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A Princess of Camelot

The tails of Princess Anna

Princess Anna of Camelot was the eldest of King Uther's two children but being a girl she was not eligible to be his heir. This meant that while Arthur was training and proving himself to his people Anna was supposed to spend her days at court just as the lady Morgana did. Anna had discovered at a young age that the formalities of court bored her to tears. She convince her farther that Morgana was a better chose for the role of Camelot's first lady as she was older and more experienced in the ways of court. Uther had agreed to allow Morgana to take on Anna's role and duty's as the first Lady of Camelot until both he and Anna felt that she was ready to take her rightful place as princess.

Anna was in no hurry for that time to come she had found a much more satisfying ways to fill her days. She dressed herself in peasant clothing and would help the people of Camelot in any way she could. She would work along side the servants in the castle but she would also visit the town taking food and medicine to the families that needed it most.

None of the people that she helped knew who she really was; to them she was just Anna. Gwen and Morgana both knew what she was up to and both were often forced to make excuses for her. Gwen would have to explain Anna's absence to her servant friends and Morgana would have to make up a reason why Princess Anna was almost always running late but nether of the women mined helping their best friend carry on her charade.

One morning Anna was making her way to the wash room with a basket full of bed sheets when she collided with a young man who was gazing in wonder at the sights around him rather than watching where he was going. The force of the collision sent her tumbling to the ground and scattered the sheets she was carrying all around her

"Oh I'm sorry" the young man apologized quickly bending down to help her

"It's alright" she assured him as they piled the sheets back into the basket

"They are on there way to be washed anyway"

"I'm Merlin" He introduced himself as he helped her to her feet

"It's nice to meet you Merlin, I'm Anna. Your new here right?"

"Is it that obvious?" he asked sheepishly

"The awe struck look kind of gave you away" she told him with a warm smile "That and the fact that I haven't seen you before"

"I only got here yesterday" he confirmed

"Are you working for Gaius" she asked noticing the vile of yellow liquid that he was carrying

"Not really, I'm staying with him and I am making myself useful" he told her with a chuckle

"I am meant to be taking this to Sir Percival but I am a bit lost" he explained holding up the small bottle

"Well I can help you with that" she told him warmly

"You just go down here" she said pointing behind her "and take the first right, Sir Percival's chambers are at the end of the hall" she explained

"Thanks" he beamed at her

"It was nice meeting you Anna; I hope to see you again"

"You too Merlin" she answered as he passed by her. She watched him as he went then she watched as he took the first left.

"Right Merlin" she called out to him

Merlin quickly changed direction and shot her a sheepish smile before disappearing from sight.

Anna carried on her way to the wash room with a smile on her face hoping to see the odd but friendly boy again soon.

Her hopes were fulfilled but she was left wishing they hadn't been. The next time she saw Merlin she was on her way back from the wash room and he was facing up to her younger brother.

She watched as Arthur goaded Merlin into taking a swing at him. She really couldn't believe what an idiot her normally sweet little brother could be at times.

She couldn't just watch anymore when Arthur twisted Merlin's arm behind his back. She was about to put a stop to Arthur's stupid behavior when a large strong hand reached out and stopped her.

"Sir Leon, what are you doing?" she demanded as soon as she recognized her captor

"Stopping you from making a mistake your highness" Sir Leon answered gruffly.

Sir Leon was the only person other than Gwen and Morgana who knew how she spent her days. He had found out by accident a few years ago, Anna had expected him to tell her farther but he hadn't. He kept her secret and made it his mission to ensure her safety as much as he possibly could. She had no doubt that it was that mission that was causing him to hold her back now.

"Sir Leon, you can not believe that my brother's actions are right" she gasped in shock

"I do not my Princess but it is not up to you to correct his behavior" he tried to explain

"No one else has the position or the courage to do so" She snapped trying to free her arm from his grasp.

"My Princess, you can not allow Arthur to see you dressed as you are" Leon said in an exasperated tone.

Anna looked down at her simple cream dress it was not in any way indecent but it was not the kind of thing that a princess normally wore.

"Arthur won't care how I am dressed" she hissed at the knight

"But your farther will" Sir Leon insisted and Anna finally saw his reason for stopping her.

If she approached Arthur dressed like a servant either him or one of his guard's would tell the King then she would have to explain to her farther why she was wandering around the castle dressing and acting like a servant.

She shot Sir Leon a venomous look as Merlin was led away by the guard's, just because she understood why he did what he did didn't mean she was not angry with him.

"I will just have to find another way to help Merlin then, won't I?" the young princess told Sir Leon fiercely as he finally realest her arm and allowed her to stork away from him.

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