A/N: Just a warning, I was running on about two hours of sleep when I wrote this and I was over at a friends.

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Wicked Witch

She twists her fingers sensuously through his coal black hair, making him moan softly under her torturous touch. The woman before him is most definitely not the severe ice queen that everybody thinks she is. She knows him far too well, knows exactly which of his buttons to press in any situation; this is no different. He voices his thoughts, struggling to keep his tone level, and her silvery laughter flows through the air like tinkling bells.

"Is that such a bad thing?" She asks, her playful tone hiding her wicked grin. He smirks innocently at her, pulling her closer to murmur his reply in her ear.

"No... Not at all..."

She closes her eyes and turns her fiendish grin into a lustful smile. Staring deep into his jet eyes, her body inches forward and she runs her fingers slowly across the underside of his chin, moving her lips ever so close to his. She feels his warm breathing brush against her cheek before she pulls back mercilessly, hearing him groan softly under his breath. Her hands travel down from his chin and she grins shamelessly, intrigued at the reaction she evokes from him. It delights her to know that she can excite this man, that she can feel the heat travelling through his body as she trails her hands amongst the layers of blue that lie between them.

His breathing becomes shallow and he stares at her, swallowing dryly as her hand traces its way up his spine, teasingly running lazy circles around the nape of his neck with her soft fingertips. He leans into her, noses almost touching as she buries her fingers in his hair and tilts his head towards her. Her breath catches as she feels him loosely wrap an arm around her waist and place his other tentatively on her back. His touch is light as a feather, incredibly gentle – too gentle.


She can feel his unsteady breathing grazing her face, lips barely an inch from her own. His reply is stifled by the passionate moan she forces from him, as she slips her fingers seductively underneath his loose collar and across his bare skin. He closes his eyes, unable to speak, gently pressing his lips against hers and stroking his hand across her cheek. He deepens the kiss as she tangles her fingers through his hair, the office around them naught but a blur.

She pulls away for barely a second, murmuring softly, unintelligibly into his chest. She looks up at him, intoxicated, as he whispers her name into her ear.


Letting out a small sigh of pleasure, she speaks quietly, words scarcely audible, before succumbing to her insatiable itch for more.

"I...I... love you."

"Roy! Roy, I've got something to show yooou!"

The hyperactive Lt. Col bounces into the office, pictures in either hand. his sing-song voice echoing loudly down the corridor. The two pull apart, but not quite fast enough, Mustang's hair in terrible disarray as Hughes grinds to a halt before them. He stares open-mouthed at the two of them for a moment until the red-faced Roy speaks.

"What is it? Is there something wrong, Maes?"

He laces his fingers with Riza's, glaring at his friend. Hughes continues to stare at the two of them for almost a minute before bursting out of the office, yelling at the top of his lungs for Havoc.

"I won! I won! Havoc, you owe me!"

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