"The Fairly Oddparents: The Pokemon Card Adventures"

Episode 33: "Card Fight Club"

Written Date: 15/4/2010

Publish Date: 22/5/2010

Today, our four heroes head out for the Fighting Club in Chiaroscuro City to get their seventh medal.

"Hey guys!" Timmy said.

"Hi Timmy!" the rest of the gang said.

"So are you guys ready to go?" Timmy asked

"Yep!" they replied.

"Okay, here we go!" Timmy said.

Chiaroscuro City

"What's this?" Timmy said as they came to the club.

"It's a poster: "Fighting Club Card Tournament. Win all four rounds and win the Fighting Medal!" Kellen said.

"That's for me!" Timmy said as he went in to take the challenge.

-Round 1: Timmy "SoulSilver" vs. Jessica "Love to Battle"-

"I'll start!" Jessica said as she attached a Fighting Energy to Mankey. "Light Punch!"

"Man-kii!" the monkey Pokemon lightly punched Timmy's Growlithe.

"My turn!" Timmy put a Fire Energy onto Growlithe. "Bite!"

"Wan!" Timmy's puppy sunk its teeth into Jessica's Mankey.

"Attack with Light Punch!" Jessica said.

(Growlithe's HP: 50)

"Bite that Mankey!" Timmy said.

(Mankey's HP: 30)

Timmy attached his third Fire Energy onto Growlithe. "Finish Mankey off with Combustion!" he said.

"WAN!" the dog blew a stream of fire at Mankey, knocking it out.

"Go, Doduo!" Jessica said. "Use Take Down!"

"SQWAK!" the twin headed bird rammed full speed into Growlithe, hurting itself in the process.

"I use the trainer Moomoo Milk!" Timmy said.

A bottle of milk appeared and Growlithe drank it, restoring 30 HP.

"Now take out that Doduo with Combustion!" Timmy said.

(Doduo is Knocked Out!)

"Go Rattata!" Jessica said. "Lunge!"

"Koratta!" the tiny rat leapt onto Growlithe.

"Use Combustion one more time!" Timmy said.

(Rattata is Knocked Out!)

"The Winner is Timmy Turner!" the judge said.

Timmy's second match was against Micheal, a duelist who had a flawed deck. Timmy beat him without taking damage. In the semifinal, Timmy faced against Chris' "Muscles for Brains" deck, but in the end Timmy won.

-Final Round-

"Congradulations on making it this far! I am Mitch, the Master of the Fighting Club. I accept your challenge!"

-Timmy: Psychic Machamp vs. Mitch: First-Strike-

"Since I'm the Master, I'll start. Go Mankey!" Mitch said.

"Mankii!" Mankey said.

"Go Hitmontop!" Timmy said.

"Kapo!" said Hitmontop.

Mitch attached a Fighting Energy to Mankey. "Use Light Punch!"

Timmy played a Pidgey to his bench and attached a Fighting Energy to Hitmontop before ending his turn.

Mitch played a second Fighting Energy onto Mankey. "Use Rage!"

"MANKII!" the monkey attacked Hitmontop.

Timmy attached a second Fighting Energy to Hitmontop. {If I could get three heads, I'll win! It's all I can do for now...} "Triple Kick!" {Heads...HEADS...Tails!}

"KAPOERA!" the Handstand Pokemon kicked Mankey twice.

"Rage, Mankey!" Mitch said.

Mankey used Rage again, but this time it was more powerful.

"Since Mankey has four damage counters, Rage does 50 damage!" Kellen said.

"Don't worry! Hitmontop has 80 HP!" Poof said.

"Hitmontop, are you okay?" Timmy said.

Hitmontop simply nodded yes.

"Good!" Timmy said. He attached a third Fighting Energy onto Hitmontop. "Gut Spin!"

Hitmontop spun very fast and rammed into Mankey, knocking it out.

"Since the Master has no more Pokemon on his Bench, the Winner is Timmy Turner!" the Judge said.

"Timmy won!" Trixie said, going up to kiss Timmy.

"You have beaten me. Now I must give the Fighting Medal!" Mitch said.

"Thanks. See you later!" Timmy said.

And so, Timmy and his friends have won their seventh medal! Now all that stands between them and the Legendary Pokemon Cards is the Water Club in Brightburg. Be sure to keep reading "The Pokemon Card Adventures!"

Tsuduku: To Be Continued-

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