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Naruto Uzumaki he was turning five tomorrow so he did as the hokage asked once again and locked his house up to the best of abilitys.

'Why do they hate us?' 'You know why.'

Naruto crawled under the kitchen table and held a kunai close to his pulled his legs close to chest and wrapped his arms around his leg's watching the sun go down, He could hear the people already start to party even though the main event was tomorrow night.

Later the night Naruto was dozing off 'You brat dont you dare fall asleep our were both dead stay awake' Naruto shook his head and did as he was told, he heard the people whisper harsh things about him.



Naruto wanted to shout back it wasnt him but he couldnt he was afraid, a rock flew into his window and crashed down on the floor.

Naruto shook violently with wide eyes trying to stay awake.

Nexts morning

Naruto got dressed and ready to fix his window. '' Alright! lets get started!''

''Shut up you demon child'' A stranger yelled at him, Naruto turned around and saw a pink haired girl grin at him and point '' Demon child, Demon child, Demon child will be sent away!''

The mother of the pink haired girl patted her head '' Hush now its a suprise'' Naruto cocked his head to the side as the women glared at him. 'Suprise?' 'It cant be good dont get your hopes up.'

Naruto knew he was right but..suprise?.

Again the final night.

Naruto watched the shadows of the people surrounding his apartment dance on his walls, his eyes burned with the urge to cry he wiped his nose and stayed silent.





Naruto heart started to race as he felt the crowd get reckless, 'Naruto your not going to make it..there's to many of them and they seem antsy to finish you off to night' Naruto bit his lip to keep from calling out in sadness. 'Naruto hop threw the kitchen window no one's on that side and run.'

Naruto wanted to stay in the building but as he felt the chakra rise in the shinobi's he knew they would just break in, Naruto crawled on to the table and cracked the window up silently. 'Hurry!' Naruto jumped out of the window forgetting about the Kunai he had in his hand and accidently droped it on a pan.

Naruto heard the shinobi '' HES OVER HERE"

Naruto ran as fast as his feet could carry him ' Kyubbi! please' 'Way ahead of you' Naruto felt the Kyubbi chakra take control and run him straight into a blonde girl with a ponytail she threw a flower at Naruto causing him to break his concentration.

''Mommy says your bad''

His world went dark.

''What happened to him?''

"I dont know but he needs help''

''I'll see what I can do.''

Naruto was wrapped in Kyubbi chakra, He was already starting to heal 'Kyubbi? where am I? am I dead?' ' No kit..But. I am' Naruto stood outside the cage with big watery blue eyes, he wiped his eyes lightly with his wrist and bawled up hands ' No no your my only friend! please dont die!'

'Silly kit iam leaving you with honor of the kyubbi host and my power. Dont be scared..' The giant fox fell on the ground still facing Naruto from behind the bars he reached his giant claw outside of the cage 'To take my power and have us become one rip the seal off kit.'

Naruto layed on Kyubbis soft warm fur ' but hokage..' 'Do it kit he's no longer in charge of where we are..your free now.' Naruto looked up and climbed on the fur of the demons hand and ripped the real off.

Naruto felt a burning sensation and covered his face. 'Good kit..good.' Kyubbi grinned and shut his eyes for the last time on the boy. 'No no no! I dont want power! iam..iam alone again.' Naruto looked around the emptyness of the mind he once shared and curled up.

''I think he's waking up..what is he.'' Naruto's eyes opened his deep intense blue eye had a black slit in them it looked scaryer since his eyes were wide first thing he saw was a girl with long black hair in werid looking green and white clothing, ''hey he's a fox demon!'' Naruto fox ear twitched twords the sound of a small looking person.

Naruto relized he was laying in someone's lap, he took a deep wiff of him and relized he smelled diffrent he hopped away from the people and backed himself into a corner and bared his fangs crouching over.

Everyone was in shock and looked at him with caution. '' He's a demon! let me slay him" Naruto glared hard at the wreched women who thought he could slay him '' No he's just scared he's nothing mere then a half demon possibly a child at that"

Naruto looked hard at the person talking it was the guy he was laying on earlyer he had long white hair and two fluffy white ear's on top of his head, he was wearing a red outfit. The guy walked over to him and held out his finger it had long nails on them that looked like claws.

''Iam Inuyasha.''

Naruto snapped at his finger but Inuyasha didnt pull back ''You must be scared whats your name I wont hurt you.'' Everyone seemed amazed at the kindness in Inuyasha voice.

Naruto seemed to simmer down abit ''Naruto..what are you?'' Inuyasha smiled '' Just like you a half demon.'' Naruto shook his head ''No no no! kyubbi is the only demon me only demon'' Inuyasha seemed confused '' No there our alot more demons out there.''

The girl who threaten to slay him stood up carrying a large wooden he didnt even know what to call it ''To many for my account''

Naruto glared hard at her and she left the hut, wait a hut Naruto looked around confused and forgot to not turn his back on the enemy but he didnt even know if they were the enemy.

Naruto looked at Inuyasha ''Where are you parents'' Naruto looked away '' They died when I was born..'' Inuyasha knew how that felt '' Did you come from a village?'' Naruto glared hard at the ground as his eyes watered '' No kid wanted to play..No adult would look at me with soft eyes..all i felt was cold hits and finally they threw me out.''

Inuyasha hands tightened on his leg,The girl with black hair and the werid outfit stood up and touched Inuyasha's shoulder, Naruto let out a menecing growl hiss '' Who are you''

The girl was a tad scared but smiled '' Iam Kagome.''

Inuyasha got up and scooped up Naruto '' He's nervous.. he seems not to trust humans anymore'' Inuyasha kimono surround Naruto and Naruto felt like he was in a red sea he felt calm and safe.

''Inuyasha here let me get him some clothes then.''

Inuyasha let Naruto go,Naruto winned alittle ''Nyah!'' Inuyasha smiled '' Go with Kagoma'' Naruto eyes widden in fear. ''She wont hurt you.'' Naruto took Kagome's finger and walked with her looking back at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha sat criss crossed waiting for them to get back ''You know what your doing is wrong''.

''Songo looking for your brother after he slayed your village is whats wrong.'' Inuyasha spoke stilling keeping his position, Songo looked at him hurt ''You cant raise a demon!'' Inuyasha glared hard at her ''Just cause were not saving humans doesnt mean its natrual to let a child die.''

Songo shook her head not belieaving this '' Its a DEMON child'' Inuyasha looked at her glaring '' A half demon child that means its still half human'' Songo looked away from him '' We should just kill him there has to be a reason a village didnt want him.''

''So your going to kill me?'' Songo looked at him unbelieaving what she heard '' What? no why?'' Inuyasha looked at her hard '' My village didnt want me'' Songo forgotten inuyasha was half demon for a minute '' You dont count'' Inuyasha laughed abit ''Double standereds? well the truth is he isnt leaving and iam keeping him.''

Songo was about to retaliate intill Miroku put his hand on her shoulder she glared '' Fine but he isnt my responsability'' she stormed off. Miroku sighed ''Are you sure?'' Inuyasha looked hard at where Naruto went off to '' Deffinately''

Kagome came out giddy and claped her hands ''Everyone come see!'' Songo sat with Kirara on her lap mewing, Shippo sat nexts to Miroku cheerfully and Inuyasha had his eyes closed but his dog ear twitched in anticpation.

''Come on Naruto!'' Naruto walked out to the group his light blue eyes were normal again and he was wear a deep blue kimono it was the same look like as Inuyasha's his blonde hair wasnt spiked up it was flat against his head and he had a long streak of a dark red that was longer then the rest of his hair and he had nice set of fur dark red ears on top of his sea of yellow head it was marvelous sight.

''Wow! you look great'' Shippo ran over to Naruto and startled him at his sudden approch Naruto turned his body around and kicked Shippo straight into Miroku.

Everyone was on edge but Inuyasha '' You cant just walk up to him like that did you forget he was abused and dosent trust easily?'' Everyone knew he was true.

''Inu-inuyasha? d-do you like it?'' Naruto looked up at him hopefully, Inuyasha nodded '' It looks nice on you'' Naruto ran at Inuyasha barefooted grining happly his teeth sharp and claws out in front.

Songo took it as a attack and used her Hiraikous to slam into Naruto sending him outside.

Naruto was shocked by the empact and landed in the hard ground outside, Naruto was lost it was beautiful it was water and grass everywhere surrounded by diffrent forest smells.

Naruto looked up from the ground his arm in pain, Lady keade well old lady with an eye patch to Naruto came over and picked him up '' Oh what a younge demon you are''

Lady Keade smiled and tickeled Naruto, Naruto squirmed and let out aloud laughing squeel, Inuyasha stoped arguing with Songo and ran outside to see what was happening. ''LET HIM GO HE'S A DEMON"

Naruto felt memories wash over him and shivered violently '' Songo whats gotten into you'' Songo shoved Naruto out of Lady Keade's arm '' Iam being resonable! we dont know what he's going to be like when he gets older''

Inuyasha shoved Songo away '' Then i'am leaving.'' Miroku came out with hands up deffensivly '' You cant be serious'' Songo looked at him '' Fine two less demons for us have to worry about'' Kirara felt hurt..''Mew.''

Inuyasha looked at Songo '' Dont forget she is a demon.'' Songo looked at him hard '' But a tamed one''

Kagoma came outside glaring hard at Songo and slaped her,Songo looked at her in shock and touched her cheek ''Ka-Kagome?''

''Songo we started this journy long before we met you Inuyasha wants to be a FULL demon you want your brother and so you both use me to get to it iam not stupied you two start acting right and excepting Naruto or I'am going home for good.''

Songo and Inuyasha looked at the ground hurt. ' She was right.'

Naruto made grabby hands for Inuyasha, Inuyasha lifted him up. '' Fine.'' Naruto again was lost in a sea of red and dozed off made him think of Kyubbi's fur.


Lady Keade froze when she heard the soft whisper of Naruto.

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