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Typical High School Drama

Chapter 16: Every Hearts' Desire

"No! Don't!"

Cana's POV

"I'm not going to stop you, but why are you doing this...? Why destroy yourself just to get rid of that girl?"

When she turned to face me, I could clearly see the tears running down her face.

"How could you not know...?" She asked as the walls around her heart finally crumble down.

"My reason is the same as yours!" She shouted as she fell to her knees, clutching her heart.

I was shocked... What does she mean by that...?

"You would do anything for your master... You would even die if it meant pleasing him. ...So, don't ask me that question when you know how I feel!"

"...How... you feel..." I mumbled to myself as I watched the red-haired girl break down right in front of me.

"...My parents... They wanted nothing more, but a male heir... But I was born instead! I was a disappointment to them. They wanted a boy who would become a shinobi that they would be proud to call their son... So, I learned everything I could to become one... It was all for nothing! In their eyes, I would never be enough!"

"That still doesn't explain why you're doing this...!"

"The only way I would ever redeem myself to them was to marry a strong shinobi... They had set their eyes on the Uchiha clan and so... Sasuke was my target. Everything was going fine until she came along! She ruined everything! What's the point in living when everyone hates you? Don't you understand?"

"I'm doing this so I would finally be worth something in someone's eyes!"

That girl... Karin. She reminds me of...

The snow is piling higher and higher on the ground... The streets were clear of people except for a single girl sitting on the ground. Her clothes were tattered and unsuitable for the cold, but she just sat there staring blankly at the pure white snow.

"Stupid girl!"

"You're useless! Why did your parents have to give birth to you?"

"You are nothing, but a mistake!"

Those cruel voices echoed in her head. She was alone... A useless being who no one loved...

The snow crunched as she heard footsteps coming. Someone was coming. The person walked onwards, but they suddenly stopped in front of her. She looked up at him, her eyes silently asking "why...?". The man said nothing, but helped her up. Without any words exchanged between them, she followed the stranger and they began their journey to nowhere.

I guess, the reason why we are fighting are the same. We are fighting to gain the acceptance of someone... To feel loved...

Sakura's POV

As the final hand signs were completed, Karin slowly rose into the air. I was the only one who was close enough to hear her whisper.

"Spirits of the night, please hear my call. I will give you my life in return if you grant me this one wish. Help me get rid of this girl in my way..."

Her chakra levels rose dramatically as everything around me seemed to fade into darkness. The world turned entirely black and the only thing I could see was Karin.

"It's only you and me now." She said, smirking.

I knew she was not herself anymore. She had been possessed by an evil spirit now.

"Now... prepare to die!" She shouted, quickly appearing in front of me with a kunai in her hands.

I had barely managed to reach my weapons pouch in time to block it. I prepared myself as I watched her perform a long series of hand signs.

"Let's see how you handle this..."

After she said that, I felt a chill in the air around me as something grabbed me from behind.


Akemi's POV

I followed his directions and quickly flung open the door. I felt my tears threatening to fall when I laid my eyes on Kari. She was beaten and unconscious... My twin sister...

"Kari! Speak to me!" I shouted at her, shaking her still body.

"No! You can't die now! Not yet, I just met you again...!" I screamed, not caring about the tears streaming down my face.

"C-come on! Say something! …Anything...!" I pulled her into a hug, hoping that I could restore her warmth... So I could hear her voice again.


I loosened my grip as I felt her stir a bit. After a few seconds, her eyes slowly opened and rested on me.

"...Akemi...?" She asked, weakly.

"Yeah... I'm here Kari... I'm finally here. Don't worry. I'm going to get you out of here... I'm so sorry for everything I've said to you... I'm just glad you're okay now." I am so relieved that she's alive... I don't know what I would do if she wasn't...

"...But.. ...why...?"

I smiled at her.

"Because we're still and always will be... sisters. And sisters stick together to the very end."

She smiled back as well.

"Yeah... Glad to have you back, ...Akemi."

Sasuke's POV

I've lost sight of Sakura... Where did she go?


I was snapped out of my thoughts as three shurikens that flew at me. I dodged them as I saw the other red-haired girl coming at me. I caught her fist and stopped her kick before they reached me.

"So... you're the Sasuke Uchiha I've heard so much about..." She spoke in a monotone voice.

I felt her intense stare on me. I couldn't tell what she was thinking...

"Well... Let's see how strong you are. You are my opponent now, let's see if you are worthy enough." She said, getting into her fighting stance.

I turned activated my Sharingan and got into a defensive position.

"Hn... Bring it."

No One's POV

"Hahahahahahahahaha...!" The spirit laughed, enjoying the pain of the girl being suffocated in front of her.

"Is that all...? Hahaha! I can't believe this girl gave up her life just for something this easy...!"



"...No... I can't give up now... everyone's out there fighting for me... I can't just die like this! No!" Sakura shouted.

"What...? You think you can win against me? You naïve little girl..."

"I will win because everyone is supporting me. And I'm going to save Karin too." Her eyes held determination and confidence.

"Huh? You must be crazy kid! You actually want to save someone who wants nothing more, but to kill you?" The spirit stared at the girl, shocked.

"Even if she does want me to die... I-I want to help her... I can see the tortured soul inside of her." She remembered the look on Karin's face as she started the jutsu and before she was possessed. Her pained expression...

"Ha! You really think you can help her?"

"I know I can." Sakura stated as she stared right into the eyes of her opponent.

And as if the heavens heard her, the binds restricting her were broken.

"I will fight until the end!" She shouted as she lunged at the spirit.


"It seems that it's almost time to visit my dear niece..."

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