This is going to be a major time jump, well not as major as Episode III to Episode IV but long enough to make it slightly confusing. This is going to be set five years in the future.

The Jedi Temple, 5 years later.

Luminara sat meditating in the Jedi gardens. It was always her favourite place in the entire temple because it was calm, cool and a place where she could relax. Although her heartache for her son never faltered for a moment, she had learnt to live on without him. Despite the fact that they were worlds apart she could still feel him. Whenever he was sad and missing her, she would know as well as when he was happily playing with the rest of her family. Her parents sent a transmission two years ago on her son's third birthday. Despite the colourless image of her, Jon recognized her immediately and instantly began calling her mother. Her son was beautiful. His black hair had grown over the years and contrasted lovely with his pale skin. When she saw him she noticed that his smile was an exact duplicate of Obi Wan's cheeky grin. Luminara had laughed at this and talked to her son for a while. She hasn't made any contact with her family since mainly due to the fact that one careless mistake could cost her and her family big trouble. Luminara loved her son and never felt like Jon shouldn't exist in the world. She only had on guilt and this was Obi Wan Kenobi. She hadn't told him about her baby boy and every time she saw him, she would get a tight feeling in her chest and then avoid him. Over the years the only people she could confide in was Shaak, Aayla, Kit and her Padawan, Barriss. Sometimes Barriss would wake up in the middle of the night hearing her young master cry in her sleep. Barriss would get up and lie next to her to give her comfort. As Luminara sat there, her Padawan appeared beside her.

"Morning master, lovely day," Barriss said brightly. Luminara smiled at her young apprentice.

"Yes it is Padawan, Coruscant is never usually blessed with this kind of weather," Luminara agreed. The pair of them silently meditated for the next few moment, trying to clear their heads.


"Please father, he does not belong here," Stevn pleaded with his father.

"Luminara trusted him with us and to protect him, not send him directly to where she didn't want him to go," His father replied.

"But look at him, he's force sensitive! Why let him live here while he could grow up to do great things for people around the universe," Stevn retorted.

"Will you two please keep it down or Jon will hear you!" Stevn's mother said sharply.

"Oh, sorry," Stevn apologized. It was late at night and Jon had gone to bed earlier that evening. Stevn first noticed his nephew's ability when he was first able to move his playing blocks with his mind. Later he began to develop a form of telepathy. He was already as agile as any Mirialan but he was better than anyone at his age.

"We cannot send him to the Jedi's. They're not stupid you know," his father said once again.

"Then he will grow up without being able to use his gifts. Don't you see father, he's five and the council may not accept him," Stevn said. "And I wan't the best for my sisters baby boy. I know how you were when the Council took away Luminara. I was angry to but now we have to give them Jon, it's for Luminara. She would want the best for him," Stevn said.

Jedi Temple, a week later

Yoda looked upon the young boy who stood before him.

"Your name?" Yoda asked.

"Jon Kenduli, Master Yoda," Jon said bravely.

"Mirial, you are from?" Yoda asked.

"Yes sir," Jon replied without hesitation. Jon was slightly nervous. His uncle was waiting outside because he wasn't a Jedi and Jon hated being alone.

"Master Windu, test you he will," Yoda looked expectantly at Master Windu who pulled out a viewing screen with several images. He was about to press the play button of the slideshow when Jon called out.

"Speeder, cup, lightsaber, Tatooine, turbo lift, computer, com links, chair,". The entire council stared at the boy who smiled wickedly. "Did I get them all right sir?" Jon asked polietly.

"Yes," Mace Windu said with shock written all over his face. The council began to murmur.

"Do you agree to begin the journey of the Jedi?" Windu asked finally.

"I agree sir," Jon said with enthusiasm.

"Welcome then, youngling," Windu finished. The doors opened and Stevn ran to meet his Nephew.

"I did it!" Jon was practically bouncing up at down. Stevn looked slightly embarrassed at his sisters kid who was hugging his legs.

"I told you not to worry about it Jonny," Stevn said happily. He looked at the council who seemed very entertained.

"Can we celebrate Uncle Stevn?" Jon said after releasing his uncles legs.

"I suppose, what do you have in mind?" Stevn said, completely forgetting that they were still in the council chambers.

"I don't know, Ice Cream?" Jon said.

"I suppose, but to much sugar and you'll be bouncing of walls, well more than you usually do," Stevn said and he bowed lowly before leaving. Jon however was a little less formal and went up to Master Yoda and rubbed the Jedi's brow. This was a sign of thanks in Mirial and after doing so to Master Yoda walked up to Master Windu. The Jedi expected the same treatment that Yoda received but instead, was leapt upon and into a hug. His whispered into the Jedi's ear.

"Thank you," Before back flipping off and running to catch up with his uncle. Mace Windu stared on after the boy who was going to get some Ice Cream and then turned towards Yoda.

"I like him. He has a lot of spirit," Windu said and several of the council members nodded their heads in agreement. Yoda smiled but something from the young telepathist was sent to his mind. Yoda sensed the true reason why Jon was so eager to come to Coruscant. He wanted to find somebody but Yoda stilled didn't know who and decided that it was Jon's journey and his journey alone.

As Jon and Stevn walked through the temple three Jedi appeared in front of them. They strolled causally towards them and then grabbed them and pretty much man-handled them both into an abandoned training room. Stevn recognized the woman who stood in the centre of the room. He green lightsaber was out and she was facing her Padawan.

"O.K. Barriss, now leer at me and...Padawan?" Luminara looked at her Padawan with concern. Barriss pointed at the two figures behind her master and Luminara turned around. If she wasn't a Jedi, she would of fainted.

"Barriss,," Luminara said as fear and anger began to swell inside her. Barriss slowly made her way to the door, making sure to attach her lightsaber securely to her waist belt.

"Good luck," Barriss said to Stevn as she walked to the door. Once outside she saw Kit, Aayla and Shaak, with a glass cups to their ears.

"Hey, got one for me?" she asked. Kit pulled one out of his pocket and handed it to her. She mimicked the older Jedi's actions and listened in.

"What in this universe are you doing here?" Luminara said calmly as possible.

"He's force sensitive. I took him to the council, he's a youngling now,"

"?" Luminara took several steps forward, he lightsaber still glowing fiercely. What shocked her the most was when Jon stood in front of his uncle in defense.

"I wanted to come as well. It's not Uncle Stevn's fault," Jon said. Luminara looked at her son. Luminara finally lowered her lightsaber and turned it off and attached it to her belt.

"Sorry Jon, Stevn," Luminara walked towards her family. She knelt in front of her son and hugged him. He graciously return her hug and Stevn smiled at last.

"You may not be allowed to act as his mother, but at least he's here," Stevn said finally and hugged his younger sister.

"Look after him," Stevn said before leaving. As he opened the door he saw the strange sight of four Jedi's with their ears to glass cups.

"Look after them," he said to them before going down the corridor and left. The four of them entered the room when Luminara was hugging her son.

"So this is miny Luminara," Shaak said. Jon got away from Luminara's grip and walked towards Shaak.

"Hello, Jon Kenduli," He said grinning.

"Oh lord he is so cute!" Aayla whispered to Kit and Barriss who nodded in agreement.

"Mine name is Shaak," the Togruta said.

"Aayla," the Twi'lek said.

"Kit,' the Nautolan said grinning.

"Nice to meet you Shaak, Aayla and Kit," Jon said. He then face Barriss.

"My name is Barriss, your mother's Padawan," Barriss said.

"Cool, so that makes us like, half-siblings! Awesome I have a sister," Jon said. Barriss thought this through and then hugged him.

"I guess so," she replied. There was an unexpected knock on the door and they all froze. Luminara quickly turned to Jon.

"I suppose you're going to be Barriss cousin for a while," Luminara said. "No one, except us can know who you are, do you understand?" Jon nodded.

"Understood mother," he said.

"Remember to call me Master Luminara alright?' Luminara said.

"'Kay" he said as Kit walked towards the door. The cheery face of Obi Wan Kenobi walked in with Anakin on his tail.

"I'm sorry, is this room taken?"

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