Chapter 8

One Year Later

Luminara looked out of the window, green landscape and wildlife being the only thing in the distance. She couldn't believe after everything, she would end up here. As a young Padawan, she had dreams of becoming a Jedi who would be remembered. A Jedi who had broken the code, gotten pregnant and then left the order was not what she had in mind. The Mirialan and her entourage planned to leave without too much fuss but Obi-Wan told Anakin who, confused but understanding, contacted Senator Amidala who had provided the fallen Jedi with a sanctuary in Naboo, far away from the eyes of other Jedi and on a planet that has proven its loyalty to the Republic.

"I never thought I would find myself back in this place," Obi-Wan had said when they arrived on the planet. Padme had been kind enough to call ahead and prepare a new establishment for the six Jedi and one child to live in while they got back on their feet.

Kit Fisto woke up, the warm morning sun making his skin glow almost radiantly. He looked around and sighed slightly. His old room had been rather small as he choose to live at the temple. Now he felt like royalty and saw that his clothes had already been laid out for him. A local fruit bowl was sitting on a side table, something else that he found extremely foreign. He stretched, whipping a tendril that had wrapped itself around his face. He pulled on a long sleeved shirt and leggings and proceeded to meditate, a habit that he had been unable to kick during his days in his new home. Fifteen minutes later, Aayla knocked gently on the door and found the Nautolan kneeling on the floor, deep in thought.

"Sorry," she mumbled when she realized that she had interrupted him.

"It's alright. Why don't you join me?" Kit replied, his dark eyes staring blankly like he was looking through her.

"Thanks, you still do it as well?" She asked.

"After doing it for over twenty years, it's going to be hard to stop. It doesn't matter if we're Jedi or not, the force is still strong with us, probably until we die," Kit replied.

"Yeah," Aayla replied and kneeled beside him. After a couple of minutes of silence, Kit called on his female companion who had constantly fidgeted beside him.

"Something wrong?"

"It's just…everything."

"Yeah, I know the feeling. Regardless, I do not regret my decision. The way we lived had so many restrictions and maybe this is my chance to live a little. I could travel because I want to, not because of a mission. I could go back to my homeworld and visit the people that gave birth to me. Endless possibilities, now that I am free of a life that would have surely been the death of me," Kit said.

"I just wish that it could've been different. I know the code would never change and the council could never agree to what we would ask of them but the way of the Jedi is all I have known. It's just going to be really hard starting again," Aayla said.

"Indeed. Now enough of this, shall we join the others for breakfast. I am actually looking forward to the feast of a meal that they serve us," Kit said with a smile. The Twi'lek returned the gesture and grabbed a hand that was offered by the standing Kit.

Shaak Ti was seated at the dining table, looking at the variety of foods staring at her in the face. Each one had a different but not unpleasant scent and they would be in her mouth, if she didn't carry such excellent manners. The only other person at the table was Jon who looked as hungry as she did.

"Mother's in the shower and Dad's talking to Anakin," Jon said suddenly. Shaak looked at the child and shook her head, a small smile on her face.

"Can you read my mind little one?"

"You just look hungry," Jon replied with a shrug and joined the Togrunta in staring at the food. "I'm really hungry." Kit and Aayla entered the room and sat opposite Jon and Shaak.

"So, what are we going to do today?" Aayla asked.

"We could go hiking. We're going to need to burn of all the calories from the food once we've eaten it all," Kit said.

"I suppose we could do that," Shaak agreed.

"Do what?" Luminara asked as she walked into the room, her dark hair wet and dripping a little.

"Hiking. Naboo's massive so there's probably loads of places to go!" Barriss said as she came in from the lounge room.

"I see. I don't really mind," Luminara said.

"Mind what?" Obi-Wan said as he came in from the same door as the Mirialan.

"Hiking, outside," Kit said.

"Oh, okay," Obi-Wan said although he didn't share the same enthusiasm as Barriss and Kit.

"Something wrong?" Luminara asked.

"I talked with Anakin this morning. Our latest stunt has gone through the temple like wildfire. I have no idea how the Council has managed to keep it quiet this long but now it's not so secret anymore," Obi-Wan said. Everyone in the room immediately stopped moving and in Luminara's case, stopped breathing.

"Perfect," she said.

"Fortunately, the Council has not revealed the nature of our departure but they now all know that we've left, permanently," Obi-Wan added. Luminara let out a breath and moved to sit down at the table.

"No point worrying over it Lumi, we're here now and unless we go looking for them and they coming looking for us, it isn't very likely that we're going to come into contact with them," Kit said.

"Well, now that we're all here, why don't we eat?" Shaak said and everyone laughed.

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