disclaimer: the Harry Potter series is not epicaricacy's.

supershort prologue.


i. Seraph's Lullaby

Albus Severus Potter hears angels. They enter the Gryffindor common room when everyone's asleep and he's still awake to murmur and discuss things amongst themselves. They tell him bad things, nightmares and macabre stories and frightening poems and sing to him songs in a language he could, vaguely, understand.

They were hissing noises at first, just words that sounded like gibberish. But then he started to listen harder, and Albus realized he could understand what they meant.

"The evil is not over yet," The angels always hissed in the secret language of theirs, "This is just the eye of the storm."

And Albus would just close his eyes, and pretend to not hear them. The angels were probably just Peeves and Nearly-Headless Nick, talking in some ancient ghostly tongue and tricking him into getting frightened. He would succumb to the deep oblivion of sleep, and when he would wake up, the angels would be gone and he and James would go on arguing with Scorpious Malfoy.

But Albus knew, deep down, that the angels were telling the truth.