L.j. = say it

Me= no

L.j. = ( pushes stake farther down on my chest)

Me= im not a vampire

L.j.= it does not matter it will still kill you ( PWNED)

Me= Fuck

L.j. = say it not or i will kill you

Me = ummm let me thank hmmmm NO

L.j. = (pushes farther down drawing little blood ) now say it or i will kill you.

Me= FINE I don't own night world or any of its charecters ( breaks down crying)

L.j.= such a baby ( walks away ).


( ring ring )


Baby come back to bed (says in girly voice)


I have toco's

Mumbles crazy then sighs


U ok?


ARe you high?

I love you, you love me

( screams )

mwahahahha I shall never share barney

( hangs up)

How rude :(

Reveiw plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz