Tails experimental mistake bonus chapter

Me: yo this is yours truely to tell you all that I'm avalible to help out if you need guest or co hosts or any truth or dare fanfiction so if you need a co-host or such you know who to call ok

Tails: like hell you would!

Me: wait if your here then who's keeping a eye of Amy from getting the hypno gun so she won't use it on sonic to get a date

Both tails and me: *eyes widen* uh-oh

Me: you go on ahead I'll go finish this then warn sonic and get him to a safe place

Tails: fine just hurry up *tails rush's off*

Me: ok remember just send a message for if you like me to be either a guest or co host for any truth or dare fanfictions because I've been plan some special tricks for using in them later folks!

*pensuka rush's to Sonics place*