Fairly Odd Parents: The Pokemon Card Adventures

Episode 3

"A duel? I've never dueled any before!" Timmy said.

"Then this will be perfect! I'll teach you how to duel!" Trixie said.

"Okay." Timmy said.

The two began shuffling their decks and drew seven cards.

"How about we use just one prize card?" Trixie said.

"That's fine." Timmy replied.

Timmy flipped the coin which decided who'd go first.

"I'll start first." Timmy said as he drew a card. (Cards in hand: Water Energy x2, Lightning Energy x2, Fire Energy, Croconaw, Arcanine)

"I'll attach one Lightning Energy to Mareep, and then attack with 'Static Electricity!'

Timmy searched his deck for a Lightning Energy, and placed it on Mareep. Afterwards, he shuffled the deck.

"Okay, it's my turn!" Trixie said, drawing a card. (Cards in hand: Fire Energy, Double Colorless Energy, Grass Energy, Moomoo Milk, Switch, Bill, Copycat)

"I attach a Fire Energy to Cyndaquil, and then attack Mareep with 'Beat!'

(Beat does 10 damage to Mareep; HP remaining: 30.)

"My turn, and I attack Cyndaquil with 'Ram!'" Timmy declared. (Card drawn: Lightning Energy)

(Ram does 20 damage to Cyndaquil; HP remaining: 40.)

"Okay, from my hand, I play Meowth onto my bench, and then end my turn." Trixie said. (Card drawn: Meowth)

"Fine, I'll just attack Cyndaquil with another 'Ram' attack!" Timmy said. (Card drawn: Full Heal)

(Cyndaquil's remaining HP: 20)

"I'll attack with another 'Beat' attack!" Trixie said. (Card drawn: Moomoo Milk)

(Mareep's remaining HP: 20)

"I play the Trainer Card that I just drew: 'Moomoo Milk!'" Timmy said. (Both coin flips were heads; Mareep's HP was restored back to 40.)

"And now, I'll finish off Cyndaquil with 'Ram!'" Timmy added.

(Cyndaquil's remaining HP: 0. Timmy takes Lightning Energy as a Prize.)

"I won!" Timmy shouted.

"Congradulations, Timmy." Trixie said as they shook hands.

"Thanks, Trixie." Timmy said as he kissed her.

"Oh! Look at the time! I've got to go! See you tomorrow, Timmy!" Trixie said.

"Bye, Trixie." Timmy said.

And so, Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang are starting their quest to become Pokemon Card Masters. They'll have many adventures and challenges along the way, so stick around and find out!

-Tsuduku: To Be Continued-