Hello hello. Sometimes I have teeny tiny cute conversations in my head, and to give them validation I write them in exactly 100 words. That's how all of these came to be. Of course, that's exactly 100 words by MS Word's count, which is different from fanfiction dot net's, but what can you do... (I know you're anti-url, ff.n, but let me write your own url in my fic description! Geez!)

Marie was making dinner when, unexpectedly, Stein came up and wrapped his arms around her waist. In a moment she felt his wavelength settle into tune with her own. She touched his arm. "What's wrong? Are you having an attack?"

He lowered his head into the hollow between her neck and shoulders. "No," he said, "not really." But he didn't withdraw, didn't disentangle his soul. After a minute: "You have such a nice wavelength, Marie."

She gave a soft chuckle. "Are you jealous?"

Stein's embrace tightened slightly. He laughed, too, but there was a painful bitterness to it. "Yeah, very."