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A Princess of Camelot

The tails of Princess Anna

Anna hurried away from Sir Leon in search of the only person she could think of who would want to help Merlin, Gaius.

"Hello Anna my dear" Gaius greeted her as she burst into his chambers

"You've been helping your people again I see" he commented taking in how she was dressed "Do you require some medicine?" he asked

Anna had not known that Gaius knew about what she did but it did not surprised her that he did, she often got the feeling that the old physician knew more than he let on about most things.

"Thank you Gaius but I am not here for medicine, I am here about Merlin" She answered not even bothering to ask how he knew, it probably had something to do with her insisting on learning as much as she could from him as often as she could.

"Merlin?" he asked surprised

"Merlin" she confirmed

"He is in the dungeons" she explained

"The dungeons" Gaius gasped

"What did he do to get himself in there?" he asked

"He took a swing at Arthur" Anna told him

"He what?" Gaius yelled so loud he actually made Anna jump

"He took a swing at Arthur" she repeated

"But he didn't know who he was swinging at and Arthur was asking for it literally, he just kept egging Merlin on until he snapped" Anna explained in a rush

"I must go to the jailer, with your information I maybe able to secure Merlin's release" Gaius told her quickly blowing out all of the candles that littered his bench and making his way to the door.

"I will come with you" Anna told him as she made to follow him

"No" Gaius told her firmly

"But surely you stand a better chance of getting Merlin released with my help"

"Yes I do" Gaius agreed "But I can not except you help Princess" he told her gently

He didn't need to tell her that the problem was the way she was dressed Sir Leon had made the point clearly enough for every citizen of Camelot.

Anna left Gaius with out another word. She didn't have time to change her clothes but maybe she had time to cheat with a little bit of help.

"Morgana I need a cloak" Anna called out as she entered the chambers of the woman she considered her big sister.

"A cloak? Why?" asked a confused Morgana

"Please don't ask questions that I don't have time to answer" said Anna who was beginning to get desperate

"Witch cloak?" said Morgana asking a new question rather than pursuing the old ones.

"Do you have one long enough to hide what I am wearing?" Anna asked hopefully.

Morgana instantly understood that for some reason Anna needed to look like a princess not a servant but just a cloak would not do the job.

"Gwen do something with her hair" Morgana ordered as she went to get one of her many cloak's

"Your trying to help the boy aren't you?" Gwen asked as she quickly freed Anna's soft brown curls from the plait that she had worn it in all day and expertly pinned them so that they sat elegantly in place.

"Emphasis on the word TRYING Gwen" Anna answered with a sigh

She knew that Gwen had witnessed what had happened from Morgana's window; she had court a glimpse of the maid servant as she had left Sir Leon.

"Please be careful" Gwen whispered as Morgana returned

"Sir Leon will not be there to save you from being foolish this time" she finished hastily as Morgana drew near enough to hear what she was saying

"This should do it" announced Morgana handing over a royal blue cloak with sliver fastenings.

"Thank you both" said Anna as she left looking every bit the princess she was.

"Well it looks like our little Anna is finally trying to use her royal influence for something but the question is for who or what" Morgana mused as she watched the door close behind the departing girl.

"She asked you not to ask questions" Gwen reminded her friend and mistress

"No she asked me not to ask questions she didn't have time to answer" Morgana countered

"And I think you know some answers, don't you Gwen?" she teased

"Morgana" Gwen said in the firmest tone she dared to use with the kings ward

"Oh OK, keep your secrets" Morgana said exasperatedly before continuing in a much more confident tone

"Anna will tell me sooner or later anyway"

"She usually dose" Gwen agreed

When Anna reached the dungeons Gaius was already there and already talking to the jailer.

"But I have reliable information that Prince Arthur taunted the boy until he reacted" Gaius was explaining in an exasperated tone that told Anna this was not the first time that he had told the jailer this.

"And who is the source of this information" asked the jailer using the same tone that Gaius had witch meant he had asked this question more than once.

"Well-" Gaius began but Anna had heard enough.

"I am the source of his information" she announced stepping out of the shadows that had been hiding her

"Princess Anna?" The jailer asked shock and doubt filling his voice.

Her only answer was a regal nod of her head

"Will the boy be realest?" she asked coolly doing her best to appear as stately as Morgana

"He attacked the Prince" the jailer said as if that in it's self was answer enough

"The only thing he stood any chance of hurting was Arthur's pride" Anna told him angrily

Gaius quickly stepped forward before the jailer had a chance to anger the princess further

"If all Merlin did was humiliate Arthur perhaps humiliation would be the most fitting punishment"

"What are you suggesting?" the jailer asked

"One night in the cells and one day in the stocks" Gaius offered

"Very well" the jailer agreed

"Good evening Princess, Gaius" he bid them fair well before turning and walking away

Anna couldn't believe what Gaius had just done nor could she believe the jailer had just walked away from her like that.

"How could you do that to Merlin? How could you just leave him in the cells and not only agree to put him in the stocks but suggest it and how dare he dismiss me like that" Anna raged

"I did what I did for Merlin" Gaius told her calmly

"Can you imagine how Arthur would react if he found out Merlin was not punished, to say he would be displeased may be an under statement and who do you think would bare the brunt of that displeasure?" he asked her with one eye brow raised.

The answer was obviously Merlin

"And as for the jailer, I hate to remind you of this Anna but royalty or not you are still a woman as far as he is concerned you are just Prince Arthur's sister and when it comes to your word against his your word is worth little more than mine I am afraid" Gaius explained sadly giving her shoulder a comforting squeeze.

Anna suddenly realized that her appearance had not been what had made Gaius refuse her help he had be trying to protect her from the knowledge that despite her status her gender meant she had little if any power over what happened with in Camelot's walls.

"Well my word may mean little to him but it will certainly mean some thing to Arthur" Anna said in calm determination giving Gaius a soft smile before leaving

"I only wish I shared you faith Princess" Gaius whispered into the still silent air.

Anna met Arthur's man servant Edward out side of Arthur's cambers. Edward was a nice but exceedingly jittery young man but if Arthur made a habit of using him as a moving target Anna was not surprised he was nervous.

"Hello Edward" she greeted

"Your highness" he bowed to her

"Is Arthur busy?" she asked indicating to the door

"No your highness but he asked not to be disturbed" the nervous man servant said trying to stop her from entering

"Since when have I ever done as Arthur asked?" Anna asked cheekily before marching right on in.

Arthur had his back to the door when she entered he was practicing the fancy sword twists that he was so fond of executing

"Edward" he growled with out even turning to see who come had thought the door.

"I told you to stay out of my sight" he spun to face the door with his sword still in hand

Anna didn't even flinch as the blade stopped just inches form her throat

"Damn Anna" Arthur gasped harshly "I could have killed you" he said but left the sword where it was

"You thought I was Edward" she commented

"Don't you think you have put him though enough for one day with out this" she said waving her hand at the sword

"I don't know what you mean" Arthur replied throwing his sword down on his four poster bed and staking away from her

"Oh don't you?" she asked toying idly with one of Arthur's daggers that had been left lying on the dining table.

With a flick of her wrist she sent it flying with almost the same precision that Arthur had used earlier. The dagger embedded it's self in the bed post beside Arthur head

"I think you do" she told him smugly

"You heard about that?" Arthur asked, he had the good grace to look at least a little ashamed of his actions

"No, I saw it" she told him

"What has gotten into you Arthur?" she asked crossly "I have never seen you act like such a-a-a" Anna found her self fumbling for the right word

"A what?" Arthur asked his tone matching hers

"A prat" she cried unwittingly using the same insult that Merlin had used

"You're the second person to call me that today" Arthur told her his anger deflating but Anna's did no such thing

"So that's why the guard's dragged the poor boy off, he called you a prat" she continued to rage at her brother

"Did you miss him trying to punch me?" Arthur asked in shock

"No but I didn't miss you encouraging him to try it either" Anna held her arms out wide mimicking Arthur's action from that afternoon

Arthur sat down heavily on his bed looking more than a little ashamed of himself

Anna's anger finally left her

"Arthur" she said softly sitting next to him and slipping her arm around his shoulders

"I don't know who that man in the court yard was today but he wasn't you, not the you I know at least" she told him gently

"I have to be strong Anna" he whispered

"I know you do Arthur, but you can still be you" she reassured him

"Please don't lose yourself trying to impress those idiots you call friends" she begged him

Before Arthur could answer Anna had pressed a kiss to his temple and left the room.

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