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Gin held the treat in front of her nose, wafting it to and fro, but withdrawing it with blinding speed the moment she reached for it. Cho moaned in frustration as Gin snatched the 'heavenly gift' from right under her nose. Her small hands reached for it, and she resorted to begging. And her deadliest weapon... the pouty, puppy-eyed face. Gin stifled his laughter, showing his obvious amusement through his constant grin. "Please Gin... let me have the heavenly apple!" Cho begged, making small whimpering sounds to appear even more desperate. Gin used his longer arms to keep the red fruit away from his friend. It was tonnes of fun to tease her.

Captain Kisuke had warned him not to tease her too much, because she would become cranky and something would be destroyed (like that time Kisuke wouldn't tell her some VERY special news and, as a result, one stall was knocked down, a wall destroyed, disturbed patients at the 4th healing centre and a drunk, angry 11th squad member). There were other times, of course, but each showed the same thing: Cho hated to be the butt of jokes and she hated not knowing things.

Cho's tongue stuck out the corner of her mouth in concentration, grunts demonstrating her frustration. The sun was now high in the sky, most people would be having lunch or a midday nap. Instead Gin was tormenting Cho with her favourite food – as he had been doing for the past two hours. It was that much fun.

Eventually, Gin grew tired of his game – and he had started to feel rather guilty, though he would never admit it – so he passed Cho the apple without fuss. The girl wore a confused expression for a moment, before biting into the fruit of her labour (don't you know how hard reaching for something is?), hearts in her eyes. She settled onto the lush grass, still munching. Gin chuckled, lowering himself next to her. Silence reigned between the two Soul Reapers, birds keening high in the sky. The spring breeze rustled Gin's fringe and Cho's loose locks. The girl had devoured her apple, and was smiling at her friend with a shifty look in her chestnut-coloured eyes. Gin's smile didn't falter but he grew sightly wary; Cho was a master prankster, and an evil genius. He wasn't sure he wanted to know what was going into that mind of hers.

With a grin, Cho pulled another apple out of her too-long sleeve. Gin's expression held some confusion. Cho offered it to him. "Want it, Gin?" Gin's smile was back to full force, he took the offered fruit. "Thank you."

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