Not to be mistaken with candy land… hehe… totally different….

Anyway this is a new story I am writing about Naruto and the gang with some new Ocs…. Me and my best friend Trisha… and our arrival into the Naruto world…

And yes people I know that there are a lot of stories where Ocs get sent to the Naruto world but this is different….This is me and Trisha … two of the crazies… weirdest… and sometimes demonic ppl in the world….

So if you like goofy and funny occurrences that happen… and don't mind the site of blood… then read our adventure…. mwahahah.

This first chapter is in first person. The rest of the story will not be in first person. Sry

OK… a reminder to you all who have read my stories before… the evil fish owns it all

BOW to the fish…


A night sitting in the woods isn't what I had planned for my weekend, but then again when you have a friend like Trisha a night in the woods isn't that strange. Trisha is my favorite and best friend. A girl so like me that we could have been twins. I had meet her my first year in college.

We had become roommates one semester. The sad part is that we barely spent time together out side our room that semester. In fact even when we were in the room we spent the time doing our own thing. Surfing the web. Studying, well more her than me. DDR, Trisha is addicted to that game. And watched family guy.

But that all changed in the second year of my college career. (Because college is a job don't let any fool tell you otherwise. Studying can kill I tell you. It can. We all deserve medals of honor for surviving) me and Trisha had an Geology class together. A map class that had not one map. We both hated that class. So what happened that night in the woods, was a blessing to both of us. Neither of us was going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Well in this case a Luna moth.

Trisha and I had started to hang out more that semester. Going to dinner together after the hated class. Visiting the library together. Goofing off. Even writing and detailing the classic historical work of the rule of the evil pink bunny. Yes pink bunnies are evil. They tear out throats. Burn down homes. And love the taste of blood. Don't ask us why. We actually believe it has something to do with their heritage. I mean with a prankster red bunny as a father and a suicidal white bunny mother, of course the first pink would turn evil. Wouldn't you. Any way that's a story for a different time. And a different audience.

That morning Trisha and I had met for brunch. A couple pieces of burnt toast (yes I'm addicted to toast, who isn't) and a yummy strawberry ice-cream cone later. Trisha and I had made plans to catch ourselves a Luna Moth. Trisha was taking a class for college that she had to catch bugs in. Of course catching a big bug with a 4.5 in wing span was a great idea. Especially is such bug only cam out at night in summer and spring. If we had to sit in the dark woods in the middle of the night with scary animals out to eat us. That was all part of it.

So after packing a bag full of snacks and junk. We headed out into the woods to find a place to set up for the night.

Around midnight found us sitting against the cliff face of some rocky hill-mountain. Hill seemed to small a word and mountain seemed to big of a word. It was big though. Defiantly a good place for rock climbing.

We had set up a light trapping to attract the Luna moth with. And in the hours we had spent sitting here we had seen not one Luna moth. Plenty of brown and grey ones. But not a single light green one. No one Luna moth.

Trisha and I had been staring at the light trapping thing for hours. It was getting harder and harder to remember to actually stay awake. Even this rock face was starting to fell comfy.

My eyes had started to drift close when Trisha started to shake me and point. At 12:13 that wonderfully dark morning Trisha and I got to see our first and defiantly not last Luna moth. In seconds that pretty moth flew over our heads and landed on a rock above where we were sitting. Not even 15 seconds later. Those same rocks that had been perfectly fine for the last 5 hours decide that they didn't like where they where. And collapsed on top of us.

We both blacked out before the dust settled.