must go to England again. Do you want to know the truth?" She nodded.

"I am in love with a girl. And she is going to England. She is special, Julie. You were right. She will be the mother of my children in the future. I just know it." I said almost in a whispered but loud enough to let her hear.

"Who the hell is she, Jason? I can´t let you drop your life for a little ditzy that you probably met a few times ago!" The stubborn girl yelled. My sister…she will never change.

"She is a Titan, Julie. She is in the other side of the law. But I would leave my life of a thief for her. I really care for her. Raven. That's her name. She will go with her precious leader to her home and they will form a happy family if I let her go to England with him," I said.

"Oh shit, bro. I knew you were hiding something big. But a titan?...Never mind, Jay. I will go with you. I would like to see mum and dad again. Perhaps, I enjoy the luxurious of our house this time…I hate to clean this house…hahaha." Definitely, I live with a monster. But this "monster" was one of the most important people on my life.

"Take this bag, Jay. I prepared it for you. Just go, your manager is a pain in the ass. Just be a good brother and buy me something. I deserve it! Good luck bro… I need time to prepare myself…Bye-bye!" She gave me a grin while she was practically pulling me outside the house.

"Julieee! I'm still in the suit…" I yelled but she closed the door behind me loudly.

"Fuck sis!" I screamed while I was putting on a shirt and a pair of jeans quickly thankfully we live in a place where the neighbors were probably in their jobs and not so many people walk around here. It was an exclusive part of the city.

I walked toward my car and I drove to my shoot. Precisely, to my last photo shoot.

"Well, at least it will be well paid," I said to myself. I parked my BMW.

I left the car and I walked to the main door of the building. Suddenly, I saw a lot of teenager girls. Probably some fans. Oh fuck, I just need to get out of here quietly. I turned around but a brunette shouted my name and I ran towards the garage.

In the garage, I saw my fucking manager. He was laughing.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me about this?" I yelled. I was upset. Actually, I was pissed me off. It was his job to tell me this kind of things.

"I called you Jason and accidently…I hear what you were doing earlier…So, a new girlfriend?" I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn´t. I was speechless. Fuck…Shit…This can´t be happening to me…Raven probably accidently touched my cell phone while she was touching me. Fuck!

"Just forget IT! It is not your business…I just came for the photo shoot. Tomorrow, I will go back to England. And before you ask…It is not your business …I will come back in a while…Hurry up…we're late!" I said, trying to avoid a conversation with him. I knew him since I was child and he could be pretty annoying if he want. Too bad I am not in the mood.

"Well…Come here…behind the garage there is a special entry…" He said. Finally, he did something beneficial. Now, I will avoid those crazy girls…

I entered to a big room. A special room for professional models. I prepared myself. I couldn't believe it. Today I will pose for an international magazine…precisely for…Calvin Klein? Calvin Klein! I looked at a sofa where there were "my clothes". I laughed.

There were briefs, boxers…Just underwear…

If my father or someone from the court of England reads this magazine, I will be in big trouble…

I put one of the pairs on. Raven would love seeing me using these. Raven…I couldn´t avoid to think on her. Earlier, I almost made it with her…But her emotion took control of her…It was so…exciting…but she was not Raven…not in the beginning…My Raven was shy…and I like her in that way.

During two hours I posed in front of a pair of women who didn't stop to look at me eagerly. Their glances intimidated me in one point. But I resisted. My eyes were only for Raven.

As quick as I could…I took my clothes and I went back to my house to prepare myself for tomorrow.

I parked my car and walked towards the door. I opened the door and suddenly a girl jumped on me.

"Euphemia?" She nodded…Tomorrow will be a long day…

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